What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


5. A new life.

I woke up in the morning with a feeling that I hadn't met Niall. Everything felt unreal, but I felt heavy in my head. I certainly had poured into me wine, way too much wine. I tried to put me up quickly and I looked at the alarm clock. I had slept away the whole morning, and yet I was tired. I tried to collect myself. He wanted to help me, but I had no idea how or why. I just knew that he was eager for me, to move into his house, but why? I had so many questions in my head, but I couldn't just ask them straight out. Niall wasn't in my apartment and he would surely forget me. I was such a girl that guys forgot. It had always been like that, and I was used to it all. Still, there was something that attracted me with Niall. He wasn't like the usual guys and he was special.


Sara came in to my apartment and she didn't seemed to have noticed that I had dissipated from the pub. She was talking about guys, about friends and about all that she had done. I sat on the other side of the kitchen table and the only thing I had in my head was, Niall didn't want me to tell her about what happened in his house. 
"And you?" Sara asked to an end. "What happened to you yesterday at the pub?" 
I wanted to tell, but I didn't dare. 
"Didn't you notice that I went home?" 
She was startled and she just stared at me. It was as if she realized how she treated me and she almost blushed. 
"Well, yes..." she murmured. "I have somewhere in my mind that you said you went home?" 
I smiled. 
"I went home and slept." 
She sighed and I saw at her what she thought about me. 
"Lilly, you must dare to bet." she said. "These guys wont approach you without any further and you have to show that your available for them." 
I agreed. 
"But life is made up for more things than guys?"
She sighed and she almost seemed to look down at me. 
"It was full of nice guys." She said well-meaning. "Next time you have to walk up to a guy and say hello." 
I chose to swallow down my annoyance. 
She smiled a little bit and I saw at her that she thought she had said something good to me. 
"And life is made up of so many things." she continued. "Parties, boys, sex and even work. How's the job?" 
I looked coldly at her. 
"You know what I need to do tomorrow?" 
Sara agreed and I watched as she stretched herself up. She was cocky that she had everything that I hadn't. 
"Employment Service?" 
I nodded. 
"Maybe I succeed in one day?"
It was then I realized that I had to say yes to Nialls proposal. Sara laughed at me and she said that I hadn't much to expect from life. Quickly, I took a consider to my choice and I chose that I would say yes.


It drew to the night before I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and immediately I saw Niall. He was wearing a shirt and regular jeans, but he looked sexy. He smiled wryly and he was exactly as I remembered him. 
"I say yes." 
He was startled. 
"Have you already made ​​up your mind?" 
I nodded and I let him get into the apartment. 
"I haven't much to choose from." I answered honestly. "I'm so tired of my life and I'm tired of everyone looking down on me."
Niall made ​​sure I closed the door and then he smiled at me. It was a confident smile, and he was satisfied. 
"So are you ready to enter phase two?" 
I frowned. 
"Phase two?" 
He nodded and he stood in front of me. He caught up my face with his hands and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"You have to break all the contact with everyone and leave yourself entirely to me." 
I wanted to say no, but I told myself that this was the only right way to do it. 
He laughed a little bit. 
"I see you hesitate, but I promise that you will soften up." 
I didn't understood what he meant. I chose to nod and I chose to do everything he wanted me to do. 
"So what happens now?"
Niall released me and he went into my apartment. I only had one room with a small kitchen. Not much to brag about. I only had furniture that was serviceable to use, but nothing of value. 
"Small home!" Niall exclaimed contented and he went up to my couch. "What do you want to keep?" 
I understood that he meant that I should move in with him. 
"I have three months' notice." I said quickly. Niall didn't care. He spun around and he smiled at me. 
"I pay for three month. It's a cheap sum considering that I get you." 
I was startled. 
"Do you get me?" 
He laughed and he was almost amused by my uncertainty. 
"Yes, I get to have you in my home around the clock and it's a winner price for me." 
I blushed. 
"Are you serious?"
Niall nodded and he took up the mobile phone. I only had time to see him put it to his ear. 
"The apartment must and will be emptied!" I heard him say, before he ended the call. Talk about that he had short calls? I just stared at him, but Niall was quiet and he didn't seemed to care about my reaction. 
"I was talking with some friends today." he said instead. "They knew that it might happen. I mean that the apartment must be emptied." 
I was startled. 
"So you knew I would say yes?" 
He shook his head, and he seemed honest. 
"No, but I was hoping."


An hour later a moving truck came and five big guys came into the apartment. I watched as they started to take down my home. Niall was happy and he smiled at me. 
"Shall we go home?" 
I swallowed and I was once again uncertain. 
He took my hand and he was sure what he meant by home. He pulled me against the door out. 
"Well, back to the house?"




I didn't get with me my handbag. Niall did so that the guys packed up all my stuff and it all ended up in a storage room somewhere. I was disappointed that Niall didn't even chose to bring home my clothes, but later I understood why. He showed me into my bedroom and immediately I saw that the closet was filled with new modern clothes. 
"I promised you new clothes." he said happily. I just stared at my mew clothes and at him. 
"But how did you know my size?" 
He laughed a little bit and he seemed almost surprised that I asked. 
"I have experience Lilly." he said happily. "I see at you that you have a certain size and I promise you will get more from me. This is just the beginning."
Niall had also ensured that everything was in the toilet and I had gotten new makeup. I had everything I needed and I had no idea what I would say. 
"Thank you?" 
He laughed and then he went to the door. 
"Shall we go down and talk through the details?" 
I gasped. 
"Is there more I should know about before I say yes?" 
He laughed and he opened the door. 
"You already said yes?" 
I agreed, but yet? I followed him and it all felt like a dream. What was happening? Was I ready? I didn't even know if I would be able to obey him all the time, but still it felt exciting. My uncertainty disappeared with my curiosity.


"Details!" he said, and he showed me into a new room. It resembled me of a mix between between a library and a offices. The walls were filled with shelves and books. In the middle of the floor stood a large desk and in front two chairs. I realized that he probably worked from home. He sat down behind the desk and I positioned myself on one of the chairs in front of him. He picked up a stack of paper me and he smiled at me.
"The details are pretty simple." he said as if it were obvious. "I never had to worry about anything before and I'm sure you will find the details well thought through."
I just stared at the papers. I would read through them? I saw that there were at least a hundred pages, and the text was quite small. Talk about that he had thought about everything.
"Is it a contract?"
He laughed. 
"No, but you will get these papers, a copy, and I want you to read when you have time."
I just stared at him. Did he serious with that? 
"So it's a contract?" 
He shook his head, and he put the papers in front of me. 
"It says what I require of you and what you will require of me. It's like a marriage between us. We treat each other well and then everything will work out." 
I almost choke. 
He grinned and I noted that he was amused. Niall looked at me and his eyes shone with excitement. 
"Can't we talk in that term?" 
I disagreed. 
"Niall, marriage is something that's sacred and you shouldn't joke about such a thing."
Niall leaned back in his chair and he looked at me closely. I knew, or I assumed, that he was reading my thoughts. I wondered if he even read what I was thinking. Would I be able to test him? 
"No!" he said firmly, and I was startled, "I don't play mind games and it doesn't amuse me." 
I blushed and I chose to try to look more calm from what I felt. 
He laughed a little bit. 
"So Lilly Where do we start?" 
I had no good answer. I leaned back in the chair and I laid my hands on my lap. I felt silly and I had no idea where he wanted to come. The whole idea that he was the leader and I was his slave, or what I was, made ​​me change my mind several times. Still, I was so curious but still I wanted to actually go home. Okay, I no longer had a home. 
"You know what?" he whispered tenderly. "We take it easy for a few days and then you will be familiar with both me and your life." 
I just stared at him. I would never get used to him.

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