What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


6. Food and sleep

My first dinner in the house. Niall stood in the kitchen in one hour just to cook for us. I sat at the kitchen table and we talked about general things. I wanted to know more about what he demanded of me, but at the same time, he seemed to want to know more about me.
"So you have no brothers or sisters?" asked Niall, and he moved around in the pans. I shook my head and I saw his back. 
"No, I'm the only child." 
He looked at me quickly, and he smiled awry. 
"You have lived a tough life?" 
I just frowned and I wondered why he did say that. I may not have got things free in life, but I was sure that there were those who had it worse. 
"Depends on what you compare it to." I got up. "I may not have had rich parents and I haven' had a smart head, but I have managed it all quite well." 
He looked quickly at me and I noted that he disagreed with. I was annoyed and I went through almost my hole life in my head. 
"You mean I'm different?" I snorted. Niall laughed a little bit and he shook his head. 
"No, I just know that many others have easier lives."
I looked down at my hands. I was just angry that he seemed to look down on me. Okay I didn't have the worlds best friends or maybe I hadn't had a good paying job, but I was still satisfied. 
"I mean well!" came from Nialls mouth. I looked up and I met his gaze. I noticed that he looked kindly at me and almost apologetic. 
"How do you mean?" 
He smiled and he spun around so he was facing me. 
"You are a girl who knows what it means to live and I think that you are strong. You take nothing for granted and you don't think you can get something for free." 
I agreed. 
"So why, it sounds as if you think that I have a bad life?" 
He smiled and he shook his head. 
"No Lilly. You and I have lived fairly similar lives. When I lived home in Ireland, I wasn't spoiled and I got to work to get what I wanted." Niall smiled and he turned around toward the pots again. "Do you like chicken?" 
He changed the subject. I nodded and I swallowed. He turned off the stove, and he took out a plate. I saw how he scooped up food on it and then he came over to the table and put the plate with cutlery in front of me. 
"I hope it tastes?" 
I nodded and I smiled at him. He sat down opposite me and I was surprised when he didn't eat. 
"Aren't you hungry?" 
He swallowed and he gritted. He shook his head rapidly. 
"I have special diets and I don't eat with others." 
I frowned. It sounded strange. I took a bite of the food and quickly I realized that this was among the best dishes I had eaten.
"What's the special food that you eat?" 
I just had to ask. I almost poured in food and I realized I was hungry. Niall didn't like the subject. 
"We can talk about it another time." he said, almost cold. "Was the food good?" 
I nodded quickly and I smiled at him. 
"One thing is certain. I will love your food?" 
He laughed a little bit and he almost blushed. 
"I have worked with some of the world's best chefs once." he said and I saw at him that he almost had a dream back. "In France, there was a time when food was better than anything else and I ended up in the middle of the French kitchen." 
I looked at him and I noticed that he seemed to like the memory. I was thinking about when he had been working there? He was young and he didn't look like a chef. 
"Last year, right?" 
He was startled. 
I smiled. 
"Were you in France last year?"
I wanted to get pieces to the puzzle, so that I knew more about him, but Niall didn't want to share. He quickly shook his head and then he stood up. He went over to the stove and began cleaning up. 
"You don't like to talk about yourself?" I got out of me. I followed him with my eyes and I saw that he was stiff all over. He looked at me again and this time, he was anything but confident. 
"No!" he replied shortly. "There are things that I'm proud of, but I have also made ​​many mistakes." 
I put down the fork and I looked at him. I wanted to know more, but he really didn't want to share. 
"Everyone makes mistakes?" 
He smiled wryly and he looked down on the bench. I noted that he seemed almost to dream away. 
"Lilly, eat up the food." he whispered. "I don't want to talk about my life and I'm not interested that you to know everything."


Niall was like a riddle. I realized I would never understand him or get to know a single thing from his life. Okay, he told the small fragments, but nothing more. The sun was rising over the horizon, when I realized that I hadn't slept. Niall noticed that I was tired and he smiled at me. 
"I'm a night person." he said quickly. "I apologize that I wasn't thinking that you are the opposite." 
I was just happy that I had to spend a night with Niall. I got up and I looked at the clock.
"Can I go to bed?" 
Niall nodded and he stood up also. He came over to me and I was surprised when he took my hand and guided me towards my bedroom. 
"You don't wake me up ever!" he said seriously and he looked at me. "When I sleep, I sleep and I don't want you to disturb me." 
I nodded. Was that a rule? I didn't dare to ask, and when we stopped outside my bedroom door, he smiled at me. 
"Tomorrow, when I have woken up, you'll get to meet some friends of mine."
I nodded. I questioned nothing. He released my hand and he looked at me a few extra seconds. 
"I'm glad you said yes." 
I smiled and I blushed slightly. 
"Me too!" 
He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I was disappointed because I would have preferred a kiss on my lips. I wondered if he wanted to show that we were just friends and that I shouldn't want to have more? 
"Good night!" he said quickly, and then he walked towards his bedroom door. I stood still until he had gone in and closed the door. Talk about that I had shared opinions about that man. I wanted to have more, but at the same time I was afraid of him. Niall wasn't exactly the guy you could attract or get in bed, although I hadn't in that moment agreed to such a thing. Still, I wanted to try some day. Maybe I could get him to like me a little more?


I took a shower and I dried my hair before went to bed. I snuggled down under the duvet and I just enjoyed that moment. Everything smelled clean and I noticed that the room really was perfect. I looked around at all things, before my eyes became heavy. I fell asleep with the thought that I wanted to get to know Niall better, but how?




It was quiet in the house. The only sound was the sound of a truck, who drove past, and I opened my eyes. It was dark outside and I realized that I had slept away the whole day. Still, I didn't care. I knew that Niall had done the same. I yawned and I sat up slowly.
"Good morning?"
I nearly jumped out of bed. A light came on and I saw Niall sit on a chair in the corner. I just stared at him. How long had he been sitting there?
"Good morning?"
He laughed a little bit and he stood up.
"I woke up before you and I couldn't help but to look at you. You're beautiful when you sleep."
I blushed and I gathered my thoughts.
"Do you go in to your guests and stare at them?"
He shook his head, and he came up to the bed.
"And you're not a guest." he whispered firmly. "You live here."
What would I respond to that. I felt like a guest, but at the same time I was aware that this was now my home. 
"If you go and take a shower and put on your clothes, I'll make sure you get breakfast." Niall continued and he watched me. "We're going over to my friends and it's important that you are satisfied and happy." 
I sighed. I understood that it was a requirement, not a suggestion. I still had in mind that he would decide everything. 
"Some special clothes?" I asked quickly. He smiled and he nodded a little bit. 
"I would have preferred a dress on your body." 
He laughed and he was amused. 
"Because I want to see your figure under your clothes. You shouldn't hide your female body under large clothes."
I just gasped and I didn't know if I would take him seriously. I knew I didn't looked like a model and I was anything but pleased with myself. 
"A dress!" he said, almost demanding, and then he went to the door. "You get a half hour and then I want to see you down in the kitchen. Hurry up!"

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