Help me! Cant you see im broken inside?

Self harming solves everything in Jada Stewarts world, but when she meets Micheal Clifford......everything changes.


3. Meet Mikey

Walking into school isnt the funnest thing to do. But today it was, i met a hot boy named Micheal Clifford but he told me to call him Mikey. He asked if I knew where the Science room is cause thats what he has first hour. I said "I have that class first too". He smiled and giggles slightly. "Im Jada, Im new here". He said "Me too". We look at each other and giggle a little. We both walk around and look for the science room, we found it eventually. We both sat by each other,he passed me a note, as I opened it, he smiled a little, on the inside it said "wanna get some coffee after school at 4:30?", I look at him, smile and nod.

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