One Halloween Night

One night. One night was all it took. Just one night to flip her world upside down. It wasn't an ordinary night though. No. It was a Halloween night. One Halloween night, to be precise.

Copyrighted to GeorgiaWS


2. 2.

Her head throbbed as she came to, her eyes closing again instantly as she the blackness remained. She felt something brush against her, giving her a warmth that faded as the feeling left. It brushed against it again, her fingers instantly reacting to it lightly twisting around them as a low growl sounded. She opened her eyes again as the warm feeling returned. She blinked. All she could see was black. Nothing. Her eyes closed again as a pain shot through her. She moved her other hand feeling a soft material run through them. A final growl came out of nowhere turning into an animal’s yawn as she moved her hand from in front of her back to her side.

      “So you’re awake?”

      She opened her eyes trying to find the figure her arms reaching blindly out when the weight that had been on top of her disappeared. She went to put her hands by her sides as another pair hands gripped hers. Her eyes opened a final time staying open trying to focus on something.

      “I wouldn’t strain if I were you.”

      Another voice. A softer one this time, she turned her head a pain shooting through her eyes making her instantly shut them.

      “I told you not to strain yourself.” They laughed, the laugh a colder tone that rang through the air as it reached her ears.

      “Stop it now son and do please take the dogs out for a walk.”

      There was a sigh as the other hands let go of hers, her hands becoming cold.

      “Out of interest do you know your name?”

      There was a silence that followed it. One that caused an uncomfortable shuffle in movement.

      “I’ll take that as a no then…” 

      She heard the door slam silence returning as she tried to move herself up. Sighing to herself she lay back down there was a knock at the door. She tried to push herself again only to feel something push her down roughly again.

      “Look at me!”

      It was an angered whisper that sent the chills down her spine.

      “I said look at me.”

      She opened her eyes shaking her head.

      “That’s right I survived why don’t you let me see those beautiful…?”

      His voice trailing off before a shrill laugh cut through the air.

      “Well, well, wel-”

      There was a smash, something stabbing her as glass smashed a howl fading away. Her ears ringing from the commotion as voices filled the room. All mixed together creating a conversation that she couldn’t follow. She winced as a hand gripped her arm tightly as wet substance trickling down her skin.


      There was a scratch as her mind cleared once again.

      “What’s…?” Her voice trailing off as she tried to speak to them, her eyes closing as the voices came to a stop.

      “So you put her back to sleep?”

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