<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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10. •Lost Chances•


I left Katie's house to get a few things from mine.As I walked,It felt as if someone was watching me,lurking around a corner waiting.

I didn't feel safe anymore.I don't know why Calum decided to beat me up.Well I do know why,but I did what I had to.If I hadn't,My mom would've been dead and I'd probably be in a foster home somewhere.

As I walked up the driveway,I noticed that my moms room lights weren't home,which I was happy about.I was hoping to sneak in,grab a few,and leave before she knew that I'd even come home tonight.But when I got in,It was a totally different scenario.

My mom came running down the stairs,and quickly turned the lights on.

"Ashton where the hell have you-What happened to your face?"

"Mom it's nothing."

"Was it that Calum kid? What is going on with you? You've been acting strange lately."

"Mom I told you,its nothing.I just need to grab a few things.I'm staying at Katie's house so she can help me study for our test tomorrow."

"Ashton I'm worried about you."

"Don't be.I'm fine,okay?"

My mom placed both of her hands on either sides of my face.

"If there was something going on you would tell me,wouldn't you?"

"Yes mom,now can I please go get my things and leave?"


She stayed by the door as I ran up to my room and packed my things.I threw in a pair of jeans,a shirt,a hoodie,and my black converse high tops.I went to the bathroom and got my razor and toothbrush.I hurried downstairs to leave.

"Bye mom."

"Bye Ash.I want you home tomorrow immediately after school,Got it?"

"Got it,love you."

"Love you too,be safe."

"I will."

I quickly left my house and made my way back to hers.The door was already open with the her faint lean figure looking out of it.I ran up to the door and stepped inside.

"Hey,I thought something had happened to you."

"Nope I'm fine,Mom wanted to talk to me."

"Oh okay well I ordered Chinese.I should be here soon."

"Great because I'm hungry.I'm gonna go get in the shower.I feel dirty."

"Okay,bathroom is the second door on the right."

I nodded and made my way to her bathroom.The walls were painted a light sky blue just like I remember when we were kids.I opened the shower curtains and turned the shower on.I took off my clothes and stepped inside.The warm water ran down my skin,relieving me of the stress building up in my life.As if all of my worries had been lifted of my shoulders for that short period of time,It felt nice.



After the encounter with Katie,I ended up walking home.I messed up once again.I felt my life crumbling.What the hell was I doing? If I was to be honest,I was jealous of ashton.He knew Katie,he was close with her and her I was,the boy that was trying to get Katie all to myself,hurting my friends and the girl I liked in the process.

I shouldn't be hurting ashton,like I am.Granted,he did hurt my sister.But that was in the past,I'd already gotten my revenge on him.So the stuff I was doing to him now was completely pointless.I know now that in Katie's mind,I'm a crazy,mean psycho.She hates me now,I know she does.I came to the conclusion that I was going to apologize face to face,to both of them.

I pulled out my phone and texted Katie.

I'm sorry for what I did today.I know you don't want to hear from me and you hate me but I just wanted you to know that. -Calum

I locked my phone and slid it back down in my pocket.I didn't even anticipate on getting a reply from her.I wouldn't even be surprised if she didn't even bother to read it.I sighed at the thought.

I reached my apartment and went straight to my room.I got in the shower and went straight to bed.I didn't feel like eating,I was too disgusted with myself to eat.My life was a wreck.I had absolutely no friends,all of the ones I had I pushed away.I blackmailed them,betrayed them even.I was basically an outsider to the people I had called my friends.

It was no secret that I'm just a reject.


Thanks for the apology but I don't want to see you anymore. -Katie

The one thing I was praying that she wouldn't say.I had to get my life together.I wanted her.I needed her even.I had to fix this,all of it.


(A/N): Calum is finally starting to get a change if heart.Aghh I love Calum! Like Who doesn't like Calum? Lol

Any who I'm hoping you guys are enjoying this so far! I'm gonna do a whole update on Michael and Hannah's situation in the next chapter if you guys are interested‼️


QOTD:// what's you guys names? I'm Brittany!🌷❄️

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