Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


22. chapter 22

I always made fun of couples who celebrated their one week anniversary of one month anniversary, but Luke and I had been together for almost 3 months now and honestly things were perfect. We spent almost every single day together and even when we weren't together we were texting or calling each other. I learned so much about him and his past and his family and friends and his music.t I felt as if I had known him my whole life. It felt so easy to open up to him and be honest with him. I told him things I never thought I would share, like y embarrassing I had only kissed 2 guys before Luke. It wasn't that guys didn't like me or I didn't go on dates it was more like I'm too awkward and we don't get far enough to kiss. He didn't care actually he said he found it charming. My dad began to open up more the Luke as well actually having decent conversations with him. Luke got to know my friends a lot more and Caitlin actually began to hag out with Luke, I and the rest of the band. We hung out all the time and the guys were honestly amazing and I was so happy Caitlin got over the "they are famous" stage and treated them like the regular dudes they are. I didn't think like could get more perfect.

"These are new." Luke said pointing to the long connected picture frames above my bed. "Yeah my mom is suddenly into placing pictures around the house and scrapbooking." My mom bought this huge picture frame and put all the pictures from the time I was born to now of me attending my grandparents yearly ball. "Well you look so beautiful in them. A new boy in almost every picture. Why so fancy?" Luke said examining each picture. "Well my grandparents throw this ball every year. It's this big huge dinner and you have to dress up really fancy. When I hit 14 years old I had to bring a date so my dad would pick a guy for me to go with. This year I think I get to pick. You would look good in a tux." I said winking at him. He kinda blushed. If you thought my dad was a strict pain in the ass you should meet my grandparents from my dads side. They have a lot of money as to why they throw this balls every year. They invite all these people and we attend and I always had to bring some guy with me to prove to my grandparents I was a worthy granddaughter or some type of bullshit. My dad always had to work really hard his whole life to prove something to them. That's probably why he is so hard on us all the time. It was funny because every guy I had to bring to this stupid dance was someone my dad wanted me to date and they were all the complete opposite of Luke, geeky and weird. I had a thing with a few of them but I never was that interested really. I might actually be excited this summer to go if I was allowed to bring Luke, the slow dancing probably wouldn't be as awkward then.

"So...." Luke began to say sitting down see to me, "you know our threw month anniversary is coming up this Sunday." He said nudging me. "Yeah I know." I said nodding at him. "I want to take you out to the town, for a really fancy dinner date." He said smiling down at my his face so close to mine. Luke and I have never been the fancy dinner date couple. We were more lets stay in and watch movies and eat pizza and chill. "You mean like the one where we have to dress up?" I said smiling back at him. He nodded. "Sounds wonderful. Pick me up at 7." I said back to him. He laughed, "it's going to be a special night."

I was kinda nervous and excited for my fancy dinner date with Luke. He told me he had something to ask me something and I had no clue what he had to ask. I put on a tight dark purple dress that I had bought with Caitlin and curled my hair and made my makeup look kinda fancy. I will still getting use to the "putting on makeup" thing. I heard the doorbell ring downstairs and looked out my window and saw Luke's car in the driveway. That precious boy came to the door. I quickly finished getting ready as I could hear my dad and Luke talking downstairs. I put on my heels and began to walk down the stairs. I first saw my dad. This dress was one he would never let me leave the house in, but instead of flipping out he smiled at me. His eyes looked a little watery but he kept his smile. I then looked at Luke. What a perfect dream, standing their in a suit with my favorite flower, roses, in his hands and box of chocolate covered fruits. He knew me so well and spoiled me so much. His eyes grew big and jaw dropped a little when I was walking down the stairs. I walked up to him and he just froze their. "I want her home by midnight young man." My dad finally spoke up. I smiled at him and gave him a hug.

The whole car ride Luke would take his eyes off the road and look at me swerving off the road a little. "Luke! Why do you keep looking at me!" I said after we almost ran a red light. "I thought I looked good, you showed me wrong." He said grabbing my hand. What a cheeseball.

We pulled up to a fancy Italian restaurant, the kind you can't pronounce the name to. Luke opened up the car door for me and the valet took his keys as drove off. He grabbed my hand and as we were walking in a few people began to snap pictures of us. "Lukey whose the girl?" They all began to shout. He just grabbed my waist and pulled us into the fancy restaurant. It was beautiful inside and our table was candle lit. The food was amazing as it melted in our mouths. People would stare us down as we spent the whole time laughing and messing around. The two of us defiantly weren't meant to be at a fancy restaurant, but we didn't care we were having so much fun. We finished up out amazing desserts that we shared with each other.

"Alright it's killing me now Luke, what did you have to tell me." I finally brought up. The night was coming to an end and I really wanted to know. He began to laugh, "alright I will tell you. So the guys and I were invited to London for two weeks to go meet with some people for song writing and recording for out first album." His face began to light up. I froze, putting on a fake smile. He wanted to leave and go to London for two weeks. As dumb as it sounded I didn't think I could live without him. "That's great." I said it my most fake voice. He reached out and grabbed my hand, "that's not it, I will be leaving in one week and I want you to come with me. The guys and I have a place there for us to stay at." Now I really was frozen. So many thoughts had went through my head in that one second. "Yes!" I basically screamed. A huge smile went on his face. I looked down, "I can't." And his face lowered. "Why not?" He asked. "I can't miss that much school and my parents won't let me." My face sunk the idea of traveling with the guys sounded amazing but I just couldn't do it. "You would only be missing one week the second week you have half off and the rest is preparation for university and you already know where you want to go," true is was one of the weeks was one of the most pointless school weeks ever so I would only be technically missing one week. "And you can at least talk to your parents. I really want you there with me Vanessa." I really wanted to go it sounded like so much fun. "Alright I will see what I can do." His eyes got so bright and his excitement will be a memory I will never forget.

We left the restaurant with flashing lights from cameras and screaming girls all around us. "Whats your name?" People kept shouting at me. I just kept my mouth shut and followed Luke to the valet and his car. As we drove away the girls began to chase us screaming "Luke I love you," "Luke love me!" "Luke who is that?" "Luke I can do it better than her." "Luke I'm prettier I swear." Some girls caught up to us and were banging on the side of the car. "I'm so sorry." He said to me. He looked upset. I don't know why he was so sorry it wasn't like anything bad was happening. We finally for away from everyone when Luke spoke up for the silence, "I'm really sorry Vanessa." I gave him a confused look, "what are you sorry about." Softly chuckling afterwards. He still had a serious look on his face. "Because I wanted tonight to be perfect." I grabbed his hand "well it was more than perfect." Kissing his cheek afterwards and he began to let a little smile. "Good. You know life is going to be more like that now. All the girls and all the paparazzi." I shrugged my shoulders and said ok. "It doesn't bother you?" He said looking confused. "Should it?" "No I'm glad it doesn't I was just afraid that with all the madness you might not like it and I don't know I'm afraid it might be too much." I just laughed. "Luke I think I can handle them."

We pulled up to my house, right on time. "Will you come talk to my parents about London" I said grabbing his hand. I was terrified on how my dad would respond but knew that if Luke was there maybe he would change his mind. My dad was starting to warm up to Luke and liking him so it could make things better. We walked inside my house and my parents were watching tv. "Oh hello you two." My mom looked up and saw us. "Uh hi guys. I was wondering if could ask you something." My dad muted the tv and looked at me. "Luke and his band are going to London next week for two weeks and I was wondering since my grades are high and I can get homework and the seconds week is just university week if I could..." "Absolutely not you can not go!" My dad cut me off. He didn't even let me finish. "Why not?" "Because that's like giving you permission to go off and with and party and have sex and me not being there!" Not again my dad opening his big mouth. "Steve!" My mom yelled. "No I refuse to let her go!" "Adults will be there I promise it's just for work." Luke spoke up. "No I don't care I'm not letting her go!" My dad said to Luke. It got dead quiet in the room. "Luke it's probably best if you go." My dad said. I glared at him but walked Luke to the door. "I'm really sorry." I whispered to Luke. He grabbed my face and kissed me. "It's ok." He whispered in my ear then kissing my cheek. When he left I glared at my dad and ran to my room.

Everything was getting so better but now I was furious. He was so narrow minded and pathetic that he wouldn't even hear my side or why I should go. Even worse I could hear my dad yelling downstairs. I started to listen through the door. "Come on Steve she is 18 and you said yourself Luke isn't a bad guy he respects her." My mom said sticking up for us. Wow my dad thought Luke respected me. "I don't care they have only know each other for 3 months! This has to be part of her stupid rebellious stage she is going through and he is making the flame worse." Yep that sounded more like my dad. "Steve we raised her to make the right decisions. Remember who also ran away when he was 18 because his parents wouldn't let him do what he wanted." Downstairs became silent. Was she referencing my dad. Did he run away when he was my age?

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