<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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2. •Just like old times•


I watched as Ashton made his way over to some girl that I'd never seen before.Today was the first day that I had ever seen her around school.I'm guessing she was new.Although from the way ashton kept staring at her,I'm guessing he knew her.

"Hey Ashton come here!"

He put his arm around her shoulder and they made their way over to our group.I looked over at Luke who's mouth was open.

"She's hot."

As they got closer,I noticed that Luke was most certainly right.She was stunning.The girl had long,curly brown hair and an amazing smile.I like the way she dressed too.She had on a shirt,skinny jeans,and what looked like black vans.Every other girl here put on too much makeup and wore way too many damn dresses.So in all honesty,It was nice to see a girl who didn't try too hard.I liked that.

"I call dibs on her Luke so back off."

I looked back at Luke to see him giving me an evil look but I didn't care.He already had some girl who liked him so I don't know why he didn't just go with her.Apparently he doesn't date,none of us did.

"Hey guys so this is Katie Sinclair."

I smirked at her.She was gorgeous,even more gorgeous that when she was walking over her.I liked her.But I wondered how Ashton knew her and if he liked her or not.

"So how do you guys know each other?"

"Uh we used to be best friends back in the sixth grade until she moved."

I nodded.If all they were was best friends then I had nothing to worry about.I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Uh so what'd you want me for?"

"I needed to ask you something."

"Like what?"

"Do you like her?"

He got uncomfortable at my question.

"No,I mean yeah she's hot but I only see her as a best friend.Do you?"

"No I was just wondering."

"Good because I don't want her dating you or any other guy over here.Y'all are bad news and I don't want her getting hurt,Got it?"

I was taken back by his sudden change of attitude.Why the hell was he being so protective over here? He said he didn't like her so what was the big deal.

"Yeah sure whatever."

He walked back over to her and put his arm around her waist,looking at the me while he did it.He smirked.He had to like her or else he wouldn't be basically rubbing this in my face.

"I'm gonna be right back,I'm walking Katie home."

They turned and walked away.I could hear the faint sounds of giggling in the air.



"So when exactly did you get this lip piercing and all of these tattoos?"

I let my hand roam over his exposed skin on his biceps and neck.Ashton's eyes moving along with my hands.

"I got the tattoos a little while ago,maybe a year or two ago and I got this lip piercing last month."

"I thought you hated needles."

"I did but I learned to get over it."

Not knowing what to else say,I just nodded and looked ahead down the sidewalk we were walking on.The only sounds were the ones coming from the rustling of the leaves.

Ashton slid his fingers in between mine and smiled down at me.I couldn't help but blush.I had to say,Ashton had gotten really attractive since the last time I'd seen him.But I only liked him as a friend,nothing more

"So you remember that black haired guy,Calum?"

"The one that was back there in the group?"


"You never introduced me to them."

"Yeah I know,I'll do that later but you remember him?"

"Yeah,What about him?"

"Well he seems to have formed a little crush on you or whatever you want to call it.


"Yeah well he's bad news so stay away from him."


"Let's just say that he can be very friendly to new girls."

I looked down at the ground.I understood completely where Ashton was going with this conversation.


We got to my house and my moms truck wasn't home.My sisters car wasn't there either.She moved out yesterday.I didn't have my key so I was basically stranded for a couple of hours.

"Hey ash?"


"Can you stay with me until my mom gets home please?"

"Uh yeah sure."

He sat down next to me and smiled.It was great having Ashton back.I would never admit this but I cried when I found out I was moving away.Ashton was basically the only friend I had.I was bullied a lot and he always protected me.He was always there.

"Thanks for staying."

"No problem."

My eyes shut and I fell asleep.I was awakened a while later.Ashton leaned into view.The sky was pitch black and it had gotten chilly.

My mom got out the truck and walked over to Ashton,who'd stood up to greet my mom.

"Um who are you and why are you with my daughter?"

"Mom,relax its just ashton."

"Ashton,as in Ashton Irwin?Lorena's son?"

"Yes ma'am."

She squealed and pulled him into a hug.She always loved Ashton just like a son.She used to let him spend the nights over whenever his mom was out of town.Ashton was basically family.

"Wow you've gotten so tall and you look so,so different."

I could tell she was talking about the tattoos and lip piercing.She wasn't just commenting on the facial features and how tall he's gotten.

"Yep and you still look the same,beautiful as always."

"Oh stop it Ashton.Well we have to get inside because I know Katie is tired just by looking at her.Tell you mom I said hi."

"I will,nice seeing you again."

She pulled him into another hug and kissed him on his cheek.

"You too."

"Bye Katie."

"Bye ash."

My mom unlocked the door and I quickly made my way to my room to warm up.I quickly noticed that I had on someone else's coat,must be Ashton's.I threw it on my bed and got in the shower.I got out and put my sweats,a hoodie,and a pair of fuzzy socks.I basically jumped into bed and fell asleep.

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