What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


11. The hole truth

I slept a long time. My whole body tingled and I woke up before the sun went down. I chose to get ready and I chose to make my own breakfast. I wanted to be ready when Niall woke up and I wanted it to go quickly, so we came to the places. I did the dishes when I felt Nialls hands around my waist and he kissed my neck tenderly. 

"You were up before me?" 
I nodded and I smiled big. 
"I woke up and I didn't want to lie in bed and just wait." 
He laughed a little bit and I felt Nialls lips that teased my sensitive skin. I giggled a little bit and then I spun around. I was surprised when he almost pressed himself against me, and he seemed to like to be so close to me. He took his arms around my waist and he pressed me against the bench. I felt his manhood pressing against me and I was surprised that he hadn't blinked. 
"I could stand here all night." he muttered hoarsely, and then he kissed me. Nialls lips were like two crazy friends and I moaned of just the pressure. He let his tongue play with mine and he didn't finish the kiss as fast as he used to. I took my arms around his neck and I followed him in every movement. Niall was really altered after Liam and Zayn had approved me. It was as if he dared more, and he was no longer in doubt. I felt his hard part was pressed against me, and he was almost crazy about me. 
"If we go all the way..." he muttered hoarsely, and he ended the kiss. "Then you will get many answers." 
I was startled and I just stared at him. 
Niall smiled reassuring and he refused to let go off my body. Instead, it was as if he was asking for more and he tested if I was the same. 
"I'm talking about sex!" he whispered dark. "Two naked bodies and all that." 
I laughed a little bit and I blushed. 
"I did actually think it was that you were talking about." 
He groaned and then he released me, against his will. 
"But I promised to show you some places?" 
Okay, I was a little disappointed that he didn't go further, but at the same time, I was more curious about what it was he wanted to show me.


We left Nialls house hand in hand and we walked along the dark streets. I saw the lights switched off in window and it was the first time that I was aware realized that I had really changed on the day to night. 
"Will it always be like this?" I therefore asked quickly. "You're up all night and sleep during the day?" 
Niall nodded and he seemed to understand that I questioned him. 
"I'm afraid that we cant change that." he said kindly. "I'm a night person and I can't stand the sun." 
I chose not to say anything more about the subject. Instead, I tried to let go of all thoughts and anxieties. It was nice to have a boyfriend, although he was an odd person. It was almost the first time in my life that I held a guy's hand, and I felt safe. Niall was certainly not strong, but I was confident over that he would defend me if something happened.


We came in on the older streets of the city. The houses there were almost medieval and you could see that the houses almost looked like the day they were built. We stayed right as it was outside one of the houses and Niall almost stared at the building. 
"Here, I was born." 
I was startled. I saw at him that he had many memories and I chose to listen, before I asked more questions. 
"My parents were poor." he said quickly. "We came from Ireland and we landed here." 
I swallowed and I could almost see Niall, as a little boy, playing outside the house. 
"Where are your parents now?" 
Niall looked at me quickly, and then he looked at the house again. 
"They are dead."
Okay, I wasn't prepared for that. 
"How did they die?" 
He smiled weakly and he hesitated for a few seconds. 
"Of the plague that spreads between the houses." 
"I haven't heard that there have been that here in modern times?" 
He shook his head and then he looked straight into my eyes. What was it that I missed. He smiled uncertainly and he almost seemed to continue to hesitate. 
"No, not in modern times." 
"But you said they..." 
He interrupted me. 
"Lilly, my parents lived here in the 1700s." 
I gasped. 
"How is that possible?"
There was silence between us. I understood nothing. He seemed just as uncertain as I was and he hesitated over whether he should tell me more. I almost lost patience. 
"Are you test-tube baby?" silly question. "Did they found sperm from the 1700's and then created you?" 
Niall laughed and he shook his head. 
"No, I promise you I was born in the natural way." he looked at me and he almost seemed to think that I was joking with him, but for me it was like he was joking with me. 
He put a hand over my lips. 
"Lilly, I'm immortal!"
I just stared at Niall. Was this a joke? Was my boyfriend, or whatever he was, crazy? 
He smiled and he pulled me further along the street. He pointed to another houses. 
"There was my school and there was a grocery store that sold vegetables." 
I didn't trust him. I didn't know if I would listen or if I would run away from him. He was crazy. 
"You don't trust me?" 
I swallowed. 
"Had you believed in me if I were talking about the same thing?" 
He shook his head and we stopped under a street lamp. 
"No, I had certainly thought you were crazy, but I want you to know everything now." 
I tried to collect my thoughts. 
"So you can't die?" 
He shook his head. I didn't know if I should laugh or what I would do. 
"And why can't you die?"
Niall dropped my hand and instead, he caught up my face. He forced me to look at him. Directly in front of me changed his eyes and they become total black. His teeth were changed and it grew out stingers. Was this a dream or did it happen?
"I'm a vampire!"
He almost hissed the words out, his voice was dull and cloudy. I just stared at him and actually, I was scared. I became afraid of him and I was afraid of who he was.
"Your.... your teeth?"
Niall smiled and I saw them. I saw the fangs and I saw how he almost sneered.
"This is the truth." he continued. "And I don't want you to be afraid, because I wont kill you or hurt you."
I gasped.
"Am I food supply?"
He shook his head.
"No I have blood in the cellar and I don't need to kill you."
Niall changed back to his normal appearance. He released my face and I remained as paralyzed. I just stared at him and I could feel how my whole body shook with widespread fear. 
"I have blood in the cellar." he continued. "That's why it's locked." 
I began to understand why he hadn't told me the truth. 
"And that woman who came home to you?" 
He smiled wryly and he swallowed. 
"I ended up trapped with her in a cave. We had to choose to die, or that I would make her to a vampire. I chose the easy way out and she wont forgive me, that I didn't took care of her after we come out again." 
More pieces of the puzzle. 
"So she's like you?" 
Niall nodded with satisfaction. He saw that I was listening, and he had my total attention. 
"My friends are vampires and all the ones I am with had to suffered the same fate." 
I swallowed, and I backed off a few steps. 
"And what about me?"
I saw at him that he almost didn't want to answer the question. He showed with the whole body that I already had the answer. 
"You want me to..." I paused and he nodded. 
"I've been looking for you for years and I refuse to let you go unless you have been given the chance." 
I hesitated. 
"And if I don't want to?" 
He swallowed and I noted that he didn't want to answer that question. 
"I don't know." he answered honestly. "There are many things that are affected if you disappear and then I and the others to have to start over again."

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