Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


19. chapter 19

The rest of my week was more calm then it started out to be. My parents decided that for my actions I should be punished and I wasn't allowed to see Luke after school till Monday. I didn't throw a fit because I knew that my dad was beginning to warm up to the idea of Luke and I. Sneaking out wasn't an option either considering my dad had been listening in my room like a hawk. My mom on the other hand didn't care all that much, she said that she wanted to have lunch with Luke and I and requested a duover dinner. At least of my parents appreciated Luke.

Although I wasn't allowed to see Luke outside of school my parents didn't know that he actually was day my school quiet a bit. The band began to do daily practices in Mr.Days room and still taught my music class as we worked on our band assignment. Things had gotten more interesting at school. Now that Luke and I were an "official couple" we would hold hands, kiss, and he put his arm around me a lot. I could always hear people whispering and felt many girls eyes glaring at me, but I didn't care, I had Luke and I was happy and that's all that mattered.

I was greeted with shrieks from my friends after I kissed Luke goodbye. They still weren't over the "I'm dating a famous person" thing yet. As they all seemed really excited I couldn't help but notice Caitlin a bit more upset about it. We hadn't really been around each other much since Luke came into my life and I felt guilty about it. I don't want to be one of those girls who turns away from her friends for some boy, even if that boy was Luke. "Hey Caitlin." I said pulling her aside as we walked to our next class together. "Hi." Was all she said. I gave her a strange look. "So is something wrong? You've seem upset." "Nothing." Was all she let out. I knew that was a lie. Why was she hiding something from me? "That's a lie." I said calling her out. I was her best friend and she was mine I knew when she was upset. "It's honestly nothing." She replied back giving a bit of attitude. I gave her the "oh really look." And she rolled her eyes. "I just don't see you any more ok. We don't hang out or talk and you've been keeping things from me and it sucks. I feel like I'm losing you." She blurted out. I felt bad, I really didn't mean to leave her out of everything I had just never been the kind of person to open up about everything in my life and I was good at hiding pain and sadness. "Well I'm not busy Friday want to go shopping!" Her eyes lite up. I knew her weakness was shopping. That girl could literally shop till she dropped. I was never much of a shopper but I wanted to make her happy so why not. "I would love too!!" She said with much enthusiasm in her voice.

Caitlin had to come to my house, walk up to the door and talk to my parents in order for me to go out with her. My dad was afraid of me saying I was going out with Caitlin and actually going out to be with Luke. When we had gotten to the mall Caitlin was like a child on Christmas morning. "So what shops do you like?" She said. I looked around and finally spit out, "Caitlin I want a complete new makeover/look. Will you help me?" Her eyes beamed with joy. I had a lot of money in my bank account. I took on a lot of academic jobs since I was 14, tutoring and babysitting and had saved it all up. I didn't really have anything to spend the money on considering my parents bought my clothes on the expense that I wore what they thought was right and everything else the paid for as well. I wanted a new look thought. I had never been able to buy the clothes I wanted or wear what I thought was cute. I had cute clothes and was very fashionable you could say but my fashion taste didn't reflect me at all, it reflected the person my dad wanted me to be and now I was ready to open up and be me.

We spent the rest of the day store after store after store after store shopping and spending money. I basically bought a new wardrobe. I bought a lot of black and boots, and flannels, and band shirts, and tights pants, and darker dresses. I was so excited with my new look. We walked passed a salon and maybe the high I got from shopping made me do it, but I went in and dyed my hair and auburn dark brown. I had always wanted to do it and I did. The salon did piercings as well and I was tempted to get some but I stopped myself. Our last stop was the makeup counter. If anyone knew anything about makeup it was Caitlin. It was her art. I on the other hand knew nothing. I tried eyeliner and eye shadows and contouring but I sucked, but part of my new dream look required a little bit more than mascara and powder. I sat down in the makeup chair listening the the professional and Caitlin talk about all my perfections. Thy defiantly saw things that I did not. After about a half and hour of them teaching my the basics of makeup and everything we finally left the mall. It was beyond late and I was exhausted so Caitlin took me home. It was so nice to see us happy and laughing again. I told her everything about Luke and I and the other guys and whats been going on in my life and for the first time I did almost all the talking not her. But she seemed to be ok with it not upset about all my blabbing or anything.

When I walked in the door my parents eyes widened and jaws dropped when they saw the amount of bags I brought in and my new look. "Vanessa I love your hair!" My mom came over and said combing threw it. I could tell my dad 100% disagreed with that comment from my mom. "Thanks" I said smiling and blushing. "Wow you look so beautiful, and you sure did get a lot of stuff huh." She said looking at all my bags. I laughed, I had gotten so much stuff. "Why?" My dad said in the background. "Whats with the suddenly change?" He said glaring at me. Oh no not again. "I just thought it was time for an update." I said giving him my innocent smile. "This sing because if Luke right?" He said and my mom threw her arms down walking away. "No I wanted to do this, Luke doesn't even know yet." If was true I didn't even think to ask Luke what he thought. My dad glared at me one more time before going back to his reading.

I went up to my room and sent Luke a picture of my new locks and makeup job. He sent me a message back saying, "Damn I am one lucky guy." I just blushed. He sure knew how to make me feel all warm and gooey inside.

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