Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


18. chapter 18

We pulled up to my house at about 4:00. I inhaled and exhaled deeply as I just sat in Luke's car staring at my house. Both my parents cars were in the driveway meaning they were both home. I turned and looked at Luke with a scared look on my face. He smiled brightly at me reassuring me that everything will be ok. I kissed him one last time before heading to my house. I stood at the front porch and heard yelling go on inside. Were my parents actually fight again? My heart dropped. It sounded like my dad yelling at my mom and my mom trying to keep calm. I saw Luke still sitting in the driveway. I have him a half smile as I began to walk inside.

I closed the door behind me and saw both my parents turn to look at me. "Where have you been?!" My dad yelled. "If you speak to me I will run away again! We will talk when you're ready to talk not scream." I said storming up to my room. My dad stood dumbfounded, I have never spoke to him like that before. I heard a slam on the floor as I headed to my bedroom and closing the door behind me. I was alone.

A few moments later I heard a knock at the door. If it was my dad coming to lecture me I was going to jump out the window. Instead it was my mom opening up the door with a shy smile on her face. "Hey hun can we talk." She said shyly opening up the door. She sat down next to me and pulled me into her arms as I began to cry again. She was no Luke at giving hugs and comforting but she did give good mom hugs. "Don't worry you're dad was just in shock yesterday we weren't expecting that, and I didn't think you were going to bring him around, and ...." I cut my mom off, "wait what you didn't think I was going to bring him around, you knew about Luke?" She smiled, "you think you're so good at hiding things. You have to remember I was a teenage girl once as well." I blushed, "how did you know about him? How did you find out?" "Well I didn't know what he looked like or him name but well when I was doing laundry in your room I found a very large red flannel that defiantly wasn't one of your brothers and defiantly was not one of yours. And no girl looks at her phone and blushes, giggles, and smiles from her friends messages, and suddenly you were hanging out with friends all the time. I knew it was a boy I couldn't figure out who or why you were hiding him from us." "Not from you from dad. I knew he was going to be super judgmental." It got silent between us. "Luke seems like a nice guy." She said brushing my hair back. "He's incredible. He makes me so happy and he is perfect to me." I said smiling thinking about him. "Well if you like him then I like him. And your dad may not show it now but if Luke makes you happy then your dad is happy." I rolled my eyes at the statement. "You should just talk to him. He can be reasonable sometimes." She said kissing my head.

I went downstairs to find my dad. "Hi." I said shyly ready for the storm. He looked up and glared at me. A look I had never seem before. "I'm sorry about the way I acted. I was just upset." I said as he continued to glare at me. "I don't like that boy." He finally spoke up. I tried to keep my cool but those words hurt. "He's a nice guy." "It doesn't matter. Why him? What happened to Blake, or Cameron, or Matthew?" All those guys had been my dads favorites. The weirdos he tried to set me up with but went no where because well I had no interest with them. "Luke is different. He makes me happy and giggly and is amazing." My dad put his head into his hands and began to rub it showing his stress. He kept looking at me again. "He really is amazing Dad." "I still don't like him." My posture feel a bit. "Ok. I'm dating him though and whether you like him or not I'm going to be with him." My dad just looked at my with fury in his eyes. I wasn't going to let my dad ruin my happiness. He had out me through so much and took away so much I wasn't going to let him take Luke away from me.

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