What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


22. Sam

I lost track of time and it felt like an eternity. I tried to keep track of the days, but it was difficult because I still wanted to sleep away the whole day. The darkness enveloped me. I think I got food every four hours during the day, but at night, I was totally alone. The woman never talked to me and she come to pick up or leave food to me. I wanted to talk to her, but I knew she didn't have the same language as I had. One time, the monks came down once, but after that he understood that I couldn't his language, even he got tired. It was like I was forgotten and only an old lady knew that I existed. I felt like a prisoner, although I wasn't guilty of anything.


It happened!


The sun had just gone down and I prepared myself for a long night. I lay in bed and I tried to just think about something. Right as it was, I heard steps on the stairs and when I sat up, I noticed that there was something very big that come down to me. A man appeared. He had a great body with muscles, he was tall closer to 180 cm tall and I just stared at him. He had a grimly face and curly reddish hair, which was so long that it reached down to his shoulders. He had all the hair combed back and I realized that this was Sam. Quickly, I stood in the middle of the floor so that he couldn't reach me, if he stretched out his arms. His eyes were fixed on me, and he came up with a cold smile. I just shook and I was scared. What had happened to Niall? Was Liam nearby and knew the monks that he was there? 
"You are smaller from what I had imagined." 
His voice sounded dim and dull. I noted that he probably came from Scotland and his voice sounded so different in some way. I didn't know if I would respond. I remained silent, and he went back and forth across the floor, slowly, almost silently. 
"Who has the key?" he asked suddenly. I stood still and I followed him with my eyes. I didn't answer and I felt how he almost saw through me. He smiled, amused, and he raised his eyebrows. 
"You know that I will win?" he whispered hoarsely. "You can't fight against it, because I already have a plan."
I decided to trust that Niall would come. I tried to block my thoughts from him and I wanted to act tougher against what I felt. 
"Niall will kill you if you touch me." I said cool. Sam laughed and it was a cold laugh. 
"If he had been able to kill me, I wouldn't be here now." He looked at me and he was amused that I tried. "You can forget that he's going to save you and you belong to me now." 
I frowned. 
"No, I belong neither you or anyone else." 
Sam stopped and he looked at me from the bottom up. I felt disgusted and I just wanted to yell at him to stop. He seemed so calm and he seemed to have all the time in the world. It made ​​me wonder if he had injured Niall? 
"Who has locked you in?" he asked cold. He looked straight at me and I realized he was trying to read me. I had no idea if he was successful with that. I felt just so small and it felt like a bad horror movie. He took a few steps towards the grate, and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"You will only lose." he whispered. "Make it as easy for you as possible and give me the answer." 
I shook my head. I didn't want to give him anything. 
"I hate you." I said through clenched teeth. "Your here to hurt Niall and I have nothing to do with it. If you have anything against him, you talk to him or the others?" 
Sam smiled awry. He still looked like he was going to kill me, but he seemed amused. 
"I've talked to him." he replied cheerfully. "And believe me, you will only make it harder for yourself by saying that to me. Once I come in to your little body, I will chop my teeth into it and believe me, I know how to take advantage over such a small body."
His words made my blood freeze. 
"You wont succeed." 
He smiled and licked his tongue around his lips. He looked at me like a wolf looking at his victim, and he ate me up with his eyes. 
"I can make you cry and I'm not going to conserve my strength." 
I trembled all the way in to the bone. 
"Stop." I whispered. "Why would you even spend time to get me?" 
He laughed cold and he took a few steps back. 
"You haven't understood anything?" he asked cheerfully. "I will make you mine and I'll every day remind you by who it is who's your creator." 
I didn't want to hear anything more. I just wanted to go away and I looked towards the stairs. Why couldn't Niall pop up now and say that it would work out? I wanted Niall to come, but the stairs was empty.
"He wont." said Sam amused and quickly. "You can wait here until you die, but he wont ever show up again." 
I felt the tears began to come. I was heartbroken, but also scared. 
"What have you done with him?" 
Sam came up to the cage and he stretched out his arm towards me. He showed his hand and he wanted me to put my hand in his. 
"Come and follow me. I can do more for you." he whispered seductively. I chose to go back and I showed with the body that I didn't want him. Sam took back his hand and he became angry. His whole face froze and his eyes blackened. I also saw how the stings hissed and he was transformed. 
"You'll be sorry when I have found the key." 
Then he disappeared like the wind, up the stairs and he left me alone.


I collapsed down on the floor. I started to cry and I felt hopelessly small. I now understood what it was Niall was afraid for and I felt the same thing as he had felt. I would soon become Sam's food and I realized that my hours were numbered. I would either die or I would be his slave. There were no other choice. Personally, I chose to die, but I wanted to at the same time to live. This was truly a nightmare and I prayed to God. "Please don't let him find the key! Please don't let him find the key!" over and over again. I don't know if God heard me. I had no idea how long I cried or how long I lay there and shook. The only thing I was aware of was that I was stuck. I couldn't even hide behind a wall or a door. I was visible from all directions and Sam would come back.








Sorry for the short chapter. 
Want to build up the horror!


Will be more... HAHAHAHA

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