One Halloween Night

One night. One night was all it took. Just one night to flip her world upside down. It wasn't an ordinary night though. No. It was a Halloween night. One Halloween night, to be precise.

Copyrighted to GeorgiaWS


1. 1.

      She ran through the woods screaming, her lungs feeling like they were going to burst as she stumbled down the hill. She could hear them behind her the fast feet as she sped up the small cottage in sight. She didn’t dare turn around, she knew she couldn’t. She didn’t want any part of their deal, she didn’t even want to know them. She just wanted to be in her parents arms just like she always had been. Had being the keyword. She could still picture the way they had smiled at her peacefully as they had collapsed on the floor. The way their pale grey eyes that had once been a beautiful sight had now glazed over completely. She didn’t notice the branch until it was too late. She fell as the last of her screams died down. Her throat felt sore as she picked herself up. Her foot touched the floor recoiling as the pain shot through her.


      She stopped unable to move as she noticed the extra shadow that was merging with hers.

      “Hello” she whispered.

      They had finally caught up with her. The strange family. She felt the hand on her shoulder.

      “What is it you want from me?” She closed her eyes as the finger brushed her shoulder. “What do you want?”

      There was a howl in distance, the finger instantly leaving her skin.

      “I wonder…”

      The voice sent shivers down her spine.

      “I wonder if killing your parents was the best choice….”

      She shivered again as the breath tickled her neck.

      “Hmm…you smell nice…”

      The howling getting closer as it struck through the air like a lightning bolt. The voice stopping for a few minutes.

      “Yes…you smell nice…”

      A strange feeling ran through her as something scratched at her skin.

      “Don’t worry…”

      A silent tear rolled down her cheek as different scenarios ran through her mind.

      “This shouldn’t hurt…”

      That was when she felt it. Her mind clearing as she struggled to keep hold off her thoughts. Her eyes closing as the battle was lost her thoughts drifting off into nothingness.

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