<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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13. •Forgive but never forget•


After talking to Calum for what seemed like hours,I finally convinced him to go see ashton.He kept going on and on about how he knew that ashton would hate him or worse,"get his revenge".

"Hey Katie,what is he doing here?"

"We'll-He'll explain,can we please come in?"

Ashton was completely hesitant about letting Calum in,but he soon did.I can only imagine what he was thinking when I showed up with him.Ashton pointed to his living room,which held three white couches.Calum and I went and sat down,ashton following closely behind.He sat down in the farther seat away from Calum.

"So what do you want?"

"After talking with Katie,I realized that what I did was stupid,beating you up.I'm seriously really sorry but I had my reasons."

"I don't want your damn apology Calum because what about the crap I went through.I'm sorry for what I did to your sister but it was either that or my family."

"Yeah but did you really have to choose mine? She was just innocently walking home from work and what's crazy about this whole situation is that she trusted you,you were like a brother to her."

"You don't think it hurt me having to rape her? I remember crying everyday afterwards.I felt disgusting.The guys who forced me into it made me specifically pick her.One of the guys were with me that night so it wasn't like I could pick someone else."

"Then why didn't you tell me ashton? We could've done something to stop those guys.You know I would've done anything for you,you were like my best friend.My brother."

My eyes shifted from Calum to ashton,who was crying.He placed his face in his hands.I walked over and sat beside him,wrapping one arm around him.

"I didn't know what to do.They said that if I told anyone,the punishment would've be worse.Not only for my mom but the person or people I told.I couldn't risk that."

"God,I'm so stupid.Why did I have to rape her? I promised your sister that I would protect her from people like me,I couldn't even keep that promise.Calum,I give you the right to beat me up.I do deserve it."

Calum got up and sat on the other side of ashton.

"I'm not going to beat you up.Yeah,what you did to my sister was completely,utterly wrong but I'm not going to hurt you.Seeing that you feel bad is evidence enough.I forgive you."

Ashton looked up at Calum.Calum pulled him into a hug,in which he gladly returned.This mad me happy seeing them like this.Calum pulled back,his expression serious now.

"The only question is,Does Mali forgive you?"


(A/N): I don't know how I feel about this...:/I feel like this is too cliche in a way but whatever lol.At least there's finally some happiness between ashton and Calum bc they are both daddy af hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaaaaa



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