Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


14. chapter 14

Things were going great between Luke and I. We spent practically that whole weekend together. We watched movies with his family and his mom had a big dinner planned for his whole family and the band and me. It was amazing how close I had already gotten to Luke's family and his best friends and we weren't even official couple yet. I was still learning so much about Luke, so many amazing things that made me just like him more and more. He knew exactly how to make me laugh and I loved that about him. Getting to know his family and friends did make me feel guilty because he showed me off to them as if I was a prize and they all liked me and I hide him away from mine.

Monday morning was a drag. I didn't want to go to school, I wanted to go back to Luke's house and be with him all day. I walked to my locker to see him there like every day before. He had been doing this for weeks now and it still gave me butterflies seeing him there, cool as always. "Good morning Miss.Vanessa," my history teacher Mr.Rech said breaking my eye contact with Luke, "ready to ace another history test?" He added walking by. My eyes widened. I completely forgot about the test today. I was having such a good time with Luke over the weekend that I forgot to study for the test. I got to my locker shaking a little. "Whats wrong?" Luke said noticing my shaking and upset look on my face. "I-I forgot about my history test and I didn't study and now I'm going to fail." I said so quick I was surprised Luke even picked up any of the words I just said. Luke pulled my head in and kissed the top of it. "You're going go do great. You're really smart Vanessa you can do just take a deep breathe and focus." I stopped shaking and felt better. I don't know how but Luke was able to calm me down.

Lucky for me the test was easy and I used my listening skills from class to remember what was said in class. That was not a good way to start my day, in a panic. The rest of my day wasn't any better. In math I got my test back and it had a B+ on if with a note that said "good job Vanessa." Now call me a nerd or a freak but I don't get B's I get A's in math, Harvard doesn't like B's Harvard likes A's and A's only. Now the class average was a 51% and I got the highest grade in the class and the only person who got a B but still I know I could have gotten an A. Lunch was spent listening to my friends complain how I didn't tell them everything about Luke and I and figuring out what rumors were true or not. To be honest I didn't want to tell them everything, some moments were private and special and they didn't need to know. In Mr.Days class it was flip group day so Luke wasn't our group leader but Michael instead. We spent the time learning how to keep our energy up on a stage so we don't run out of breathe but still keep a show entertaining. Michael said I was doing a great job and Aaron snipped back, "of course little miss perfect is." "Hey man fuck off." Michael said sticking up for me. Aaron just rolled his eyes. Aaron had been acting really weird and I didn't know why. Just some weeks ago he barely knew who I was then suddenly he wanted me now he just tries to put me down and glares at me constantly, and I was told whenever 5 seconds of summer is brought up around him he flips out and says they are "just a bunch of pussies" or "they have no talent they are just a bunch of fuck boys." I couldn't help but get the vibe that he was jealous of Luke.

"Nice job today." I said to Aaron as he packed up his stuff. He gave me a pissed off look as Luke came over to us, "hey baby." He said wrapping an arm around me. Aaron just walked away bumping into Luke and staring him down as he walked away. I exhaled loudly and turned to Luke, "hey" I said smiling at him. "So the guys all have stuff going on today so I was thinking that maybe we could do something fun." Luke suggested. I really wanted to do something with Luke but I knew I had to start focusing on my school work a little bit more. "I'm actually really behind on school work and need to spend time catching up." I said to him. "Oh" he said his face dropping a little bit. It hurt me to even see the tiniest frown on his face. "But.... you could come to my house and study with me." Luke looked shocked that I said that to him and to be honest I was shocked I said it, but I knew that if he came home with me and left at 6 no one would see him because my brothers had soccer so my mom was going with them and my dad wouldn't come home from work till 6:30 for us to all have dinner together at 7:00. He nodded his head and said "sure." And that was it Luke was finally coming to my house.

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