What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


24. Back...

I ended up in a fog. I enjoyed the food and I was like a fatted cow. I was totally in Sam's power, and he had total control over me. It was like I lost a part of me and I belong to him. I forgot who I was and I forgot what I once dreamed about. The only thing that was in my mind was that I would meet Sam's needs. He was the most important person in my life and without him I wasn't worth anything.


We came back to England and Sam took me to the headquarters. I was in a daze and even if I recognized some of them, it was just Sam that I saw. He was a God. I kept me close to him and I showed up with my whole body that I was ready, when he demanded anything from me.
"Where's Niall?" asked someone. I recognized the name, but I couldn't even wonder. Sam held my hand and he smiled like that confidently, as he always did.
"He's not here and I'm the only leader that you need."
I agreed. I actually saw that girl, Perrie, and I noted that she looked at me with fear. I just smiled and I was proud that Sam was my owner, he was all that I needed.
"We need to have a meeting now!" someone said. I think it was Zayn. "We need to gather all together and talk about this before we do something."
Sam just laughed.
"No you do't need to sort out anything between you. I know what it's we need and what's best for us."
I agreed, but I was the only one who really believed in Sam. 
"We're having a meeting!" said Zayn cold and Sam sighed. He understood that he were forced to do so, and he nodded a little bit. He then looked at me and he smiled reassuring.
"If some one takes you to our place, you can rest before we do anything else?" 
I nodded happily. I wanted to rest because of him and I wanted to sleep in our bed. Sam just laughed and then he looked at Perrie. "Take her to my room and make sure she has everything she needs." 
No one said against him, and I enjoyed. Perrie nodded, like a true slave would do, and she showed me to a stairwell.


"Lilly what happened?" 
I had no idea what she wanted me to answer. She showed me into a room and I sighed. 
"Everything is just fine!" I said cheerfully. "Your new leaders have come home and he knows what's best for everyone." 
She frowned and she looked at me closely. I laughed a little bit and I lay down on the bed. 
"Please, leave me now. I'm going to sleep so that I can cope with everything that Sam wants to do." 
She showed no signs of wanting to leave me. 
"And Niall?" 
I snorted. 
"I'm with Sam, and it's he that I will obey." 
She disagreed and I saw at her that she was almost angry. 
"You love Niall." she said firmly. "What happened? Did he totally taken over your mind or what?"
I didn't care. That Niall was far away and he couldn't take care of me. Niall left me and he handed over me to Sam to take over the responsibility over me. That I was sure about. 
"I need to sleep!" 
She was still not happy and this time she almost growled at me. 
"Tell me what happened and I know how to get you to become normal again. This isn't you and you know it." 
I just stared at her. I didn't understand what she was talking about. Eventually Perrie gave up and she walked out of the room angry. I just smiled and I put my head down on the pillow. I felt my body sank into the mattress, and I knew what Sam wanted me to do. 
"Sleep my princess." I heard him whisper in my ear. I smiled. He always knew where I was and he always whispered things to me, even though we weren't in the same room. 
"Yes, Darling!" I responded cheerfully, and I closed my eyes. 
"Soon I will come to you." whispered Sam and I enjoyed. 
"I'm waiting!"


"Just look at her!" 
I was awakened by Perries voice and I was surprised when Zayn was also in the room. They stared at me and it was as if something was wrong. 
"Lilly?" Zayn asked uncertainly. "Where's Niall?" 
I turned my head from them and I saw the other side of the room. I just wished that Sam would come to me and why dwell on people who weren't around? 
"Lilly!" I heard Zayn growl a little more irritated. "You are in his power, but you know what happened to Niall?" 
I started to laugh. I had no idea why I would laugh, but it felt right. 
"If you're looking, you might find him?" I giggled happily. "I don't think he's here." 
I saw that Zayn just shook his head and he then looked at Perrie. 
"She's in Sam's violence and we can't take her away unless Niall's here."


Sam came back an hour later and I giggled with satisfaction when he crawled into bed. I didn't tell him about Zayn or Perrie. He already knew about everything and he kissed me tenderly. 
"You are so good." he murmured against my lips and I smiled contentedly. I felt how he pulled up my dress and his body landed against mine. He unzipped his fly and Inn-about a few seconds he penetrate. 
"You're mine, only mine." he hissed against my cheek. I nodded and I took my arms around him. He was my everything and I wanted to be his everything. Sam groaned when he had come all the way in me. I felt how he once again filled me and I loved it. He knew what I needed and he did all big choices for me. I just needed to trust him and I didn't have to listen to any other person.


Afterwards I lay naked in his arms. I felt my throat ached, but I knew I was in pain because of him. Sam had sucked the blood out of me and he had made me dull. I let my hand caress his lovely breasts and I enjoyed his presence. 
"You shouldn't trust the others." he whispered hoarsely. "They just want to destroy for me." 
I agreed and I looked up at him. My head was heavy and I felt that my whole body was dull. I was always tired when he had taken the blood out of my body. 
"All for you." I said with a confident voice. Sam smiled and he looked at me. His eyes looked at my face and I knew I was doing everything right. He was pleased with me. 
"Everything for me!" he muttered, and he liked the words. "I will become a great king and I will have control over all." 
I liked his words. I let a hand slide up over his face and I caressed his cheek. His words were so right and everything he said was right. 
"If Niall turns up, I will show who it is that owns the land we walk on." 
I nodded. 
"You're the new king."
Sam agreed but he mooned little bit. 
"Niall's on his way over here." 
And? I didn't care about Niall. He belonged to the past and I couldn't even talk about him. 
"You can't leave me." Sam continued and he became serious. "It's just that I know what you need and you can't ever leave me." 
I nodded and I smiled at him. 
"I promise!" 
He looked up at the ceiling and I noticed that he was still worried. 
"You'll never listen to what Niall said." he said seriously. "You wont listen to his words, or even think about him." 
I was surprised. 
"I never think about him." 
Sam nodded. 
"I know, but if he comes here, it can change." 
He sighed. 
"It remains to be seen. I wont let you go and you belong to me. I belong to the throne and I'm the only true way."

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