What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


23. In his violence

Sam came back and he had a key in his hand. He stood by the door and I sat up on the floor. He just stood there and he grinned at me with his white teeth. I realized that now I couldn't do anything about my future. He raised his hand and he showed that he could open whenever he wanted. 
"Do it then!" I got out from me. I wiped away the tears and I stood up. "You know you're going to win and I can't do anything about it, so open and kill me then." 
He was amused. He wasn't affected by my words. He pressed it into the keyhole and he twisted. The door opened with a click and he seemed almost happy. I stood there and I waited. Sam opened the door completely and he looked at me as if I were the dessert. He sucked me in with his eyes and he licked around his mouth. 
"Too bad he took your virginity." He said cold. "I'd been glad to twisted it over for a few seconds and ruined your body with my cock."
I didn't care. I was so afraid that I couldn't be bothered over to fighting back. I saw how he came in and I gasped because he was so big. He was really shapely and his muscles were working under the fabric. He stood in front of me and he looked down at me with disgust. 
"You're mine!" he hissed cold and he grabbed my wrist. I understood that he could eat me up in no time. 
"Do what you want to do." I said with a trembling voice. "You have me, are you happy?" 
He grinned and he pulled me out from the cage and up the stairs. I followed like a rag and I noted that he already had a plan. He hadn't bitten me on the spot, but he wanted to pull out on my misery.


The yard outside the temple was filled with corpses and dead bodies. He had killed all the monks and in the mess, I saw the old lady, who had once given me food. I just wanted to throw up, both by sight and scents. It looked like a battlefield and Sam didn't even frowned over the hole mess. He pulled me further and we came out to a waiting car. Without a word, he opened the door and threw me into the back seat. He sat next to me and said to the man behind the wheel to drive. I tried to gather up what little I had left. I noted that the sun would soon go up and I was so tired. My last hope was that the sun would brush against his skin and he would die.


We drove through the city quickly and up the slopes. We landed outside a large house that were within big walls. The car drove into the cellar and before the sun fully came up was Sam safety indoors. I hated that he was alive and I just wanted to yell at him. I wanted to scratch him and I wanted to beat him, but I didn't dared to even look at his cold face. Instead, he got me out of the car and up one floor. I saw that the windows were covered and everything looked like a vampire was living in the house. Old furniture, paintings from different eras and things that reminded of the past.


An older man, who looked like a butler appeared. Sam smiled at him. 
"Make sure she gets clean." 
I realized it was me he meant. The old man nodded and he looked at me. His eyes were black and he had fangs. He was also a vampire. He took my wrist and without a word, he pulled me towards the stairs up. Sam stayed on and I almost felt through the whole body how happy he was. He had me and I had no idea where Niall was.


Butler threw me into a bedroom, where there was everything. He smiled cold towards me and he seemed almost eager to sink his teeth into me. 
"Clothes are in the closet and you have a toilet." he said with amusement. "I'll be back in half an hour and then you will be ready." 
I swallowed. 
"Ready for what?" 
He laughed a little bit and he looked at me from the bottom up. He was amused and he knew about Sam's plan. 
"You'll be ready for him." he whispered cloudy. "You'll be clean for my creator and you'll be his slave forever." 
He left me, closed the door and I heard that he locked it. I puffed out because I was alone, but I was still afraid. Okay? Sam would turn me into a vampire? I didn't know if I would expect anything but a certain death. After all, vampires were dead, but I didn't put Niall to that category. He had at least a heart and he loved me. Sam was just my owner, as long as no one came and rescued me.


I showered and I opened the closet. There was no underwear and only dresses, as were anything but normal. All were tight and all ended just under the edge of the thighs. I knew that it was enough to just pull them up a bit, you would see everything between my legs. I didn't like the clothes, but I didn't want to be naked. I took one in the crowd and I put me into the dress. Then I dried my hair and I let it hang freely down over the shoulders. I was ready when the door opened again and the servant peered inside. 
"Are you hungry?" 
I shook my head. He grinning. 
"Then you can put yourself on the bed. Sam will soon enter the room for you."


I sat down on the bed and I felt in the whole, that I was about to laugh straight out. This was like a bad joke. It was like a bad movie that ended badly. I knew I had no choice and I knew I couldn't fight back.


Sam came in to end. He brought with him a bottle of wine and two glasses. He locked the door and he looked pleased when he saw me. 
"Nice dress." he said hoarsely, and almost incendiary. I said nothing. I chose to just sit there and I followed him with my eyes. He opened the bottle and he filled the two glasses with wine. He then gave over a glass to me and he met my gaze. 
"Wine makes you relax." he said firmly. I didn't dare to contradict him. There was something about his eyes that made me obey. I took the glass in my hand and I drank. He was happy. 
"You will be a good sex slave." he said cheerfully. I gasped but I lacked the ability to do something about it all. He put down his glass on the bedside table, poured more wine into my glass and he watched me closely. 
"When I'm done with you, we will go back." he said sure. "We will take over the throne, and we will prevail. I give it to you as a gift as a thank over that I got you." 
I looked at him coldly. I drank the wine, and I remained silent. 
"The two of us.." he muttered hoarsely. "We two will prevail and you will sit at my right hand."
He let a hand slide through my hair and he was staring straight into my eyes. I was hooked. I ended up in his hand and I stopped to think about anything else than him. 
"We will have many wonderful moments together." he mumbled and he unbuttoned his shirt with his second hand. I watched as he slowly stripped naked in front of me and his perfect body appeared in front of me. He had a body like you just saw on models or people who strength trained. I hated those bodies normally, but now when I saw him, I gasped and I just wanted to see more of him.


Sam was settled over me. I fell down on my back and he took the wine glass from me. I felt his hand pulled up the dress and he parted my legs. I felt his hardness against me and I groaned aloud. I closed my eyes and I felt how he penetrated. He filled me to the brim, and for some reason, I was happy that he was inside me. I felt him slowly began to move on the hip and I followed every movement. I took my arms around his perfect body and I let him kiss me. He was like a god and I was selected. He pounded into me and he rose fast the pace. It was as if I landed in a different place and I didn't want to stop. He took me, he took all me and I felt full of his manhood.


"Your my slave." he whispered hoarsely against my ear. I mooned just to answer and I took my legs around his waist. "I'll suck your blood, but you wont become a vampire, not yet." 
I didn't care about what he did, just he did something. He pounded harder into me and he panted against my neck. I wasn't even aware when his teeth cut into me. I wasn't aware when he sucked out my blood and the only thing I felt was a total satisfaction in the body. I had several orgasms and I was bitten more times than I could ever dream of. I wanted him to get my blood, I wanted to give him everything and I was eternally grateful that he chose me.

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