Knock Knock

Mayla Flay can see ghosts, and has always notice this "ghost" that has been with her ever since she was kid, it's never hurt her nor made any contact with her until she finds the love of her life Iydin Jones....and only then she see's the true self of this "ghost."

This is a little preview;
I turned on my radio and put in one of my cds. Nirvana. I laid on my bed. I suddenly heard a knock. I stood quickly and walked out to the front door. I heard the knock again but it wasn't the front door. "Mayla over here..." I heard a rusty deep voice say. I froze in my steps. I then felt that same soft finger brush against my right cheek. "I love you....." The same voice said. "Mayla." I felt hot air on the back of my neck. I quickly opened the front door and ran out of the house. I turned to see a tall dark figure looking straight at me.


2. Stuff gets weirder

               Saturday morning Iydin woke me up with a kiss on the lips. "Good morning my love." I smiled. "Morning." I got up out of my bed and went to the bathroom. Iydin went to go make breakfast for all of us. I brushed out my knotty hair and put it in a french braid. I walked out of the bathroom and walked to the kitchen. I sat on one of the bar stools. Iydin was cooking chocolate chip pancakes with bacon. It smelt so yummy. Conner was coloring in his coloring book and dad was reading the paper while drinking his hot coffee. Mom was just reading a book. Today seems like a good day. I turned and looked over at Iydin and saw that figure right next to him. What is it doing? "I know you can hear me Mayla...." It spoke. I kept my calm and just acted like nothing is happening. "I want you...." I gulped and then Iydin turned around. "Oh didn't even see you come out." He smiled. "Yeah..." I smiled back at him. The figure had disappeared. "Look May." Conner handed me a page he colored in. It was Thomas the train. "It looks really nice, I like it Conner." I smiled at him and handed it back to him. "Thank you May." He smiled happily and walked back to the kitchen table. 

            Iydin served breakfast and then we all sat down to eat. Everyone talked but me. I ate some of my pancakes. What does this thing want from me? It's never started doing stuff like that until Iydin first spent the night over here. Which was a year ago, and the only thing it did was just mess with my radio. Now it's talking to me, and it knows I can hear him talking to me. "Do you two have anything planned for this weekend?" My mom asked. "Yeah, Alex and his girlfriend Nikki wanted to do a double date tonight." Iydin explained. "Oh, where at?" "Probably like chili's or something like that, then we all were gonna go do something after words." "Well you two have fun then." She smiled. "We will." I said while looking at Iydin. 

           By 6 pm Alex texted Iydin what time to meet at his place, which was at 7:30. "Well we should started getting ready, huh?" "Yeah." I went to my closet and found a little dark blue summer dress. "Should I wear this?" I showed him the dress. "I think you should babe...You look good in that summer dress." He smiled at me. "Okay." I blushed a little bit. "Awe, don't blush." "I can't help it." I blushed even more. He smiled and then pulled out some clothes to wear. I started to strip down to just my underwear and bra. Iydin glanced over at me, but he quickly turned away. "I know you looked at me Iydin." I chuckled. "" "It's fine you can look." "I can't tho." "Why?" "'s nothing..." He shyly said. "I think I know what." I pulled out some tan tights, which are see through, so he could still see my underwear, as I pulled them on. "Well what is it then." He turn and looked at me. "You have a boner." "Yea....and like I know you aren't ready for sex at I have to keep my cool you know..." "Well, I mean...." I paused and slipped on the dress. "I might be ready to commit to making love with you and only you...But that's up to you." "We should just try one night...But it has to be at my parent's house....cause my parents aren't home right now." "Yeah...We'll see."I paused. "Can you zip this up for me?" "Of course." He zipped up my dress and then turned me around so I would look at him. "Mayla...I want to be with you know that?" "I've told me this before." "I know but I really mean it...You are such a beautiful sweet and caring girl that I love." "I love you too....And I don't want you to ever leave me..." He kissed me. "I never will." We nosed kissed. 

           We got to Alex's house. "Hey guys." He said as he opened up the door. "Hey Alex." Iydin said. We walked in. "You two can just sit on the couch, Nikki is still getting ready." "Alright." We sat down and watched the football game that was playing. Alex's parents had money...and a super nice house. It had all wood floor and an upstairs. "This place is nice." I said while looking around the place. "Yeah it is...I wish I had a nice place like this." Iydin said while watching the game."Don't we all." I chuckled a little. "True...I'm just glad Alex doesn't act like the rest of the stuck up bitches at school." "Yeah me too." Iydin put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. "Hey no cuddling on my parent's sofa." We laughed. "May!" Nikki yelped as she ran downstairs. "Hey girl." We hugged as I stood up from the couch. "How have you been?" She said as she let go of me. "Oh, I've been fine." "That"s great, I'm glad you two were able to do this double date." She smiled. "Me too." The guys had stopped talking and Alex looked down at us."You two ready...." I blanked out and found myself looking in the dinning room table. He was sitting just staring at all of us with his dark red eyes. He smiled at me. "I'll be watching you Mayla..." And he laughed evilly. "Mayla!" I snapped back to Alex. "Denny's is okay? and then miniature golf?" "Yeah...that's fine." "Okay good lets go, I'm driving." Alex snatched his keys. As we left I looked back at the dinning room table and he was gone.
         Once we got seated at Denny's we all put our faces in the menus. Nikki looked up at me. "Yeah?" "Josh." She pointed. "Oh...I should go say hi." Iydin looked at me. I knew Iydin didn't like how close me and Josh are, but he can just deal with it. I stood and walked up to his table with his buddies there. "Hey Josh." I said as he looked up at me. "Oh hey girly." He smiled and hugged me . "How are you feeling?" "Eh...Just stuff going on at home." "Family?" "No..." He looked over at the table I was sitting at. "Double date?Huh?" He quickly changed the subject. "Yeah." "Well have fun." "I'll try to..." I shrugged. "Hey...Here..." He wrote something down on a piece of napkin. "I put my cell phone number on their, so if you need to talk to someone, text me or call me." He smiled and handed it to me. "Okay thanks Josh." I smiled and quickly slipped it in my dress pocket. "Well see you around." He said as I started to walk away. "Same." I sat down at the table. "Did you have a nice talk with him?" Iydin said kind of angry. "We just said hello." "Mkay." "Someone sounds jealous." Alex said with a smirk. "No...I'm not, I just don't trust that guy." "Josh isn't a bad person Iydin." I said in a serious and angry tone. "I don't even want to talk about this right now." "Well, anyways..." The waiter came up. "Sorry it took me so long, what would y'all like to order?" We all ordered our meals and then talked about college's, and what we were gonna do for prom." 

          We all finally went back to Alex's place after we played miniature golf. "Hey dad." Alex said as we walked upstairs. "Hey son and Alex's friends, oh and Nikki." "Hi." Nikki shouted. We walked into this theater like room."If you two want, you can leave or stay and watch a movie." I looked at the time and it was already like 9 pm. "Well I kind want to go home Iydin." "Alright well we're gonna leave." "Alright well it was a fun night." We said our goodbye and left. Iydin was really cold towards me after what happen at Denny's. He pulled in my driveway and we got out of his car. I unlocked the front door and we walked in. My dad was still up watching t.v. We walked passed him and just went into my room. Iydin went to the bathroom. I closed my door and undressed, as I pulled off my dress the napkin fell out I picked it up and put the number in my phone before Iydin came back in. I ripped up the napkin and threw in my trash. Iydin walked in and put his clothes in his bag. "I think I'm going to go home for tonight." "Iydin why?" He had closed the door. I slipped on a shirt, but I was still in my tan tights. "Because...." "That's not an answer Iydin." I began to pull off the tights with my back against the wall. "It's what happen at Denny's." "Me and Josh are friends Iydin." I pulled on some shorts. "Well I know that but I just don't like how close you and him are." "Like I said we're friends. You're friends with a girl and I don't have a problem with it." "Yeah but you and her get along with each other. Josh and I have nothing in common and I just can't stand him." "Well if you open up with him more Iydin, you and him would get along great with each other. He's tried very hard for you to get along with him, but you just never want to talk to him..." I sighed. "The only reason me and your friend Trisha get along with each other is because we actually opened up with one another...." He looked over at my door and then back at me. "I'm afraid..." He looked at my floor and then sat on my bed. "Of what...?" "He's going to steal you away from me...." "He won't trust me...Josh even told me that me and you are perfect with each other and if any guy came between us or even flirted with me he would kick their asses for you if you weren't there to do so." I walked over to him. "Trust me Iydin, Josh is least of your worries." I smiled to comfort him. "We I'll try to get along with him, but it may take time." "I'm fine with that." "Okay." He smiled. "So are you going to leave now?" "No." "Okay good." 

                Iydin put in a movie and I went to the bathroom to go wash my face from the makeup I was wearing. I pulled out a wash clothe and put on this face scrub on it. I began to scrub my face. "He's gonna die." I jolted. I squinted my eyes to see if anyone was in there with me, and it was black. The lights had been turned off. The bathroom began to get really cold. I gulped. Someone had caress my boobs. I squirmed and bolted out of the bathroom. The light flickered on and I saw him standing there smiling back at me. I backed into the wall while hitting my head. Iydin came out of the room. "Hey are you okay?" I turned and looked at him. My eyes started burning from the scrub."Shit..." I said rubbing my eyes. "Did you get your scrub in your eyes." "Mm-hmm." Iydin took me into the bathroom and had my wash my face with him standing there with me. The air was normal. I washed the scrub off, and dried off my face. I looked over at Iydin and saw the figure behind him. I backed up and tripped over my feet and fell on my butt. "Woah!" He paused with a chuckle. "You okay?" "I...I saw something in the bathroom." He looked behind him. "Babe there's nothing in there." "But I saw it..." "I think you're tired, lets just go to bed." He stood back up from squatting down. He turned off the light as I walked back to my room. I laid on the bed just staring up at the ceiling. Iydin walked in and closed the door. He started the movie and crawled into the bed with me. "You okay?" "Yeah...Do you not believe me or something?" "I don't's hard for me to believe...I can't see anything...." "Fine." "May..." "What?" "Don't be mad...If you were me wouldn't you be saying the same thing?" "Yeah I guess." "Once I have proof then I'll believe you, but until then let's just act like nothing is happening." "But...ugh okay." I turned facing away from him. "Hey...don't be upset." He pulled my hip towards him. "I'm not, I'm perfectly fine. Good night." He sighed. "Night..." 


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