What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


2. First meeting

"You want a drink?" 
I was startled. I stood at the bar and the bartender didn't see me. I felt that a guy came up from behind me and he was standing way too close to me. I felt how he almost pressed himself up against my back, and he had an Irish accent. He even smelled aftershave and I liked his scent. 
"It wasn't hard to figure out?" I mumbled cold. I wasn't in the mood to talk to new people and if I was honest, I was in a very bad mood. The whole week had been like one long nightmare and when Friday came I was fired from my work. 
"Maybe not!" he murmured, and I almost felt his breath on my cheek. "But I know I can get you in a better mood."
I snorted and I made feeble attempts to get the bartender to see me. 
He laughed a little bit and I felt his hand around my waist. It wasn't that I wanted to back away from him, but he was more intimate compared to what I was used to. 
"I can see that you get your drink, but you must promise me one thing." 
I was startled and I turned my head to him. I met two blue eyes, a great smile, and he actually looked good. He had such a look that many girls had found perfect, but for the moment I only saw him as an obstacle. One obstacle from me and my bad mood, as I wanted to keep. 
"I promise no strange guy anything." 
He smiled big. I saw his perfect teeth and the first thing that went through my head was that he really took care of his body. 
"Niall Horan!" he whispered hoarsely to me. "Who are you?"
I sighed. 
"Is it now that I'm going to talk about who I am and you will tell me that you aren't out to get me where you want?" 
I knew about all the pickup lines and I had often encountered his kind of guy. He was kind and when night came he just wanted to lure me into his bed, where he would use me. 
"No?" he murmured happily. "I want to get to know you so that we aren't strangers. Want a drink or not?" 
I thought for a few seconds. I didn't know if I should say yes or no. 
"I'm Lilly Hamilton." I whispered uncertainly. "And yes, I want a drink before I go home." 
He smiled and he showed with the entire body that he was satisfaction. 
"Good Lilly!" he said with one of those voice that went straight into my subconscious. "I'll see that you get your needs met."
I frowned. 
"And what do you know about my needs?" 
He smiled shrewdly and I saw at him that he liked the subject. 
"You should have your drink first and then we take the details."


Niall chose a table far away from all the affected people. My friends seemed to have forgotten that I was in the room and I followed him like a tail. I had promised to listen. I had my drink and I sat down beside him. Niall had a beer in front of him and he chose to just look at me. Although there were good looking girls around us, it seemed as if it was just Lilly he saw. 
"Your proposal?" I asked quickly. He grinned and he nodded calmly. 
"Shouldn't we get to know each other first?" he asked. "You don't like strange guys?" 
I smiled. I actually smiled, and it was the first time in several days that I actually smiled.
"OK, who are you?"
He leaned toward me. 
"I'm the guy that you have been waiting for." 
I snorted. I was almost disappointed and I showed with my whole body that I was disappointed by his response. Niall laughed and then took his arm around my shoulders. 
"No, I'm kidding with you!" he said quickly. "I'm Niall and I live in a house nearby. I'm single and I'm rich." 
I didn't believe him, but I couldn't question his life. 
He nodded. 
"I have two rich parents and I during the days I making others happy." 
I laughed and I thought he was joking, but quickly I saw at him that he really meant the words. 
"So you're rich?" I asked suspiciously. "And you want to make others happy, how?"
Niall had been waiting for that question. He leaned toward me and his lips stayed bu my ear. 
"By making dreams come true." 
I smiled at his silly answer. 
"What do you know about dreams?" 
He seemed not to care that I was suspicious. He looked at me for a few seconds and then he raised his eyebrows. 
"You want a job, you want to have a purpose in life and you want to feel that you are needed." 
I was startled. It was my dream for the day. I just stared at him. 
Niall drank beer and then he looked at me again. 
"Like I said, I'm the guy who can realize your dreams."
It felt like I was falling. How could he know what I wanted? 
"Who have you been talking to?" I asked quickly. "Anna? She usually talk about everything?" 
Niall smiled and he shook his head. 
"I haven't talked to anyone. I came into the pub and I saw you." he was happy and he smiled. "I saw that you were a girl who hasn't had it easy, and I saw at you that you need to change. That's why I chose you." 
I just stared at him. Who was he? 
"So you just picked me out?" 
Niall nodded and he was really in a great mood. 
"I think I can help you." 
I disagreed. How could he help me? 
"So you are going to give me a job?" 
He laughed. 
"And so much more, but you have to say yes."
I felt small. Here I was a rich guy who wanted to help me, and I hesitated. I realized that I should say yes, but why was he so sure that he could help me? I was the most hopeless girl in the world and my life was always in chaos. Yet he wanted to do something about my problems. The question was also how he knew about it all? 
"You hesitate?" he whispered. "It's good that you hesitate. I'm not fond in people who say yes immediately."
I noticed that he was really amused. He looked at me with his blue eyes and it was as if he sucked in every thought I had. Slowly I began to land in reality and I realized that he just wanted to be kidding me. 
"Nice try!" I said quickly, and I was going to stand up. Niall quickly took my hand and he forced me down on the chair again. 
"No, you can't leave me." he said hoarsely. "I really mean that I want to help you." 
I frowned and I just stared at him. 
He swallowed, and he seemed almost to think about how he would persuade me. 
"When you were in school, you were accused of cheating on tests. It was a lie but you could never prove that you were innocent. You realized that you couldn't trust a single living human being on earth, and everything is up to you. That's why you are alone, that's why you only have a few friends and that's why you always resist when a guy shows interest."
I gaped. How did he know? 
"Did you go to my school?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"I know it all, Lilly, and I'm here for you." he whispered hoarsely. "I promise that if you say yes, your whole world will change and you will..." 
I interrupted him quickly. 
"You look nice, and you can certainly help me, but right now I'm afraid of you." 
He smiled and he leaned toward me. I felt his lips almost touching my cheek and he got me to calm down, just with his presence. 
"Come on, you can't come up with excuses all the time. Say yes. What have you got to lose?"

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