One Halloween Night

One night. One night was all it took. Just one night to flip her world upside down. It wasn't an ordinary night though. No. It was a Halloween night. One Halloween night, to be precise.

Copyrighted to GeorgiaWS


4. 4.

It was a few hours before she woke up again.

      “Where the hell am I?!”

      There was a shuffle and a short scream as the person beside her fell to the floor.

      “Who the hell are you? And where the hell am I?”

      They laughed again, the floorboards creaking as they made a movement.

      “I said, who the hell are you?! And where the hell am I?!”

      There was a silence before they spoke. Something stirring inside of her as the deep voice spoke.

      “I am- well…I am…open your eyes and look at me.”

      She shook her head rolling onto her side.

      “I said to look at me.”

      The voice was low almost carrying a threatening tone with it. She shook her head again, an annoyed sigh escaping her lips as the new person picked her up and carried her, her head hitting gently off the door.

      “You have three seconds to open your eyes.”

      “I don’t know who you are or where the bloody hell I am but I will not be treated like a piece of crap!”

      There was a silence as they stopped.

      “Why did we-”

      “I don’t know who you think you are but I have tried to be kind-”

      The voice stopped. She didn’t hear anymore until she hit the ground. The breath flying out of her mouth as the noise sounded like thunder. She shuddered, reaching up to her face as she tried to tear the blindfold off her eyes so she could see the heart of the noise.

      “Huh look at her!”

      She tried to move herself, to see the person talking to her.

      “I wonder if she’ll taste as nice as she-”

      There was another noise that split through the air as she covered her face, water splashing down on her face. The water burning her as she screamed pushing herself upwards, stumbling forwards before she hit the floor one final time.

      “I can’t believe it she hasn’t realized yet!”

      They howled, insanity ringing in their laugh as she turned her head instinctively towards them.

      “She hasn’t realized yet…”

      There was a pause

      “Do you know why you can’t understand anything? Do you?”

      Another pause as glass shattered in the distance.

      “I’ll tell you why…you’re blind.”

      There was a loud crack as they screamed. She screamed tearing at the blindfold one last time, the water burning her face more and more as she screamed louder and louder, the pain becoming unbearable. One word swiveling through her mind like an endless vortex as she stayed there, the noise around her fading away.


      It repeated itself again.


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