Knock Knock

Mayla Flay can see ghosts, and has always notice this "ghost" that has been with her ever since she was kid, it's never hurt her nor made any contact with her until she finds the love of her life Iydin Jones....and only then she see's the true self of this "ghost."

This is a little preview;
I turned on my radio and put in one of my cds. Nirvana. I laid on my bed. I suddenly heard a knock. I stood quickly and walked out to the front door. I heard the knock again but it wasn't the front door. "Mayla over here..." I heard a rusty deep voice say. I froze in my steps. I then felt that same soft finger brush against my right cheek. "I love you....." The same voice said. "Mayla." I felt hot air on the back of my neck. I quickly opened the front door and ran out of the house. I turned to see a tall dark figure looking straight at me.


3. The following figure

Josh's View

           As I closed the front door I saw this evil darkness just standing by Mayla's bedroom, I ignored it and closed the door. I sat next to her on the hard driveway. We talked with each other about school and other stuff. I didn't ask her what had happen, it just didn't seem like the right time to say anything. Her boyfriend Iydin showed about an hour after she came out of her parent's house spooked out. We had both stood and said bye with a hug. I walked back home. As I walked in I saw that evil presence standing in my living room. "You stay away from her...or I will KILL you!" It's voice was grouchy and a terrifying one. I said nothing and then it disappeared. I had no idea why it needed to talk to me like that, but May has an evil presence that's strong and that will hurt her. I walked into my kitchen to get a quick bite to eat before work, and saw that figure. I ignored it once again and continued with the rest of my day.

             11:00pm I arrived home. I was exhausted. My eyes felt like anchors were hanging off of them. I closed my front door and my cat Shiloh had came hoping over to me. He meowed as if he was hungry. "You hungry?" He meowed and rubbed up against my leg. I poured some cat food in his bowl and then went into the shower. As I got out my phone rang. I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and picked up my phone. "What were doing?" My girlfriend Kaylain said. "I was in the shower." "With who?" "Myself." "Yeah, Okay Josh." She paused probably to just roll her eyes. "I know you're cheating on me." "Oh do you now?" I chuckled. "Kay...I'm not and never would....and if you so call know that I am, then where did you see us at?" "I don't know...I just have a gut feeling that you are." "Whatever Kay...I'm done...I'm tired of you always assuming that I'm cheating on you...and I'm tired of repeating myself over and over to you that I'm not cheating on you...So I'm ending this relationship...goodbye." I hung up before she could speak. I put my phone on the charger and put my phone on silent so I didn't have to hear her calling me or texting me. 

             As I woke up with sun shinning in my room. I sat up on my bed and just stared at the floor. I shrugged and got up off my bed. I pulled out some clothes and went into the bathroom to do my business. I looked at the clock sitting on my dresser as I fingered gel through my hair. "10:50..." I yawned and threw my dirty clothes in my hamper. I pulled on my black socks and walked out to the kitchen for some breakfast. Shiloh was sleeping on the couch. "Lazy cat." I said to myself. I pulled out the bagels and put one in the toaster. I put some cat food in Shiloh's bowl. He hoped off the couch and went to his bowl. The toaster popped. I put my bagels on a paper plate and put a little bit of cream cheese on them. I turned on the t.v and changed the channel to the news. 

           My phone rang when I was doing my bills. I picked it up. "Hello?" "Josh?" "Mike?" "Hey man." "Hey what's up?" "Tonight you want to go out with me and the guys?" "Where at?" "Probably Denny's for a quick bite then the hookah bar." "Alright, I need a night out." "Awesome." Were do we meet at?" "I guess Denny's around like maybe 7?" "Alright sounds good to me. See y'all there." "Ight man see ya." We hung up and I went back to my bills. Soon after Mike texted me. "Meet at 8." "Okay." I sent it and then finished up the last bill I had. I got up off my office chair and went to go to the store. I took my keys off the counter I walked out front and put the bills in the mailbox, then got into my car. I backed out of the drive way and headed to the store.

          We walked into Denny's around 8:15. I saw Mayla with Iydin and two other teenagers. I sat down and looked over at her. She stood and started walking towards me. I saw that same figure in my house behind her. "Hey Josh." She smiled. "Oh hey girly." We talked for a little while. As we talked the figure stared at me with its bloody red eyes. This thing is filled with evil. I would say something but I don't want to sound like a weirdo. Iydin looked back at us. I looked over at him. He turned away. She looked over at Iydin. She shrugged, and It looked like something was bugging her. "Here." I wrote down my number on this napkin. "My number is on it so if you need to talk to someone, just text me or call me." I smiled and folded the napkin and handed it to her. She smiled. "Thanks." "See you around." "Same." She walked to her table. "She's cute Josh." Mike said. "Yeah she is." I sighed. "Is that her boyfriend? The one sitting next to her?" "Yeah they've been dating for 3 years now." "Oh...You like her...don't you?" "Yeah...I think I would treat her better...I don't know..." I shrugged. I got this chill running down my neck. "You cant have her....She's mine." I looked behind me and saw the figure right next to me. He smile with his sharp teeth showing. I looked back at Mike.


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