Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


20. Chapter 20

My life had turned into a real dream. Everything in my life was so perfect. My dad had learned to accept Luke, not like or love him, but accept him, which was a start. We re invited Luke over for dinner and my mom gushed over how happy she was for me. My brothers really did love him too, they all had so much in common. My dad still wasn't happy about me being with Luke but he kept his big mouth shut and even apologized for the way he acted at the first dinner.

School was good too. My friends and I began to stay close again and my relationship with Caitlin was still great. My grades were staying perfect as always and I was able to maintain my grades and a social life with no freak outs or panic attacks. Mr.Days class began to awkward and I felt Aaron putting me down every chance he got. I still couldn't understand why he felt the need to put me down, but Luke was there and that's all the mattered.

Luke was amazing. He really knew how to make me happy and bubbly and smile and our relationship continued to get stronger. I spent so much time with him and the rest of the guys. I had gotten so close with the rest of the band as well. The guys were so funny and so great to be around and I found myself becoming such great friends with them. Michael had became my best friend snapchat buddy and I constantly kept in contact with all of them. I felt like part of the group.

Although I had gotten so close to the whole band I wasn't allowed to too many band practices. According to the boys I distracted Luke and he wanted to keep the song writing and some rehearsing private but I was sent messages and videos of the boys goofing off. I was finally invited to one practice the boys started a song and wanted me to hear it.

In Ashton's garage the boys began to set up and I sat and just watched. They set up the microphones and began to get ready. "This song is dedicated to a special someone who knows who they are and was written by a special someone who knows who he is and has a major crush on this girl who may or may not be here." Michael said loudly looking between Luke and I. Luke glared at him. "It's not finished." Luke added. "Alright ready, one two three." Ashton began tapping his drumsticks together and Calum began to sing, "shes so cool

rewrites the rules, she aint got the time for you, she a teenage queen

She hit me baby one more time, Like Britney in the 99’s, Like something from my dreams" Luke then looked at me and sang, "I’m wound up, I'm strung up, my hearts beating so loud, I gotta make you mine, when nothing puts you through, don't see you like i do over just in time" the song was so perfect and beautiful and I say there in a daze. Every note was so beautiful and the lyrics were so beautiful. Luke wrote this song about me. It made me feel all tingly and cute inside. The finished the song up and I stood up cheering and chanting and Luke stood there laughing at me. "So ya like?" Calum asked. "I loved it." I said looking at Luke and smiling and winking.

It was Sunday night and my friends and I were getting together to celebrate for my Kayla's birthday. I wasn't really close to Kayla and I always had a strange feeling she didn't like me. She always "forgot" to invite me to get togethers and always found snarky comments to send my way. I was never rude to her or at least I didn't try to be. Although I really dreaded going I went anyways. The party was so boring. I basically sat in a corner because Kayla would get everyone to turn on me and pay attention to her, any time I spoke she cut me off. I got up and went to the bathroom, I had to find a way out. I wondered what Luke was up to. I told him about the party but he didn't tell me what he was up to. I decided to give him a call. After one ring he picked up, "well hello beautiful whats up?" He said to me forcing my cheeks to turn their usual pink when he complimented me. "I'm bored. What are you up to?" "Oh well the guys are throwing a party tonight but if you just want to hang out I will come get you and we could do something." I looked in the mirror in the bathroom and examined myself, I didn't want to ruin Luke's fun but I really didn't want to stay here, "Well can I go to the party?" I asked. "Of course, yes you're invited, I mean we didn't because we knew about this party but yes you can come!" Luke said with excitement. "Yeah cool!" I said fixing my black skirt. "But uhhhh Vanessa..." Luke began to say, "I thought I might warn you these parties get a little crazy, and their is a going the be drinking and stuff involved." He said awkwardly into the phone. "I can handle it Luke it's fine." "Ok cool I will come pick you up in 15 ok?" "Perfect."

We had pulled up the abandoned house, the one where Luke and I shared so many memories. This time it wasn't just us, the place was packed! Drunk teens everywhere, people smoking out in the back, girls and guys grinding on the living room floor. I had seen something this crazy since the night I went to the club. Luke had his arm around me, we had agreed that I was going to be the DD of the night because well I don't drink. "I'm going to find the guys Ill be right back." Luke whispered into my ear walking into the crowd of people. I stood there by myself. I knew some people here but not many. "Drink." Someone said shoving a platter of shots in my face. I shook my head and pushed them away. "Hey there slut." I heard someone mumble behind me. I turned around to see Aaron stumbling towards me obviously wasted. "Hi." I said backing off a bit. "Whats up bitch." Another rude name. "Can you please stop with the name calling all the time and trying to put me down." "What you're a bitch don't you know." I have him a weird look. He smelt like cheap booze and cigarettes. "Sorry?" I said questioning. It was silent between us for a moment. "Why am I a bitch?" I finally spoke up. Since he was so intoxicated I thought this would give me the chance to ask why he had been acting the way he had been. He just bursts out laughing. "Oh honey. You were a total ass. I tried to be all smooth and nice to you but you didn't even give me a chance you went off and fucked some other guy just like some slut, lead a guy on and dump him." He mumbled the words out. "Aaron I knew you for years and you didn't even know my name, and I didn't go fuck some guy." He just started laughing again, "that was my line to talk to you but noooo miss.princess had to give attitude and leave me embarrassed in front of everyone to go make out with some random guy she didn't even know. Trying to make me jealous huh?" How did he know about Luke and I making out? "How did you know about that?" "Honey cakes people talk can't trust anyone," he winked at me, "especially girls like you. We all know you're dating Luke because you want the fame and the grade. Sleeping around with the band coach, that's low. Can't wait to watch Luke dump your ass and move on to some hot model with a banging body. It will be a great show to watch." Aaron began to stumble away. I stood there furious. One because of what Aaron said and two because the only people who knew about that night were my closets friends, so someone spilled the beans, and worse they told Aaron. The guy with the shot tray came back around and this time I stopped him. I felt like I desperately needed a drink, grabbing one and gulping it down. It tasted so weird, this was my first alcoholic beverage and I didn't know how I felt about it but I found myself reaching for another one and then another one. After shaking it off I decided I need to find Luke.

The place suddenly felt like it had gotten louder as I searched the crowded place. I was by the drink table and grabbed a beer from one of the coolers. I opened it up and drank from it. Where the hell was Luke. "Why aren't you dancing?" Some random blonde chick said to me. She was loud and peppy and slightly annoying. "I'm looking for my boyfriend." I shouted back to her. "He's probably on the dance floor come on!" She said pulling me to the floor. Next thing I knew I was on the dance floor dancing to some loud music to songs I didn't even know that just had a bunch of ohs and yeahs and ahs. I found myself getting pushed to the middle where I found Ashton. We were jumping up and down and dancing together grabbing more drinks getting passed around. I was super happy and very energetic. I felt someone grab me and turned around to find Luke giving me a concerned look. He pulled me off the dance floor and off the the side. "You ok?" He said pushing my messy hair back and wiping a bit of sweat of my face. "I feel great!" I said with too much excitement. "Well there goes you being the DD. I drank too so were staying here." He commanded. "No I can drive I feel great." Luke just shook his head rolled his eyes and brought me outside.

I don't really remember the rest of that night. I woke up on the couch Monday morning by Luke shaking me awake. "Vanessa you have school." My head was pounding. No way was I about to go to school today. "I'm calling in sick." I said searching for my phone and dialing to school. I gave my best mom impression and said that I had a high fever and wouldn't be attending school today. After I hung up I rolled back over and felt Luke kiss the top of my head.

I woke up again later and in was 2:00. My head still hurt so bad and I saw Luke cleaning up some of the mess left behind. "Nobody is helping you?" I said slowly getting up. The guys threw the party why was Luke cleaning up. "They are at practice. I was waiting for you to wake up so we could go." What a gentleman always thinking about me.

Well apparently I'm very flirty and energetic when I'm drunk, at least that's what Luke said. If I wasn't dancing I was all over Luke wanting to make out with him. At practice the guys were all just relaxing as they all had been just as hungover as I was. Hangovers weren't fun. "Hey Miss.good girl why aren't you at school. Aren't you afraid you might get caught skipping" Michael said to me and Luke and I walked in. I rolled my eyes, "forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." I said winking at him. My comment was followed by a bunch of ohhhhs from the other guys. "I like that." Luke said pulling me tight.

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