What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


28. That night forever....

As the sun began to go up, we went back to Nialls house. It was the first time in a long time that I was there and it felt like I came back after a lifetime. I was happy and I was in heaven. Niall just laughed at me and I realized he hadn't expected that reaction from me. 
"You are like a blank paper." he said with amusement. "I never know what will happen and I never know how you'll react." 
I blushed. 
"Is it good or is it bad?" 
He grinning. 
"Yes and no!" he whispered, and he took my hand. He pulled me towards his bedroom and I was surprised. 
"I'll be in your room?" 
He nodded. 
"Now we are more in the severe stage of the relationship and then you need to be with me, even in the bedroom."


I had only been inside Nialls bedroom once. That time, I was the first time in the house and back then I just had felt that everything was new, different, and I hadn't had guessed who he was. I walked into the room with curiosity. I sat down on his bed and I just looked around at his stuff. Niall laughed at me and then he came over to the bed. 
"I want you to see all of my possessions and all my money as yours." 
I swallowed. 
"But I have nothing to give to you?" 
He smiled and he kissed me lightly. I felt his hands caught up the zipper on my dress and he pulled it down 
"Well, you gave me your body." 
I stood up and I let him undress me naked. 
"It's not the same thing?"
Niall groaned slightly and he kissed my cheek. 
"No one else has trusted me as much as you do." he whispered this hoarse words. "I'm grateful for every night that I am with you and it's the only gift I want." 
I started to unbutton his shirt and my whole body was screaming for him. I loved seeing his skin and I loved to feel him against me. 
"You own me." I got out of me. Niall took his hands around my face and he smiled a little bit. 
"And you own me." 
I smiled and I got off his clothes. We stood naked in front of each other and it just made ​​me almost shouting with excitement. He caressed my face and he looked at me with his lovely eyes. 
"I can't think of anything else that I want." he said. "You are the only one for me forever and ever."


I ended up in the fog. We rolled around, we made love, and we shared our bodies with one another. I felt how he filled me in every way that was possible. He filled me with life and he filled me with love. I moaned, I was panting and I pulled my hands over his gorgeous skin. Niall always knew what he would do and he was like a whirlwind over me.


I landed on top Niall. I sat on his waist and I rode him. It was as if I could do anything and I wanted to test everything with him. He grabbed my waist and he steered me in a pace up and down. I looked down at his body and I met his gaze. It was then I realized the truth. I could no longer go back. I didn't want to die and I didn't want to leave him alone. 
"Bit Me!" 
Niall gasped. He let go of my waist and he just stared at me. 
I smiled and I continued to move up and down. 
"I want you to bite me. I want you to create. I want to be!"
Niall sat up and he took his arms tightly around my body. He forced me to sit still. 
"Lilly what did you say?" 
I took my arms around his neck and I pressed myself against his sweaty skin. 
"I want to become a vampire now!" 
He didn't believe me. I smiled and I tried to show that I was serious. 
"Please, Niall, I want to be with you forever. I don't want to get old and I wont leave you alone, never again."
Niall just stared at me. His blue eyes explored my face and then it was as if he finally understood. 
"Are you serious? There's no turning back." 
I was sure. I kissed him and I started again to move on my body. I groaned and I felt how he slid in and out of me. I was so sure that no one could make me change my mind. 
"Bit Me!" I moaned. Niall dropped my body and he grabbed my face instead. He forced me to look at him. His eyes were now black and his teeth had changed. I wasn't afraid. I felt no anxiety and I wanted. 
"One last time: Are you sure?" 
I nodded and I sat down over his hard part. He was totally inside of me and I noticed that he was going to obey my demands. 
"Lilly! Promise not to scream." 
I nodded. 
"Take me, make me, create me!"
The last thing I remembered was his teeth that cut into my neck. I felt he took my life, but he also gave me a new life. I felt he totally took control over me and he took me to a dark place, where I had never been. I was changing and I was about to become the creature that he was.




I have often thought back on that night many times. I made ​​a choice and I have no regrets. I had for a long time walked between him and a normal life, in my mind, but today I know that I did the only right choice. I laugh sometimes at how naive I have once been. I didn't have the ability to see behind it all. That night gave Niall me life, even if my old body died. He gave me the honor to spend an eternity with him.


What will happen next?


I'm not going to answer that question, because I don't have any idea about my future. I will live a long life, which might never end? I will be with him, which I love more than life, and the rest is just the beginning. It's the end of my old self, but it's the beginning of something bigger. I threw myself into an uncertain future, but for me there was no choice. It was my destiny.













I know! Stupid ending! 
Yet it was my goal with the whole story. A girl who hesitates and who doesn't directly understand. I had thoughts about that it would end with Sam, but it would be wrong. I wanted her to get Niall and with it, she would also become a vampire.


Thanks for all the comments and thanks to everyone who reads or has read. Without you my life would be just a black hole, and thanks to you I've got more to look forward to. It's a journey with all the stories and at some point you have to get to the end.


//Hug me Jenny Niallerxxx

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