Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


27. chapter 27

The end of the school year is suppose to be exciting. We all move on and do wonderful things outside of high school. This year had flown by so fast, I felt as if I blinked and it was all over. It had been such a crazy year though, I met one hell of a guy who drove me absolutely crazy, stood up to my dad, actually became closer with my friends and family, got accepted to Harvard, and finally found out who I was. I owed that all to Luke, he really helped me become me.

It was prom season now and I had decided to ask Luke, obviously. He was coming home from LA and I was picking him up from the airport as I usually do but this time I had a giant sign reading "Rockstar, Prom?" and I had some of his favorite candies in the form of a flower bouquet and a penguin stuffed animal. When he saw the sign he raced over to me picking me up in his arms and spinning me around causing me to let out uncontrollable laugher. The screaming crowd of girls there to welcome the boys let out some awwwws as well. Lucky for me my prom fell on a date where Luke could actually go to the dance. Now that I had the date I needed the dress. I spent a lot of time with Caitlin looking at store after store for a dress. She found hers instantly considering she had been looking for one basically the whole school year. I on the other hand was super picky and waited the last minute to find one. I was about the give up till we went to one last store where I tried on a beautiful champaign colored puffy dress where then whole top fit perfectly to my tiny body and was covered in jems forming a beautiful pattern. It wasn't the type of dress I thought I wanted but I loved it, I felt like such a princess in it.

The day of prom was crazy and exciting. Caitlin and I got our hair and makeup done together and our dates were picking us up at my house to take a few pictures. Yes Caitlin got a date, just a friend, but she was going with someone. Michael, Ashton, and Calum were going tonight as chaperones all though I don't know who allowed them to be chaperones, if anyone was going to spike the punch bowl it would probably be them.

The guys were waiting out back while Caitlin and I put on our dresses and shoes and jewelry. When I showed Liz my dress I told her I couldn't find any jewelry that matched and right away she ran to her room and came back with a beautiful necklace with a single gem hanging from the middle and matching pair of earrings. They were absolutely stunning.

One last look in the mirror and one huge hug for Caitlin later I was ready to head down stairs to show Luke the final product. I'm no going to lie I looked amazing and for me to say that means a lot. I struggled going down the steps in my puffy dress but I did it. I finally got to my back porch when I saw Luke talking with Caitlin's date Austin. Luke's eyes were locked on me as the look on his face reminded me of the look a groom gives his bride. I started to walk his way when I noticed my mom talking to some talk guys whose back was to me, but I knew that hair. "Alex!" I yelled running his way and when he turned around I practically tackled him. "What are you doing here?!?" I said with much excitement in my voice. He laughed "I may be staying with you for the summer." My eyes got huge as I began to jump up and down hugging him. He stopped then looked at me then Luke then me again. I turned around and looked a Luke who looked confused and a bit upset. I felt really guilty in that moment I ruined Luke and my moment to go hug some other guy he didn't know, that probably didn't look good. "Oh Alex," I said grabbing his hand and bringing him Luke's way, probably didn't look good either, "this is my boyfriend Luke. Luke this is my cousin Alex." I saw Luke let out a sign of relief as Alex put out his hand to shake it, "so your the famous Luke that Vanessa doesn't stop talking about." Alex said shaking Luke's hand. Luke smiled at me as I blushed and smacked Alex's arm.

After taking a bunch of pictures we got into our cars and began to drive to the prom. "So Alex seems nice." Luke said. "He is incredible! I'm so happy he is here for the summer and I can't wait for you to get to know him better!" "I can't wait either." Luke said putting his head down a bit. "I'm sorry I ran to him and not you first I was just really shocked, it probably looked really bad." "Oh no it's fine. I'm not going to lie I got a bit jealous not knowing this guy but when you said he was your cousin I totally understood." One thing I loved about Luke was his honesty. He always let me know how he felt and what to do. He always told me the truth no matter how hard it hurt to hear. "Yeah I haven't seen him in so long he is the only thing I miss about home." Which was true. Alex was probably one of the greatest people in my life back home. He was there for me through everything. Alex was three years older than me but despite our age difference we were still extremely close. He helped me a lot through my parents separation and when I had to move he let me know that everything was going to be ok. He always stood up for me at school when kids picked on me and even punched a kid when I told him how the kid picked on me for my parents not living together anymore. Alex and I always kept in touch and when I had my mental breakdown we skyped and he talked me through it. Even though he wasn't physically with me it felt like he was. I was so happy Luke was going to be able to get to know Alex and I had a feeling they could be good friends.

The prom was beautifully decorated with a circus theme. We all sat down at our tables and watched as the prom started off with a amazing mini circus act. Everyone looked so beautiful. Caitlin and I were the only ones with dates as the rest of my friends flew solo except for Zoe who said yes to Aaron asking her to prom so now Aaron was at our table and let me say his eyes were not on Zoe. Luke looked so perfect tonight thought all dressed up in his tux and champaign bow tie. I couldn't keep my eyes off him and his sophisticated look with his bad boy lip piercing. Their was no denying he looked so handsome, even my dad complimented him saying he "cleans up nicely."

After sitting down to eat dinner we all got up to the dance floor. Dancing wasn't really Luke and my thing and he had two left feet and I only did fancy ballet dancing so our combination together really made a show to see but it was so much fun with him. After spending a lot of time dancing we took some photobooth pictures the cute cheesy couple ones with the last one of us kissing then later our friends joined in and we took a bunch of group shoots then heading back to the dance floor. Aaron got piss drunk and tried to dance with me and when Luke and I asked him to back off he got angry and started calling me a bitch and a slut again and tried to fight Luke before getting kicked out. Zoe didn't really care she was getting really annoyed of him as apparently all he did was talk about how much he hated Luke and how annoying I was. The rest of the night though was great Ash, Mike, and Cal joined us on the floor as we danced for the rest of the night.

I told my parents I was spending the night at Caitlin's after prom but I was really going to the abandoned house with Luke. It was just him and I candle lite cuddling listening to soft quiet music. I never wanted to leave his arms and I never wanted this moment to end.

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