Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


24. chapter 24

If I needed another reason as to why Luke and I were perfect together it would be the way we slept together in the same bed. The first night was so peaceful and calm, I have no idea how that happened. We both would steal the blankets from each other, rolled around, and moved in our sleep. On top of all this both of us are NOT morning people. It was actually quiet perfect how miserable we are in the morning, but if I had to grumpy with anyone in the morning I was glad it was Luke.

All of us were in the kitchen making breakfast of Vegemite toast and cereal. "So whats the plan for today guys." I said. "Well were going to do some writing today and then tonight I want to go clubbing." Ashton demanded. All of us agreed it sounded like a good idea.

As we got to the studio it was really comfortable and cozy. It was inside someone's house in their basement. I sat on the couch as the guys wrote down some melodies to some songs. The writing process was pretty cool. Either they wrote lyrics first or melodies. I watched as the guys strummed their guitars playing different noted separately than together.

That night we all got ready to hit one of London's cooled clubs. I dressed up in my sexy red dress and red lipstick. It was really cute that Luke couldn't keep his eyes off me the whole cab ride to the club. I still wasn't a crazy party animal but I really started to enjoy going out and partying a bit. Ashton was a wild party animal. He would always go crazy on the dance floor getting everyone to join in. Michael was the crazy drunk one who was at the parties for the drinks. Calum was found dancing and trying to pick up some girls. After dancing a bit and getting some drinks in us you could find Luke and I in the back making out.

Waking up the next morning with a minor hangover I asked the guys what the plan was for today. They all looked at each other awkwardly before Luke spoke up. "Uhhhh Vanessa you know the band All Time Low right?" I nodded "Yes I'm obsessed with them. Their music got me through so much in my life." Luke's head lowered a bit, "well we are writing with Alex today..." I cut him off with my excitement, "are you serious?! He is incredible!!!" "Uh yeah... Well unfortunately we can't have you at the studio today, but us and the all time low guys are hanging out tonight if you would like to join us then." "Oh that's alright I would love to." I said smiling at him. He gave me a half smile and said "I'm really sorry." I just laughed it off. "We will be back to pick you up though to take you to hang out with the guy."

Being home alone was kinda boring. I was told not to go out in the city without one of the guys because they were afraid I was going to get mugged or something. I explored the house a bit before sitting on the couch. I watched some show about dancers. I really did miss dancing a lot, the release of stress it gave me and a sense of such elegance, it really was a beautiful thing and I was kinda good at it. I looked around the room and turned off the tv and I began to move furniture around to give me a whole lot of empty space. I changed into one of y crop tops and flowing skirts and began to blare music in the living room. I started with some of the stretches before taking a deep breath in and then I began to dance. I did my flips and splits and tricks as I suddenly felt my body move with the music. I began to remember routines I did and performances I did at competitions. It felt so amazing to dance again. I hadn't had the chance to do this in such a long time and it felt so amazing. I was mid performance when the his all walked in with the members of all time low clapping their hands. My face turned bright red as I stood their breathless and sweaty. "What a beautiful performance." Calum said. "Yeah we were kinda watching you." Ashton added. "Wow way to make us seem creepy." Michael said as Luke hit Ashton. I stood their eyes wide as I looked at the guys of All Time Low standing right in front of me as I looked like the biggest mess ever. I could feel Luke's eyes on me as I just started at them. "Uhh Vanessa this is Alex, Jack, Rian, and Zack." Luke said as if I didn't know who they were. "Beautiful dance." Jack said coming over to shake my hand. "Thanks" I said blushing again from embarrassment. After talking to the guys a bit I ran to my room and changed into a black lacy tank top with burgundy skinny jeans. I tried to make myself look more decent fixing my messy bun and wiping the sweat pouring down my face.

It was me and 8 dudes all hanging out, I actually felt like one of the guys though in a good way. We cracked open some beers and were chilling while discussing music and both their careers and me having my fangirl moment as I gushed over the band. They were all so much fun to be around and were incredible people. "Let's take a group photo." Jack said placing his iPhone on the table. "Alright Vanessa do you have a twitter an Instagram I have to tag you in this photo." Jack said getting ready I post our group photo. I did have both but I don't think I had used either in over a year. I told him what it was as I opened the app I hadn't used in a year. My eyes widened as I saw the few thousand of followers I had. The last time I used it I think I had maybe 100, I didn't even think I knew thousands of people. My notifications had blown up with people asking me if I was dating Luke, who was I, people saying no I wasn't with Luke because he didn't follow me, and other comments really rude and really nice. As soon as Jack posted the picture my twitter and Instagram went nuts people following me and tweeting me asking me the same questions, then all the guys followed me and suddenly it was like all hell broke loose and my past tweets and pictures were being commented on saying I was beautiful, perfect, follow me, you're ugly, go die, I want to be you. Luke looked a little panicked as I began to read through them showing the guys how crazy my twitter was going. Somehow in a few minutes I had gone from unrecognized to a whole lot people knowing my name and knowing my relationship status.

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