The Silent Marcher


2. The Accident

It shouldn't have happened. But that day, fate tipped her hand towards a certain blue haired marcher. Rosie Avila was a popular flute player that's life ended tragically. It happened during a parade. The morning air was crisp as the band students lined up in their ranks, uniforms sharp, the sun glinting off of their instruments. Rosie was laughing with her friends, before the director called set, and they were led out of the parking lot. They marched out to the street in perfect formation, and stopped for inspection. No one moved even the slightest. And then they were good to go. That's when it happened. As they crossed an intersection, a large grey truck came racing down the street. Nobody had time to react before it slammed bodily into the high schooler, and sent her flying. They stared speechless at the blood stained body before coming to their senses, and calling an ambulance. The paramedics arrived soon on the scene, and worked on the body, but only 5 minutes later, she was announced dead on the scene. 

Her funeral was a teary one. She was buried in her band uniform to show her dedication to band. Everyone was crying for the beloved girl, and many stayed after to weep at her grave. But there was something that no one knew. The possibility that the perfect girl they knew might not be so perfect. That she might have a dark secret that had something to do with her death. None of these thoughts crossed the mourners mind, but they didn't notice a dark figure in the trees watching the service. Upon closer look, they would have seen blue hair, slim figure, and a band uniform. In fact, the figure standing there looked very much like the dead girl that was currently six feet underground. Now, if they'd noticed the girl and her similar features, they'd probably have moved closer. And then they would have seen the most disturbing thing about the girl. Not the blood and dirt on her uniform, or the fact that she looked exactly as Rose did the day she died. They'd notice her eyes. They were not the usual sparkling blue they should have been. No, these eye were far from blue. They were black. A dark, demonic black. And these black eyes menacingly followed her mourners as they exited the cemetery.

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