<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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12. •Reconnected•


It's been a week since I last saw Calum.He's called and text my phone nonstop but I've never answered.I had no reason to.He hurt ashton and was just a plain ass to everyone.

Ashton left last week,which meant that I was again by myself.It was raining today so I just decided to have a lazy day.My mom was home,but was asleep.Ashton couldn't come over,Luke didn't answer my calls,and Michael was too busy helping Hannah prepare for the baby.I was basically by myself.

I went downstairs to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when the doorbell rang.Seriously,Who could that be? I went and opened the door,a little shocked by who was in front of me.


I didn't have time for him.I was about to close the door when he blocked it with his foot.

"Please listen to me Katie,I'm sorry for what I did to ashton."

I re-opened the door.

"Why? Give me one reason why I should Calum!"

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside on my porch.I closed the door behind us.

"Go on a date with me tomorrow night and I'll tell you.I'm not what you see me as."

"Says the guy who beat up his own best friend last week and no I'm not going on a date with you."


"Calum I said no. And explain to me why you can't tell me right here."

"Why the hell are you being so difficult?!"

"I'm not being difficult,you're the one with the damn attitude problem!"

Calum pinned me up against the wall,his arms on either side of me.

"Do you really want to know why I am how I am,here you go."

"When I was five,I watched my parent die in a car crash.I was right in the damn backseat.Do you know how that feels to watch your parents die? When I was fifteen,my sister was raped.And guess who did it,your precious little ashton."

My eyes grew at what came out of his mouth.Ashton,did he just say ashton? No,no way.Is that what Ashton was hiding from me? He raped Calum's sister.

"Yeah,I bet you didn't know any of that did you? And you think your little ashton is so damn perfect.He's just as fucked up as I am."

I stayed quiet as I didn't know how to respond to what he'd just said.I felt bad for Calum but on the other hand I didn't.He was letting his past control the type of person he was turning out to be.The whole ashton thing caught me off guard too.I couldn't believe that ashton would do that to his own friend.


"Save it.I may not be the best person in the world but ashton deserved that after what he did to my sister.She was just an innocent girl trying to walk home from work.She didn't deserve to get raped."

He turned but I grabbed his arm and turned him around to face me.He looked pissed but I didn't care.

"I'm sorry about your family and your sister but do you really have act the way you do? You seem like way to good of a person for all the stuff you do."

He stayed quiet.Our eyes stayed in full contact,both of us never breaking away.

"Ashton was forced into doing what he did to your sister or the kids of the people who killed his dad were going to kill his mom.He feels bad for what he did to her but never mind that we here to talk about you.Why Calum why? You need to rise above your past."

"It's not that easy Katie.I feel responsible for what happened to my mom,dad,and sister."

"It's not your fault,you were way too young to understand what was going on."

"You don't know that Katie."

"Yeah your right,I may not know but think logically about this.You were five,you couldn't stop a moving car from hitting yours or predict that ashton would do what he did to your sister."

He looked down and started to sniffle.I made contact with him again and notice he was crying.I pulled him into a hug,rubbing his back.

"This is how you're supposed to cope.

Not by beating and blackmailing your friends."

He broke away from the hug and looked me in the eyes.

"Thanks for not cutting me out of your life for good.If I can be completely honest,I was going to be crushed if you weren't in my life."

Calum's face was inches away from mine.I could feel his breathe hitting mr lips.He moved closer to my face,our lips brushing up against each other.I wanted to kiss him so,but fought off the urge to.I put my pointer finger in between my lips had his.

"Not so fast,I think you and ashton have some unfinished business."

A cocky smirk came across his face.

"Well let's go."


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