One Halloween Night

One night. One night was all it took. Just one night to flip her world upside down. It wasn't an ordinary night though. No. It was a Halloween night. One Halloween night, to be precise.

Copyrighted to GeorgiaWS


5. 5

“I can’t understand it…how am I blind?”

      She stayed still the noise still faded in the background.

      “How am I…?”

      She clenched dirt in her feet as she knelt there on all fours.

      “How can I be blind?!”

      She wiped her face standing up slowly, the noise fading back into her ears. Crashes being heard around her as her breathing became heavier.

      “I don’t understand!”

      She screamed stumbling to the side as something smashed into her. She held her side as she felt more water hit her.

      “Look what I found screaming like a lost wolf?”

      She lay there her head pounding as she felt a hand wrap around her neck.

      “I wonder what you’d do if I snapped her neck…how much would you cry…?”

      There was a silence as the hand tightened around her neck.

      “How much would you cry…?”

      The voice speaking had a chilling tone to it as it whispered in her ear.

      “How much do you think he’ll cry?”

      She whimpered slightly as a sharp pain sprinted through her. She felt her head fling back as they pulled her hair.

      “I just asked you a question. How much do you think he’ll cry?”

      “I wouldn’t cry at all if you killed her to be honest with you I wouldn’t care. After all she is just a useless corps anyway.”

      The chilling voice laughed once again.

      “I would tell you to let her go however…I’m not the loving type.”

      She screamed as they threw her to the side.

      “Huh. Nice throw.”

      A silence settled on them as she rubbed her head.

      “Although I would’ve thought that a good kick would have done the trick.”

      She pushed herself up a bit, she could feel her arms shaking. Her eyes widening, a pain lingering in her stomach.

      “Yes. That definitely did the trick. Now…why don’t we settle this now?”

      “I like the sound of this one…I’m hungry though and she looks like such a lovely treat.”

      There was another silence. She shivered feeling the tension in the air. She touched her face a wet tear rolling down her cheek as she felt the cuts on her face.

      “Look at her it must have finally sunk in…”

      The tone of insanity stuck to their tone of voice.

      “She’s finally realized that she’s blind. I almost feel sorry for her…if it hadn’t had been my fault in the first place.”

      “I wouldn’t get cocky if I were you, you idiot.”

      Shivers ran down her spine just like they had the night in the forest. How many days had it been? She didn’t know. Blind and confused she stood up clumsily turning her head towards the voices.

      “We could finish it now…or we could wait a bit longer.”

      She heard the other person sigh.

      “So what’s it going to be Bastian?”

      ‘Bastian’ mumbled something to himself before the other voice rang confidently.

      “Of course we could finish it now but I don’t want this young woman to se…hear anything so I’ll wait a bit longer, anyway, let me tell you something. Your favorite pet is about to lose too much blood.”

      She wiped her hand on her face the thing she had once presumed to be water, she realized to be blood. Her eyes closing slowly.

      “I think that it’ll be fun to make her dr-”

      “Say that again and I will rip your head off your body!”

      It was only a whisper yet the threatening tone made it sound like a shout. She shook her head opening her eyes slowly.

      “Leave her!”

      There was a crash as she jumped her head moving quickly to the side. A pain shooting through her neck from the speed she had moved.

      “Go to sleep!”

      Her eyes closed quickly as her body fell forwards gently, Bastian catching her.

      “Come back and I’ll kill you.”

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