One Halloween Night

One night. One night was all it took. Just one night to flip her world upside down. It wasn't an ordinary night though. No. It was a Halloween night. One Halloween night, to be precise.

Copyrighted to GeorgiaWS


3. 3.

      “When will she wake up again?”

      The voices floated around her head as she slowly opened her eyes. Still black. Another voice floated into her ears as she closed them again.

      “What do you mean she won’t-?!”

      He coughed clearing his throat before remaining silent as the other person talked. She remained silent trying to focus on them ending with nothing.

      “I don’t care if she doesn’t…oh you’re awake now?”

      She pushed herself up stopping as she felt a hand on her chest lightly.

      “Don’t strain yourself.”

      “Where…? Where…? Why am I…? What…? What…?”

      She smiled to herself slightly.

      “What….? What is…?”

      Her eyes closing as her body fell back with a soft ‘thud’ onto the bed.

      “Will you ever stop putting the poor girl to sleep? I don’t care if you’re thinking that this is the best option-… I just think that you need to consider things differently you fool…!” 

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