Behind the Lyrics

Ever wonder who the girl behind the song is? Vanessa was a good girl who studied hard and focused on achieving her dads goals of moving back to America and going to Harvard. She thought that was her dream as well until she meet someone who changed her whole meaning of life.


11. chapter 11

"Have you meet the other guys yet?" Luke said pulling up into Ashton's driveway. I shock me head, "no I mean I saw them in class and perform but haven't actually meet them yet." "Oh well they are really cool and very weird but still cool and I apologize in advance for any provocative things they say." I just laughed.

"Gosh are you two done making out! Way to be an hour late Luke." The boy with colorful hair said nudging Luke. I blushed a bit at that and Luke just rolled his eyes. "Sorry guys I left a bunch of my stuff at my house and had to go back. By the way this is Vanessa, Vanessa this is Michael, Ashton, and Calum." Luke said pointing out each member to me. They were all so tall they towered over me. I could tell they were defiantly a band with all of them wearing their band shirts, tight black skinny jeans, and black shoes and boots.

The boys began to set up all their instruments and I sat down on a chair and watched them as they got ready. All the doubts I had about maybe not liking Luke, or deciding whether I liked him or not went away after that band practice and in that moment I decided, damn musicians are hot! The guys were absolutely incredible! They had so much energy jumping up and down, running around, and playing their instruments. Some of the songs they played I remembered them playing at the assembly so I had the chance to sing along. I was blown away by their talent. And nothing was sexier then when Luke would look at me while playing his guitar and singing to me. They guys teased him and he just laughed. I liked seeing Luke this way with his friends. He was such a goofball when he was with them.

"Alright guys I think that's a wrap." Ashton said putting his drum sticks down onto his drums. "PIZZA TIME!" Michael yelled grabbing the phone to order pizza. "Do you want to stay and eat pizza with the guys or do you want to go?" Luke said. No way was I going to ruin Luke's fun. He seemed so happy when he was with these guys and I defiantly wouldn't mind staying and getting to know them, they all seemed like a lot of fun to be around. "Of course we can stay here." I said and Luke's eyes lit up. I could tell he was very pleased with that answer.

"You know you're the first girl to come to one of our practices." Calum said to me. We were sitting in the garage with a blanket on the floor and boxes of pizza all around us. "Oh really? Well I feel honored" "so what did you think?" Ashton said to me as I then felt all of their eyes on me. "You guys are amazing I was really impressed." I saw Luke let out a sign of relief. "Thank god I was actually worried." He said right after. "Why would you be worried?" I asked confused it's not like my opinion mattered considering thousands of girls probably would disagree with me if I didn't like their music. "Because the girls around here don't really like our music." Luke told me. "Well technically I'm not from here." I said winking at him.

The rest of the night was really relaxing and a lot of fun surprisingly. The guys were so much fun to be around. They told me more stories from being on the road and what it was like when they all actually went to school. They were trying to hard to embarrass Luke and I loved every minute of it. They cracked open a few beers and played a movie and as the boys were busy on their phones or playing video games on their DS, I sat right next to Luke with his arm placed right behind me and my head lying on his chest. I looked up at him as he bit at his lip ring. It was funny all the little things that he did that I liked. The way he laughed, blushed, bit at his lip ring, moved his eye brows, played guitar, sang, smiled, everything I just liked everything about him.

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