Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


13. Chapter 12

I began to shiver as I opened my eyes and saw little tiny raindrops hitting the window. Luke was still sleeping so I tried not to move but I couldn't stop shivering. The fire was out and it was cold this early in the morning. The sun had begun to rise giving the room a light glow. I didn't have my phone on me so I looked for a clock. I peeked around trying hard not to wake Luke up and found one sitting on a bookshelf. 7:00am. It's a half and hour drive back to my house and my dad is always up at 8:00. I defiantly had to be home before that if I wanted to sneak back in because their was no way I was climbing up the roof. Luke looked so peaceful though I didn't want to wake him up. I ran my fingers through his long blonde hair and kissed him on the cheek. His eyes began to flutter open and he looked at me smiled and said, "good morning." He had a sexy deep morning voice. "Morning." I said getting up off of him. I felt so bad waking him up but I had to go. As we got up to go he noticed I was shivering and took off his flannel and wrapped it around me engulfing me in the large fabric leaving him only in a tank top. "Now you're going to be cold." I said not wanting to give his flannel back to him but feeling guilty. "Trust me I will be fine, anyways you look better in it anyways." He said winking at me and pulling me close to kiss me.

Our car ride was short and sweet and when we got to my house I didn't want to leave him. He made me so happy and so warm. "Thank you for everything." I said to him. He leaned in a kissed me one more time. I went inside still wrapped up in Luke's flannel to find my dad sleeping on the couch with the tv on. I nearly had a heart attack and I tried tiptoeing past him. Nothing would be worse then having him wake up to see my hair wet from the light rain outside and wrapper in some large strange flannel shirt. Luckily I was able to sneak up to my room. I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling smiling thinking about everything that had happened that week. I walked my room spinning in circles playing girly love songs and wrapping myself in Luke's shirt. I've never had this feeling before but damn did it feel good.

The rest of week had been just as amazing as the first one. Life had actually gotten a lot better and I began to actually enjoy going to school. All I use to do was stay at home and read and do homework occasionally hanging out with friends on the weekend and go to school and take notes listening to my friends moan and whine about being single and wanting a boyfriend. Now I got to see Luke at school everyday. People still talked and rumors spread but I stopped caring what people thought and said he was the only thing that mattered to me. After school I spent a lot of time with Luke and the others guys. I found out how big of a weirdo Luke really was. He was so strange but so funny and I loved it because well I was secretly the same way. I learned a lot about the other band members and I began to get really close to them, especially Michael. I knew all about his video games and secret nerd obsessions thanks to my brothers. It felt good getting to know the guys and getting to know the real Luke Hemmings. I spent a lot more time at his house as well getting to know his mom and dad and occasionally saw his brothers. Our kisses began to get longer and sweeter and I began to fall for him more and more everyday.

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