What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


8. feelings

I woke up when the sun went down, as the day before. I realized that I would change the day to nighttime. Niall knocked on the door and he peered in with a curious look. 
"You're still here?" 
I smiled and I nodded. The truth, he wanted me meant that I almost felt like home.I smiled at him and I enjoyed. Niall came into the room and he sat down on the edge of the bed. 
"Did you sleep well?" 
I nodded and I saw at him that he was happy to see me. Imagine how little a certain word meant? I now knew where he wanted to come with us and I was ready. 
"What's happening today?" I asked, although I knew it was night which was our common day. My whole stomach tingled. Niall let a hand stroking through my hair and he looked at me with love. I felt that he had feelings for me and it made me just love that moment even more. 
"Your choice!" he whispered tenderly. "It's you that makes my day." 
I just wanted to throw me over him, but something inside me kept me back. Niall laughed a little bit. He bent down and kissed me lightly on the lips. 
"One thing at a time, darling." 
I giggled. 
He lay down next to me and it was like he wanted me right there, next to him. 
"We'll just hang out today?" 
I still had many questions. 
"Why can't I talk about you to others?" 
Niall became serious. He cleared his throat, and I saw that he wanted to change the subject quickly. 
"Because." he said just short. "I'll arrange for breakfast?"
I quickly took his hand, I forced him to stay, and I shook my head. 
"No, I want a reply. I want to know why I can't even tell my mom that I'm here and you...?" 
Niall put his body towards me. His face was just inches from mine, and I felt him put his chest against me. 
"Darling." he said, and he looked straight into my eyes. "I promise that you will understand. I know it's tough to break off contact with everyone, but you will get so much more from me." 
I couldn't help myself. I took my arms around his neck and I forced him to kiss me. I showed right away that I wanted him and he answered the kiss. It was wonderful and it was totally perfect. Niall took his arms around my body and I held him so tight. I wouldn't let go and he ended up pretty soon on top of me. I felt he was hard between the legs and I felt that he wanted me. It was as if I ended up in a different world, and the only thing that mattered was what we had here and now. I kissed him. I stroked him. I moved my hands all over his clothes. Niall groaned and I felt that he was intense. 
"I can't!" 
I gasped and he hid his face against my neck. 
"I can't!" he said again, and this time he sounded like a dark creature. It was as if it wasn't his voice, and he was someone else. I groaned and I tried to get away from him, but Niall kept me hard in his arms and he hid his face against my neck. 
"Lilly, the day I take your everything will change." 
I sighed. 
"Yes I know, you can take me?" 
He shook his head. 
"No, there will be more after that..."
Niall pressed his face against my neck, as if he was hiding it. I wanted to get him going again, but he lay perfectly still on top of me. 
"Lilly don't attract me." 
I gasped. 
"Well, I want you here and now." 
Niall whimpered and he laid his lips against my neck. 
"No, you don't know what it is you want yet. I can't do that to you."
The thoughts whirled around. Niall lay on top of me and I asked him to take me. He refused? What was it that happened? What did I do wrong? He didn't want to have sex with me but he had feelings for me? 
"You're fucking Weird!" I moaned angrily. Niall had still his face against my neck and I felt that he slowly relaxed. 
"No, I wont just hurt you." 
He kissed my neck and then he lifted his head. He looked like Niall, but his eyes were cloudy. 
"I don't want to do this now." he whispered hoarsely and he almost looked like he was dying. He was pale. I didn't know what to say. His eyes were dark, nearly black. It was as if he had changed the eye color. Slowly, they went back to his normal blue. I just stared at his eyes and I wondered if it was my imagination that played a trick on me? 
"So you want to...?" 
He put his hand over my mouth and he looked serious. 
"Lilly, we wait to do more. For the moment we manage to not have sex." 
I nodded. What else could I say? I couldn't force him. 
"Breakfast?" he asked quickly, and it was as if he wanted to change the subject. He sat up and he ran his hand through his hair. "And you need to put on your clothes and make you ready?" 
I nodded and I saw him left the bed. He almost ran out of the room and he left me alone there.


When I had eaten breakfast Niall took up the thick bundle of paper and he gave them to me. 
"Maybe you should read through the rules?" 
I frowned. I didn't want to read the small text on all the paper, but I didn't want to argue with him. I chose to nod and I chose to take them. He smiled and he walked toward his office. 
"I'll work for a few hours. You can read and write down questions, if you have any." 
I felt again like a loser. It felt as if he stayed away and he wanted to avoid me? Was it because of what happened in the bed? I just sighed and I brought the papers up in my room. I sat down in my bed and I was thinking about everything that happened in my life. I was no longer sure that Niall wanted to help me. He hadn't even tried to give me a job yet and the only thing he had given me was a lot of questions. I found the TV control and I pressed on the power button. The television went on and I saw the news. I leaned back in the bed and instead of reading the rules looked at the news. 
"Another murder have occurred, and the police are clueless." the reporter said with a serious voice. "A woman was found early in the day outside the city and even this time the body was drained of blood. Police believe that a cult is behind the murders and that it is a ritual. They got no evidence today, but police are trying to find clues through DNA, which can be on the body."
I changed the channel. I couldn't cope with murder and creepy things. For me, there were major problems in life and one problem was Niall. Instead, I chose to watch at an old movie and I followed the tired plot. The guy wanted a girl and she didn't want him. He did everything for her and at the end of the movie, he got her to want him. I yawned. The reality looked so different. There was no life that ended happily and no one did live happy ever after.

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