Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


3. chapter 3

I kept taping my feet under my desk. I had finally made it to me first class which was math. I was extra early today because I had to get away From my friends and away from the halls were Luke was roaming for the day. My friends kept going on and on about the boys and their performance and how good they looked. Luke did look pretty good. No no no I had to stop thinking that!

The bell rang as everyone scattered to their seats. I noticed I was still taping my feet. "Alright class please take out your books and open up up page 435. Today is a very important lesson from your book." My teacher Ms.Garrsh said. I opened up my backpack to find that my math book was not their. I must have left it in my locker while I was rushing to this class. I panicked and raised my hand. "Yes miss.vanessa?" My teacher said curiously. "Uhhh I accidentally left my book in my locker may I go get it?" I said nervously. "Why that isn't like you to forget but since it's your first time sure lets not forget it again though." My teacher said. I quickly got up and raced to my locker.

It was weird being in the hallway while everyone was in class. I was never a wonderer or skipper. Class was important. "Hey stranger." I heard a voice saying behind me. I turned around and their he was again. "Oh uh hi Luke." I said nervously. "So what did you think of our performance?" "It was good." I said shyly. I didn't want to talk to him. Ok maybe I did a little but I couldn't talk to him I had to forget him. "Oh good. I know you have a spectacular taste in music so I wanted to make sure you liked it." I didn't say anything I couldn't believe he actually cared about my opinion. "Are you ok?" He said. "Yeah." Was all I could come up with. "Alright, well Vanessa I was wondering if...." I cut him off "you know I'm suppose to be in class right now I should probably get going it was good to see you Luke." I said walking away. "Did I do something wrong?" Luke asked in the distance. I felt bad he sounded sad. I turned around to look into his beautiful blue eyes. "What do you mean?" I said. "Well.... I mean call me crazy but I feel like you've been avoiding me did I do something to make you upset with me?" I felt kinda bad. I was blowing him off but it was for the best. "No you did nothing wrong I promise." "Alright." He said. I just smiled and walked away.

My whole math class I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened. Why did he care so much. We had only talked a little bit why did he seem so upset. The rest of my day went ok. My friends were still babbling on and on about the assembly along with the rest of the school. It's hard to forget about someone when the whole school is saying their name over and over again. It was finally my last class. Music with Mr.Day aka my favorite class. I walked into the room and saw no other then Luke sitting their with the rest of the band. He turned and saw me and then turned his head. He seemed upset. I hope he wasn't mad at me. Wait why did I care?

"Good evening students." Mr.Day said in his Cheerful voice "as you guys have already seen we have some special guests here today former students of mine and Ashton." He said "let's welcome 5 seconds of summer. Their going to be teaching us stuff and asking questions." This was going to be interesting. We spent the class period learning about the music industry and all about the boys. The girls kept batting their eyelashes at the boys. I just rolled my eyes.

5 more minutes I had to sit through until I could bolt out the door. "So like how do you guys like come up with like song ideas?" The ditz Amanda said. "Luke how about you answer this one considering you've been quiet about this whole time." Ashton said looking at Luke who had been playing with his fingers the entire time. "You want to know how to write a good songs?" He asked the class. Everyone nodded. "You write about the bitches who break your heart." The whole class froze and my jaw dropped. "Their all over." He added. He couldn't have been talking about me right. "We all know one. You know that girl that seems all into you and suddenly just tosses you out like trash when you try to be nice" he said breaking the awkward silence. Yep he was defiantly talking about me. I could feel my face turning red. "Write about the people who you don't mind saying fuck you to." "Ok ok ok." Mr.Day said to Luke "I think that's enough questions." He said calming Luke down. He was starring right at me and the whole class took notice. "He's right you know." I said piping up. "Sometimes you have to say fuck you to the people who put you down just to try to make themselves feel better." Everyone's jaw dropped. I never swore epically in public like this. Luke was looking right at me. He looked ashamed "Miss.Vanessa! This isn't like you!" My teacher exclaimed. Just then the bell rang. I grabbed my stuff and bolted out the doors. I was stomping down the hall when I heard Luke calling my name. "Vanessa wait please stop." He screamed. I kept walking until I felt him grad my wrist and turn me around. "WHAT?" I screamed back much louder then I expected. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be like that." He said. "Like what you didn't want to embarrass me in front of my whole class?" I said snarking back at him. "Please forgive me I really didn't mean it." He begged. "I'm going to need more then an apology to forgive you." I said rolling my eyes at him. "How about I take you out for icecream. I stood their shocked. Did he just ask me out? "Uhh I don't think so." I said rejecting him. "Why not you said I owe you." "Because I hardly know you we've hardly talked." I said. "Well then this is the perfect way to get to know each other then." He said pushing his offer. I looked him in the eyes. Damn it bad idea how could I say no to those eyes. "Huh fine." I said giving in. "Really? Cool. How about I pick you up at 6?" Wow he wanted up pick me up to. I was about to say yes when I thought of my dad seeing this boy come to the door with his "destroy yourself see who gives a fuck" shirt ripped skinny jeans and lip piercing. I could already picture my dad laughing in his face then slamming the door right then and there. "Uhhh how about I meet you their I have something going on right before." I lied. Man I had been the queen of lying lately. "Sounds good" he said to me "how about I get your number?" I got out a piece of paper wrote my name and my number on it and gave it to him. He smiled and winked at me, "see you tonight then." I just smiled and walked away when my phone buzzed. I got a text that said "hey it's luke can't wait for tonight." I turned around a looked at him. He just made a funny face and I laughed. I couldn't believe I was going out with this boy.

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