Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


26. chapter 26

When I came home I was greeted by my parents and a letter from Harvard. I opened it up and covered my mouth when I read what it said. I was accepted to the school and placed into the honors program with a few scholarships of excellence. I finally felt like I could take a breathe. My world finally felt perfect I was going to Harvard, pleasing my parents, I had wonderful friends, went to London, and was dating the guy of my dreams.

Life did seem perfect but I guess bad things have to happen so you can appreciate them more. School became a living hell. Now that Luke and I became more public and everyone knew about us people began to treat me like I was some celebrity. I missed being the girl know one really knew but now everyone know who I was and wanted to be my friend or "get close to me." Unfortunately as well Luke and the guys stopped coming to my school just stopping by every once and a while. Aaron took this opportunity to spend the time bashing on me.

Time spent with Luke became limited. The talks of an album coming out soon was out their and he and the other guys were working hard flying all over to record and write and promote. I was excited for him it was amazing. The time we did spend together I cherished. He worked hard to make sure we did the most amazing things and spent some time alone. He took me to his old elementary school and he played a few new songs him and the guys wrote. We spent time taking the long way home just so we would have a little bit of more time together.

You know the news you get were you're suppose to be excited but you can't help but feel sad about it, that's how the next bit of news felt to me. 5sos were asked if they wanted to open up for one direction again on their arena tour for the where we are tour, but they had a catch they had to release an album by the time of the tour or else the band midnight red would open up for them. So "she looks so perfect" came out, and the band blew up. Everyone now knew who 5 seconds of summer were and everyone loved the song. It felt so good to hear that song be their first single.

I showed my parents the song and my mom absolutely loved it, my dad on the other hand listened to the lyrics to much and knew why I looked so perfect in someone's underwear and what skinny jeans lying on the floor meant.

The EP was finally out and the album was almost done. The boys has a lot of radio tours and promotion to do along with a music video to make. FaceTiming basically became our only way of communicating. I missed him so much but I knew he was doing what he loved which made me happy. I spent a lot more time with my friends and even spent a lot of time with Luke's family. I guess it felt good to talk to Liz about how much with both missed Luke.

It was now May. 8 months of dating Luke. Even though I hardly saw him I still loved him the same way. My feelings for him didn't change. The band released a seconds EP called Don't Stop which also became a huge success. As Luke's fame went up more and more people began to be aware of who I was. I felt like one of those useless celebrities. It wasn't like I did anything to get this "fame" but I stuck with it, taking pictures with "fans" and laughing at the people who called me queen. It was defiantly an experience I had never had before.

Luck wasn't always on my side either. In the middle of May Luke finally had a chance to come home for the weekend and I had to go to Harvard for my orientation. I thought I hated school this was much worse. I was surrounded by the advanced students who were all preppy and snotty in their preppy clothes compared to me and my black skinny jeans and dark tops. I couldn't stop thinking about how Luke was home and I was hear listening to stupid lectures about stuff I didn't care about. As another lecture was about to begin a guy sat down right next to me, he had dark brown hair and was wearing skinny blacks jeans, a white t-shirt and black boots. He was the complete opposite of everyone else here. "I can tell you're enjoying this as much as I am." He said to me. I just nodded my head and looked away, I had a feeling this guy was hitting on me. "I'm Jake." He said reaching his hand out to mine. "Vanessa." I shook his hand back barely making eye contact. "So Vanessa why do you look like you're having so much fun." He said after a moment of awkward silence. "I don't want to be here." He laughed, "Same. Much better things I could be doing. So whats your reason for not wanting to be here?" He asked. So many questions. "Well my boyfriend finally came home from all this traveling and I'm here far far away from home." I thought maybe dropping the boyfriend bomb would stop him. "Really? Same reason as to why I don't want to be here but not my boyfriend my girlfriend. She moves around a lot and we had the chance to get together and I'm here. It sucks." I nodded on agreement. "Yes it does." "So what the guys name." He said nudging my arm. I laughed, "Luke. How about you?" He reached into his wallet and pulled out a picture of her, "Clarissa." I showed him my phone where my background was a picture of Luke and I.

Jake was actually really cool and we had a lot in common. Our parents were the reason we were here, we both had a relationship where they traveled a lot, we both became our true selves because of our relationship, his mom hated his girlfriend, my dad hated my boyfriend. Jake and I ended up hanging out that whole weekend even when we both facetimed our partner. We spent a lot of time talking about them as well. I liked how he actually wanted to hear about Luke and I and he and Clarissa had an adorable relationship.

When I went home Luke picked me up from the airport. We had two days to spend together. We started to catch up on everything we missed. The album was done and being released soon. We talked about Harvard and how I actually did like it. It was cute how jealous he got when I talked about how cool Jake was but I reassured him that Jake was in a relationship and I had the most perfect guy in the world. As we talked about all these upcoming events we began to talk about our future. Our relationship was about to be really hard but Luke let me know that everything was going to be ok.

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