Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


9. chapter 9

The ride home was just as magical as that night was. We spent the whole time holding hands and singing along to his playlist. I never wanted this moment to end. He pulled up into my driveway and parked the car. I didn't want to get out I just wanted to stay here and be with him. He pulled me and gave me a peck on the lips. He turned to get out of the car when I noticed my dads car sitting in the driveway and the lights on in the front room. "You don't have to get out!" I said quickly stoping him. He gave me a strange look as he closed the car door. "Alrighty then well I had a lot of fun tonight Vanessa." The way he said my name made me melt every time. "I did too." I said hopping out of his car. "Goodnight Luke." I said smiling at him. "Goodnight Vanessa."

I walked inside the house all blushy and giggly. "And where have you been young lady?" I heard my dad say sitting down reading the newspaper. Time for my wonderful lying skills to kick in. "I was out with my friend Lucy." "And why do you have those grass stains all over your white blouse?" I looked down. I was too busy enjoying Luke's company to notice that while we were playing in the grass I have gotten large dark green stains all over me. How was I going to get myself out of this one? "Oh I just tripped and fell onto someone's lawn and got stains on me." I lied. My dad began to give me "the look" the look he gave us when he knew one of us kids were lying and wanted us to fess up. I don't know how but it always seemed to work. "Oh really...?" He added to the look. I couldn't give in. I wasn't ready to tell my dad about Luke. My dad wasn't ready to find out. "Yep." I smiled at him. We stared at each other for an awkward few seconds before I said, "well I'm really tired I better get going to bed good night dad." I said trailing to the stairs. He just lifted his newspaper back up and continued to read.

I walked to my locker the next morning and was wonderfully surprised to see Luke there leaning against my locker. Their was just something so sexy about the way he leaned on this like he was some type of bad boy with his all black clothing. "Good morning beautiful" he said to me as I walked up to him. My face began to turn pink and I blushed. "Good morning." I said unlocking my locker. "So I did sleep last night because I was thinking about you," that one phrase made me turn completely red from all the blushing I was doing, "and well today the band and I are having a rehearsal at Ashton's garage like the old times and I was thinking maybe you would like to join us?" "You really want me there?" I said trying to hide the fact that I was about as red as a tomatoe from the blushing. "Of course I need your opinion and I really enjoy your company." "Well then I guess I have to go." "Good. I will pick you up right after school and we will go." I closed my locker and leaned up against it trying to be like Luke. No way I was as cool as him. "Has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful and mesmerizing eyes ever?" Luke said to me. I was shocked. This was coming from the boy with those blue eyes that I loved so much. "My eyes are you kidding me have you seen your eyes I get lost in them every time!" I said to him. He just laughed. "Well I better get going to class." I said breaking out eye to eye contact with words.

"Vanessa when are you going to stop hiding stuff from us?" My friends said to me as I say down at the lunch table with Caitlin. Did they figure out about Luke? Did Caitlin tell them? "What do you mean?" I asked. "We all know about you and Aaron and your little music class run in." Hayley said to me. I began to crack up. They all gave me a weird look. "This isn't funny Vanessa!" Zoe said. I just kept laughing, "their is nothing going on between Aaron and I, I can promise you that." I said to them. "Yeah anyways she has her thing with-" Caitlin began to say before I turned around and looked at her. She was not about to say his name. "VANESSA AND WHO?!" They all yelped with their arms crossed. I looked at Caitlin. She had that look of uh-oh on her face. She mouthed I'm so sorry. "You might as well tell them now." She shrugged at me.

I gave in and told them everything. I told them how I meet Luke at the club that night and all about our awkward meetings in school to the couple of times we went out. They awhed a bunch of times at pretty much everything I said. "I can't believe you are dating superstar Luke Hemmings!" Zoe said to me. I wasn't really dating him yet we had only had a few dates, we still hardly knew each other. It was also weird to hear them say "superstar Luke Hemmings" because to them Luke was this huge celebrity but to me he was just that really cute bad boy who always made me laugh and blush. I made them promise not to tell anyone yet! I didn't want anyone knowing what was going on yet till I knew what was going on.

Well I guess some people can't keep promises and work spreads fast because by the end of the day everyone knew about Luke and I. After piecing together the rumors I heard it turns out none of my friends opened up their big mouths. Someone saw Luke and I at the park yesterday and people saw us today again at my locker getting "real close." It was like they were a bunch of paparazzi or something. Everyone kept coming up and asking me questions about Luke, questions I couldn't even answer myself.

It was finally my last day of the class. To my disappointment Luke wasn't there. I wondered why. He was here this morning. What is he heard all the rumors? Would he be upset? All these thoughts kept running through my head as I took a seat. As class started Mr.Day told us how the boys had a radio interview and had to cancel their lessons today but how we would start back up again on Monday giving us more time over the weekend to prep our assignments. Hearing him made me feel better knowing that Luke wasn't just avoiding me. But why was he here in he morning if he was just going to leave right after? I saw Aaron staring at me the whole class. Why was he suddenly so interested in me when he hardly noticed me before?

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