What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


21. Getting to the protection

I woke to the banging on the door. Niall was already awake and I saw him open it. In flew Liam and Harry. I sat up and I realized that something had happened. They stood and whispered to Niall. I understood that they didn't want me to know, but in the end I couldn't be quiet. 
"He's here?" 
Niall looked at me. He didn't say anything. He was afraid, and I saw that he hadn't the ability to explain anything right now. 
"You need to go to a safe place." Liam said quickly, and he stepped into the room. I followed him with my eyes, and then I sought contact to Niall. I wanted him to say something, but Niall remained silent, and he looked down at the floor. 
"Where to?" 
Liam smiled apologetically. 
"I have arranged everything Lilly and all we need to do is to take you there."
Niall went quietly away to the closet and took out my bag. He had tears in his eyes when he packed it. I felt panic coming. I got up from the bed and over to him. 
"Say something?" I whispered. Niall looked at me and his eyes were almost empty. He was filled with fear and he didn't know if he wanted to tell me. 
"Sorry!" he whispered lightly. "I didn't think he would come here so soon." 
I lifted my hands and I grabbed Nialls face. I forced him to look straight at me. 
"It's not your fault." 
He disagreed with the tears began to flow. 
"Well, it's my fault." he sobbed. "I shouldn't have chosen you. I should have let you alone, live your life as you lived it." 
"Stop!" I exclaimed irritably. "Where's that Niall who I talked to yesterday?" 
He swallowed and he made ​​sure that I released him. 
"Please, we must hurry." he got up. "We must go."


I was disappointed. I wanted that Niall would talk to me, but instead he was cold and he didn't seemed as he almost didn't wanting to touch me again. I followed him to a waiting taxi and I started to cry when Niall just left me. Liam jumped instead into the taxi and he smiled apologetically at me. 
"Niall can't know where you are." he said firmly. The car drove off and I peeked back through the back window. Niall stood there, stiff and he cried as much as I did. 
"He could have hugged me?" I whispered. Liam smiled and he seemed to understand that I felt anxiety. 
"He will always be like that when something is over him. He's afraid and he doesn't know how to handle it." 
I sat myself properly in the car and I looked straight ahead. 
"Where are we going?" 
Liam smiled and he did everything so that I could be calm. 
"To a safe place."


We came up to something resembling a temple. Two Thai monks were waiting for us. Liam opened the door and he started to talk to them. I took my bag and I came after him. Liam seemed pleased with what they told him and then he smiled at me. 
"They have a place that will protect you." 
I just nodded. The monks smiled at me and they greeted the Thai style. I followed then after them into the temple and down stairs. I was surprised when we came into a large room. Only one cage was there. A large cage with a bed, a bucket and a table. I gasped. 
"But ..?" 
Liam stood behind me and watched as the monks opened the door to the so-called shelter. 
"If Sam comes here, he wont be able to hurt you." Liam seemed to have planned everything. "You are protected and where the monks will help you with food, and if you need anything." 
I frowned. 
"How long will I be there?" 
Liam had no good answer. 
"As long as it's needed."


When the door was locked and I was standing inside the cage, I felt small. I almost laughed at the whole thing and I was almost amused that this was my safe place. 
"You pee in the bucket and the monks empties it for you." 
I just nodded. I couldn't care about the details. One of the monks said something to Liam and he nodded in response. He then looked at me again. 
"You can't leave the cage. You can't even stretch out your hand, if Sam is here."
I raised an eyebrow. 
"Do you have more demands?" 
Liam smiled a little bit. 
"Yes, you shall remain Lilly and don't die." 
I nodded. Seriously requirements? 
"And what should I do in here?" 
Liam shrugged. 
"You can sit and meditate?" 
I frowned. Though he said it with a twinkle in his eye, I didn't like the answer. He left me alone and he went away upstairs, and the monks disappeared with Liam.


I sat down on the bed and I looked around the room. What would I do now? I had no book with me and I had no television. I was just sitting there and all my thoughts spun around. I wondered if they really meant business with this and who was Sam? I had probably never seen him and I certainly wouldn't meet him. Still, I wondered who he was, which blew all up for Niall?


A few hours later came an old lady down to me. She had a tray with food, and she opened a small door on the cage. I realized it was my food and I received it. She didn't look at me and quickly she shut the door and she almost ran up the stairs. I sighed. I could certainly not get some friends here. I took the tray and put it on the table. It was the only Thai food and I wasn't even hungry. I sat down on the bed and I listened to all the sounds around me.

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