<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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14. •Mixed Feelings•


We left Ashton's and started walking down street in silence.I was debating eternally wether I should bring up the date again.

"Go on a date with me tomorrow?"

"I already said no,I'm not changing my mind."

"Come on,I just apologized to you and Ashton.I'm trying to make things right."

"And I appreciate that and I'm pretty sure Ashton does too but no."

I stopped her in front of her driveway and pulled her to me.I was trying to make things right.The least she could do is go on this date with me so I could show her how sorry I was.


"Because I'm not sure about you Calum.I'm not sure if I can trust you or not.You still have a reputation,a record may I add."

"Okay well would a 'bad boy' even take the time to apologize to the people he hurt?"


"Okay then.I still have a heart you know.I can feel emotions and I felt pretty awful about what I did to Ashton and to you so can you please just give me a damn chance and go on a date with me please?"

"I don't know."

"Are you seri-You know what forget it!"

"Why the hell are you so mad for Calum!?"

"I'm mad at the fact that I like you so damn much,that I can't have you no matter how hard I try.I mad at the fact that without even trying to hurt you,I do.I'm pissed at the fact that no matter how hard I tried to be nice to you,I still seemed like an ass."

"You hurt your own best friend or what you claimed to be your best friend,so what is going to stop you from hurting me if I did give you that chance?"

"You need to let go of what happened and trust me."

I crashed my lips onto hers.Our lips moved in sync as she started to kiss me back.I let my hands slide down to her waist and gripped either side tightly.After a while she pulled back and started to catch her breathe,her face still inches from mine.


"Because I'm not as bad as you think."

I fought the urge to pull her in again for another kiss.I turned and walked towards my car,got in and drove away from.The reflection of her face,her chest still slightly moving up and down,staring at my car.

I hoped she would consider going on this date with me.She really deserved to be given a real apology,a sincere one.I wasn't lying when I said that I liked her,and I liked her a hell of a lot.


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