What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


19. Foreign country

"Where are we going?" 
Niall smiled and he made ​​sure I had the belt around my waist. The aircraft would start and we would leave my safe ground. 
"You will notice it later." he whispered tenderly, and he took my hand. He smiled with his whole face and I noticed that he looked so relaxed, as he could be. 
"Okay?" I mumbled and I peered out the window. "It's the first time I fly." 
He continued to smile. 
"I know!" 
The flight attendants showed what to do if the plane got into an accident and they donned life vests. They showed how to use the oxygen mask. I noticed that Niall almost followed every detail. 
"Are you afraid?" I asked therefore. Niall didn't let the flight attendants with his eyes and he smiled to them. 
"It's the first time I fly in this way and I just want to know about what to do if something happens."
I was amused. Niall, who was a vampire, wanted to know how security worked. I just stared at him and pretty soon he noticed that I was staring. He laughed a little bit and he looked at me again. 
"Darling, I want you to be safe." 
I just enjoyed that moment. I didn't say more, and I chose to sit back in the chair. I held his hand and that was security for me.


I rocked into sleep. I fell asleep as soon as the aircraft was in the air and I have to admit that I didn't dreamed a single dream. It was just black and I slept like a bear in winter.


I woke up from Nialls soft voice. He sat and poked easy on me and when I opened my eyes, he smiled big. 
"We'll be landing in a few minutes." 
I peeped out the window. It was dark and I only saw that it was shining, small lamps, on the ground. I yawned and I tried to wake up. 
"You slept the whole way." he said cheerfully, and he smiled big. "It's night here." 
I laughed a little bit. 
"You have planned the trip?" 
He agreed. 
"No sun until the sun rises." 
I looked at him and I looked around at everyone else. 
"So where are we?" 
He pointed out the window. 
"We are in Thailand."


It felt as if I came to a different world. All the smells were different, and the air was much softer. I liked everything directly and I followed with Niall to retrieve our bags. It was packed with people and all came from different parts of the world. My eyes were huge and I couldn't help but smile. It was exciting and I wasn't aware that Niall sucked in all my impressions.
"You will do this again." he said, and he smiled at me. "I see at you that you are a girl who's born to adventure?" 
Previously, I hadn't dreamed of leaving my country, but now that I was far away, it felt like an adventure. Niall was right. I would get addicted.
"We will stay at a hotel near the sea." he continued, and I couldn't help but smile bigger. 
"Niall, this is so exciting." 
He laughed and he agreed with me. 
"With you, everything is exciting."


Niall had arranged a room, with a terrace towards the sea. We had no more than a few hundred meters down to a beach and I was in heaven. We packed up our things and then he took me to a resturant. As always, he ate nothing, but I threw in food. It tasted a lot more against at home and I felt how my whole body was tense. Everything was an adventure. 
"I'm sorry that we can't sunbathe." I suddenly heard Niall say. I stopped and I looked at him. He sat on the other side of the table and I noticed that he meant every word. 
"It's okay." I got up, even though I had wanted to be brown and running around under the sun. I knew it wasn't my destiny if I was with him. I didn't want him to be hurt by the sun. 
"You can stay up at daytime if you want." he continued. I quickly shook my head and I smiled at him. 
"I'm here with you and without you it would just be boring."


We walked along the beach for hours and when the sun showed signs to going up, we walked back to our room. I was careful to draw the curtains and anything that could cover the windows. Nialls eyes follow me and when I lay down next to him in bed, he smiled at me. 
"You've gotten used to be like me?" 
The thought of what he wanted me to say yes to, show up. I chose to smile, but I felt in my hole body that he almost wanted to force my answers to be what he wanted. 
"I'm have to live like this?" 
Nialls face froze. I chose to put my head on his arm, and I smiled at him. 
"I didn't say it was a bad thing?" 
He agreed. 
"But I saw at you that you would want something else." he whispered uncertainly. "I wish I was like you, but I can't turn back the clock."
I let my hand caress his cheek and I smiled at him. 
"What I want to do and what I should do are two different things?" 
Niall sighed. 
"I just want..." 
I put my hand over his mouth, and I shook my head. 
"Neither you nor I can wish for things. We are where we are, and why not be thankful that we have each other?"
Niall swallowed. I saw at him that although he had many thoughts and he looked so unsure and scared. 
"Lilly, I hadn't planned to fall for you." he said kindly, tenderly and muffled. "When I met you the first time, I just wanted to help you." 
He smiled a little bit and he raised an eyebrow. 
"Yes, I walked up to the person who needed help and one day later, I didn't want to let you go." 
I snorted as a joke. 
"So it wasn't love at first sight?"
He had a mischievous face. 
"No, but at the second glance." 
I laughed and I lay down on top of him. I took my arms over his head and I looked straight into his eyes. 
"I don't know when I fell for you." 
He played hurt. 
I grinned teasingly. 
"No, it's what's called the woman's secret!" 
He laughed and then he kissed me. 
"But you stayed?" 
I nodded and I answered the kiss. 
"Mmmmm ...."
Niall began to move on his body and I immediately felt how his hardness come between my legs. I groaned and I didn't mind. Niall took his arms around my body and he quickly got me to follow his every move. We kissed each other passionately and we spun around in a fog. It was as if we landed in dreamland and when he stripped me naked, it was almost unreal. I felt his lips on my skin and in the end I felt he penetrated. I moaned loudly and I let him take me there, there where I exploded. It was like it was meant to really happen and I couldn't help but just love every second. When Niall was near the end, changes his eyes and I saw his fangs, but as always, I wasn't afraid. I loved him as a vampire and I loved him as a person. He filled me with so much more and I cried almost straight out his name. Niall bumped into me and he whimpered out all the feelings that came over him. When we exploded at the same time, it was as if the whole sky was opening up. I saw stars, I saw the whole galaxy spinning around me and I screamed his name.

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