The Silent Marcher


3. Auditorium

Many days later, during the student's lunch, a scream omitted from the auditorium. Many came rushing to the scene, to find a pale, shaking girl hiding behind the chairs. When asked what was wrong, she pointed to the stage. "I saw Rose!" she cried. "I saw Rose!" Several teachers went to investigate, only to return empty handed. As they tried to comfort the sobbing girl, several heard the mutterings of her depressed cries. "She's coming for me," the girl whispered. "I never should have told, and now she's coming for revenge." Because they could make no sense of the girl's murmuring, they called for a paramedic, who escorted the traumatized to the hospital. None ever heard from her again after that day, because as soon as she was released from the hospital, her family moved. However, no less than a few days after, a news article popped up of the car crash of Mandy Viola, who was the first girl to have seen Rose in the auditorium. Most dismissed her crash as an accident, while the more superstitious came up with, well, superstitious theories. Most had heard her rambling of betraying Rose, and thought maybe the dead girl had caused the crash for revenge. Most scoffed and spoke harshly against that idea. "Rose wouldn't hurt a fly," they said. If only they knew their Rose better. Sweet little Rosie was capable of inflicting a lot of pain, as you'll soon see. But while Mandy was the first to spot their beloved classmate's ghost, she was certainly not the last. Many came running from the performance area, claiming to have seen her spirit watching them from the stage. And if these tales were true, it wouldn't be hard to believe, as the auditorium was a favorite place of Rose's to be when she wanted to be left alone. It was these sightings and rumors that sparked Chloe Smith's interest in the mystery of Rose's innocence. And it is through Chloe's eyes that you will discover the dark secrets the assuredly perfect Rose Avila hid so cleverly from her classmates.

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