<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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1. •Reunited•


It's my first day back in Florida since the death of my dad.My mom packed up my sister and I and had taken us to live with our grandparents.She didn't think staying there was a good idea.My sister,Lucy,and I were seven and nine years old at the time.

We were sixteen and eighteen now,with Lucy being the oldest.I start going back to south beach high school tomorrow,the thought makes my stomach turn.Everyone there I've known since I was a kid,you could say I've grown up with all of them.When I moved,I didn't tell not a single person so coming back is going to raise a lot of questions.One thing I hoped would still be the same,My friendship with ashton.

The crisp morning air rolled across my face,lightly blowing through my curls.The smell of fall filling my nose.I loved fall,it was my absolute favorite holiday.I loved how the leaves turned into the pale,yet bright colors they did.

"Have fun at school,hon."

I shook my head and looked out of our truck window to realize that I was at the one place I was terrified to come back to,School.My mom hugged me and kissed my cheek before letting me get out.I took slow,careful steps as I made my way up to the doors.I pulled open the door to the front of the school,the metal sending chills across my arms.

I walked in and yet the doors closed with a unpredictable slam.I froze in my steps as all eyes were now on me.I looked down and continued my walk to the office.

"Hi,I need my class schedule."

"Hi,can I get a name please."

"Katie Sinclair."

The lady nodded and turned her back to me and glued her eyes to her computer screen.Clicking was all you heard from in there,her fingers moving faster than my feet as I came into the school.She turned to a printer and removed a piece of paper from it.

"Here you go sweetie,have a nice day!"

"Thank you and you too."

She was really sweet.I grabbed my schedule from her delicate hands and headed out and down the hall.The glares and murmurs that radiated off the students continued.I caught sight of some of the faces.I recognized a lot of them,but some not so much.

I reached my first class,Va/US History,a little early today.I decided to stay and sit in class since I didn't feel comfortable just going up to the students here and going,'hey,I'm that girl who moved years ago.Remember,you and I used to be friends.' I mean how awkward would that be.

There weren't much kids in the class yet considering that the bell didn't ring for another ten minutes.I pulled out my book and started reading.

"Guys,did you guys see Lacey this morning.Man she looked hot as hell."

I looked up to see four boys coming into the room.The boys hair all varying from colors of blonde,brown,black,and purplish-blue.They had tattoos swirling and flowing all along their skin.The brown haired one caught my eye.He looked really familiar.The guys' curly brown locks sweeping over his eye a little.The deepness of his dimples.No,no way that can't be my ashton.Ashton having tattoos,no way.He told me that he didn't like needles,afraid of them even.

They all dropped their book bags off and started walking out,the brown haired guy a little late behind.He looked up from his book bag and locked his eyes on mine.The boys eyebrows furrowed together in a way of confusion,not really anger.I tried to look away but my eyes wouldn't budge.

The boys mouth opened slightly but closed back as his friends rushed him.

"Come on ashton!"

I gasped.No,no that couldn't be him.He couldn't be my ashton.He had tattoos and a silver lip piercing.Come to think of it maybe he just had the same name as ashton but hopefully his last name wasn't Irwin.

The boy scurried out of the room and I was left there confused.


No one recognize me today.I couldn't blame them.I was so young when I moved.Whenever the teacher would call my name during the roll,the students would look at me.It's like they recognized my name but couldn't match the face.

Since I lived about three blocks from the school,I chose to walk home seeing that my mom told me she wasn't getting off until six.I passed the car lot and started my walk on a long,narrow sidewalk.I saw the boys and the look-a-like boy with the same name as my friend ashton smoking behind the bleachers on the football field.

The boy and I caught eyes again but I quickly looked away.I wanted so badly to call out his name to see if it was him but I couldn't risk it.If it wasn't him and he'd run over her,It would have been a waste of time.I looked over to see him whispering something to the blonde haired boy but still he kept eye contact with me.I hated that,was he talking about me?If he was,Was the comment good or bad?The boy sprinted over to me and I walked faster.



"I just wanted to get a closer look at your face.You look like my best friend who moved a while back."

"What's your name?"

"Um it's Katie."


"Katie Sinclair?"

"Uh yeah why?"

"You don't remember me?"

"No,I mean you look familiar but not really."

"I'm ashton,Ashton Irwin.We were like best friends before you moved."

My eyes widened.No way!My ashton got tattoos and a piercing.My ashton is a bad boy?


"Yes, now come here and give me a hug!"

He pulled me in and I nuzzled my face into his chest.He'd gotten so tall from the last time I've seem him.

"I see you still smell like vanilla scented candles." I laughed.

"Yeah,I kinda grew an unhealthy obsession to them."

We laughed.He pulled me in to another hug and I inhaled his scent.The memories of the times when I used to go to his house and hang out flooded my brain.Ashton's mom used to always light a vanilla scented candle in his room.They were his favorite.

"I missed you so much."

"I missed you too ash."

We stayed like this for a while.He rested his chin on my head,his hands placed lightly on my hips.

"Hey ashton come here!"

He turned around to see a tall,black haired guy waving his hand for ashton to come over there.

"Come meet my friends."

I looked past him to look at his friends who were sitting over there,smoke still extending from the circle they were in.In all seriousness,I was scared of them.They all looked scary with their many tattoos and piercings.

"I don't know about that."

"It's ok they're not going to hurt you."

He put his arm around my shoulder and we started our walk over to the group.I was so different from them and they were so different from me.So in all theory,this should be interesting.

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