Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


8. chapter 8

And let the stress of getting ready begin again. I searched through your closet looking for something very impressive this time. I actually did want to impress Luke this time. I pulled out a nice pair of blue high waisted shorts and a white blouse on top. I checked my phone and saw a text from Luke saying he would be there shortly. I smiled and put my phone down when I saw a picture of my family and I from back in America. Oh-no I forgot about my dad and Luke is picking me up and what if my dad sees him. I panicked when suddenly my phone buzzed again. It was a text from my dad: "I'm going to be late at the office let your mother know." The gods above must have been looking out for me. I ran down the stairs and out the door so my mom couldn't see Luke. She wouldn't care at all but I was so afraid of my dad finding out if would be safe just to keep it a secret from my mom as well.

"Were you going sweetie?" I heard my moms sweet voice say calling from the hall way as I opened the door. "Oh just out with a friend." I wasn't lying this time. "Oh sounds good just be back at a reasonable time ok honey." I smile and nodded at the door. My mom was absolutely incredible. She wasn't so uptight like my dad is.

I saw Luke coming down the street as I stood in the driveway he pulled up and I raced to the door before he could get out. "Eager to go out?" He said smiling at me. "What? Oh yeah just ready for the surprise." I said to him. He just laughed as we headed out. The whole car ride was spent listening to his playlist of incredible music from blink-182 to Nirvana to Ed Sheeran, and new politics. He had a crazy variety. We talked about music and our favorite songs and what music inspires him the most.

We pulled up into a park when he parked the car. "Well here we are." He said hoping out going to the other side to open the door for me. I was defiantly not use to this type of luxury. "I hope you're hungry because I packed up a picnic." He said pulling a picnic basket, blanket, and his guitar out of the back seat. We walked for a while till we found the most perfect spot right next to a large tree with a swing hanging down from it. We set our stuff down and I began to unpack the basket. "Well I had to say this is very impressive Mr.Hemmings." I said completing him. "Why thank you very much. Sometimes I can be a bit romantic."

We were sitting eating our fancy sandwiches he made along with the fruit and other snacks he packed. "So Vanessa I feel like we spent so much time talking about me yesterday that we didn't really get to talk about you." "Well what do you want to know?" I said mimicking him from yesterday. "Everything" he said mimicking me back. "Well I live a kinda boring life." I started "doubt that" he said. "I study all the time and do school work." "And whys that." Luke asked "because I need to get into Harvard and it's not too easy to get in" I said to him. "Ok and why do you want to go to Harvard?" Luke asked. "Well I guess it was my dads dream for me to go." "Ah so it's your dad's dream." "Well and mine to I think." "You think?" I had never really thought about if Harvard was my dream or not I kind of just followed what my dad told me to do. And achieving going to Harvard was one of them. "Yeah I guess so. I don't know I mean I never though of anything else." "Well that's not a bad dream at all. And I don't believe that's all about you. I want to know all about you what was your life like before you got here and how has it changed." He said scooting closer to me so out hands touched. "I told you my whole life story it's your turn." I laughed life before we moved, well no one ever wanted to know everything about me. Do I tell him everything?

"Well I was born in Michigan, USA. My family and I lived there till I was 13. My dad got a job offer down here and it was in our families best interest of we moved down here." Luke looked intrigued. "And why was it your families best interest?" He asked curiously. "Well um my dad can be very well extremely uptight and my mom is a free spirit. They are total opposites but I guess opposites attract. Well my parents got in this huge fight when I was 10 and well my mom got up and left. She took my three younger brothers and I and we left. My dad wasn't having that so he took my mom to court and got duel custody of us kids. So my parents were separated for two years. Both my parents were devastated and would constantly talk about how stupid love is and to never fall in love and being the oldest I would be the one to hear it all. Well after a little over two years my dad got a promotion to move to Australia for 7 years and he took it and told my mom basically we are moving to Australia and being the wonderful lady she is she didn't fight it and we moved down here. My parents worked things out and now I'm here until the end of the summer then I'm out for good by December." Luke gave me that pity look. That look I hated to get. "Well do you like it here?" He asked breaking the awkward silence. I had to actually think about that one. "Uh I guess so I mean when I moved here I was the nerdy American girl that everyone picked on but I meet some really cool people so it was good." He smiled at me moving a strand of hair from my face to behind my ear. "Don't worry I got picked on too in school." He said to me lifting up my gloomy face to look him in the eyes. "Really you did? I would think with the way all the girls swoon over you that you got all the ladies." He laughed really hard. "Well I've seen the guys swoon over you too missy." I laughed even harder. What guys. Guys hardly ever noticed my existence let alone ever talked to me. Ok I had a few admirers and been on a few dates but the guys were total geeks and the dates were always total fails. "Come on I saw the way you and that Aaron guy were hitting it off in class today." He said nudging my elbow. I laughed even more. "Yeah no I use go have a crush on him then I realized what a jerk he was. I could tell someone was getting a little jealous." I said nudging his elbow back. "What me? No not at all." He said blushing back. "Ohhhhh Mr.rockstar Luke Hemmings jealous of Aaron!!!!" I said teasing him back. "Hey don't say that or else!" "Or else what?" I teased him again. He stood up and picked me up and put me onto his shoulders. "Or else this..." He said spinning me around. I began to scream in a playful way "LUKE STOP!!!" I began hitting his back. He laid me on the ground as I tried rolling away from him. I couldn't stop laughing. He stood right above me as I tackled him onto the ground. We were rolling on the ground until he was on the bottom and I was on the top. We both we contagiously laughing. I looked at him into those beautiful eyes of his. All my biggest mistakes were because I looked into his eyes. I grabbed his arm and kissed him.

We laid there for a few minutes until we finally broke loose our kiss. "You know you blow my mind." He whispered to me. I don't think it was possible for my smile to get any bigger. We both got up and decided to get going it was starting to get late.

I would have loved to see the way we looked walking next to each other. The 5'1" girl with the preppy girl white and blue with a pink bow in her hair looked next to the 6'3" guy wearing all black and had a lip piercing. Two complete opposites. As we were walking and talking I felt Luke's hand grab mine as our fingers intertwined. Is it weird to say I liked the way he held my hand. I felt so connected to him and he continued to brush his thumb over my tiny little hands. I didn't want this night to end it was perfect. "You know I'm kinda bummed I was going to play something on my guitar for you guess I will have to do it another time." He paused, "would you want to come to one of my band practices?" He asked. "Yeah that sound amazing." I said smiling up at him.

We got back into his car as he drove me home. I really didn't want this night to end.

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