Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


16. chapter 16

"Time for dinner!" I heard my mothers call from downstairs. Well it was time. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous anymore. Luke made me so happy and if he made me happy my parents should be happy as well. He truly was an amazing guy and I knew my parents would be able to see that.

We went downstairs, my rambunctious little brothers were acting up, my mom was adding the final touches to her masterpiece dinner, and my dad was reading some article in the newspaper. "Mom, Dad this is Luke." I said introducing my "friend" to them. My moms smile grew about 10x bigger when she saw him. She ran over to give him a hug, "it's so nice to meet you Luke" my mom was always the happy peppy kind of girl, she always tried to bring positivity to any situation. I had only seen her cry and get upset once, but other then that she was so kind and wonderful, the complete opposite of my father. He had put his paper down and his face sunk and eyes grew large when he saw Luke. It was the reaction I was expecting but hoping it wasn't. Luke went over to my dad and put out his hand to shake it my dad just stared at him and got up eventually shaking his hand. "Whats that thing in your lip?" Was the only thing my dad could say, what a get start huh. "Oh it's just a piercing." Luke quickly replied. "And why did you get that?" My dad questioning him like this was some sort of interview. "No specific reason. I just felt like it." I could tell my dad didn't intimidate Luke which made me really happy and I found that a very attractive trait about Luke.

My mom pulled up an extra chair as we all sat down to enjoy her pasta. The table had an awkward silence to it as my mom eventually spoke up, "So do you two go to school together?" "No I use to go to that school." Luke said. "Use to?" My dad began to question again. "Where do you go now? How old are you?" All these questions, poor Luke. "I'm 18." Luke answers half the questions my dad threw at him. "Well what university are you at then?" Uh-oh was all I could think. "Oh I don't go to university I dropped out, I'm in a band." Luke said. I could see my dads eyes get huge, I'm surprised they didn't pop out of his head. "Luke and his band opened up for One Direction and traveled around the world for a summer, how cool is that?" I quickly added trying to get everyone's mind off the whole Luke dropping out of school thing. "Wow that's incredible!! Whats your bands name? How did you guys meet and get discovered?" My mom began to questions. At least her questions were gloomy. "Oh well our name is 5 seconds of summer, and we meet through..." Luke began till my dad cut him off "you dropped out of school for a band?" I could feel myself begin to shake a little, I had a bad feeling of where this was going. "Yeah I mean I finished my schooling by taking a test and passing, I did a lot of studying but our band had a great opportunity and we took it." Luke said with much confidence. He should be proud, Luke and the other guys accomplished so much already and at such a young age. "Vanessa why are you with this loser." My dad said looking at me. All the jaws dropped at the table as my mom yelled "STEVE!" I couldn't believe he said that! I felt my hands tighten to a fist and my face get red as I tried to contain my anger. "What, I'm sorry but you're going after some unrealistic stupid dream, my daughter needs to be with a successful guy not some school dropout." My dad said basically lectured Luke. Ok now I wasn't angry I was beyond pissed off! "Who the hell cares if he dropped out, he is very successful and doesn't need you lecturing him!" I said back raising my voice like I had never done before. My dads eyes widen I had never used that language or spoke up like that before. "Watch yourself young lady." "No I'm not going to let you sit here and let you put Luke down." I said beginning to stand up with my dad soon joining me, "I just don't see why you would bring him around, Vanessa you can do so much better." I could feel the steam coming out of my ears as I grabbed Luke's arm and headed towards the door. "Where do you think your going?!" I felt my dad grab my wrist. "Far away from you asshole!!" I screamed and pulled my wrist out of his hand and ran to Luke's car.

I jumped inside his car putting my head into my hands and bawling my eyes out and shaking. I could feel it starting again. Luke finally got into the car shut the door and began to rub my back, "Hey it's all ok." He said so calmly. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." Was all I could mumble out. "Vanessa it's all ok." How was he keeping me so calm during this breakdown, this was the first time I was so calm during one of my attacks. "I'm just so sorry." I said. I probably looked do ugly bawling y eyes out and mumbling words. He just laughed "Vanessa trust me it's ok I've heard much much worst before." That actually made my laugh. "Can we get away from here?" I said looking at him. "You should probably make up with your dad Vanessa." "Please." I said giving him a sad a look. The last place I wanted to be was in the house. "Huh sure." Luke said pulling out of the driveway.

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