<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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19. •Date Night Part.3•

"This looks so good!" I said digging into my food.I heard Calum and austin laugh.

"Thanks Austin." Calum said.

Austin left again without another single word said.It was silent as Calum and I ate.

"You have a really amazing taste in food." He said.

"Thanks." I quickly said in between bites.It fell silent again as we quickly finished our meal.

"Brittany-" Calum started saying,but soon stopped.


"Never mind.It probably extremely stupid to ask that." he said and sat back into his seat,playing with his hands.

"No questions stupid,ask away." I reassured him.

Calum leaned across the table and took my hands into him.His eyes staring deep into mine.

"I know you probably don't completely forgive me or trust me yet,and I completely understand.I just want you to know that like you a lot and I care about you a lot.I'll always be here if you need anything,but I would really love to be more than just that guy who hurt you or the guy that took you on that really nice date." he said.He separated our hands and got up from the table.He leaned down to kiss me on my cheek and helped me up.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked.I nodded,completely speechless by what he'd just said to me.It was completely heartfelt and beautiful.

He took my hand in his and walked towards Austin.

"Thanks for everything Austin." he said.

"No problem cal.You know I'm here for you bro." he said hugging Calum.

"You guys have a great night and it's been great to finally meet Katie." he said,leaning down and hugging me."

"You too austin." I said back,giving him a smile.

Calum and I headed to his car and got in.I pulled my phone out of my bag to check the time.

9:37 p.m.

It was getting really late.Calum started the car and began driving in the direction of my house.He kept his hand on the stick shift the whole drive.I placed my hands upon his,causing him to smile down at me.We reached my house around 10:05 p.m.Calum got out and opened the door for me,helping me out.We walked hand in hand onto my porch and stopped right at my door.

"Well,I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing night." I said.

"And I just wanted to say thank you for actually letting me take you out." He said.

I smiled at the ground.In that split second I made the decision that would leave me breathless,but also very happy.I looked back up ad immediately connect our lips in one swift move.He brought both of his hands up to my face,but soon moved them back down to my hips.Our lips moved in sync,a great mix between passionate but also rough.Calum and I disconnected our lips,which were both formed into smiles.

"I will definitely put you into huge consideration." I said breathless.A smile creeped onto his face.

"Thank you." he whispered before placing a softer,more calm,kiss onto my lips,"goodnight." he whispered against my lips before walking to his car.I smiled.

I unlocked my front door and was immediately welcome by mom with a huge smile on her face,which was kind of creepy.

"How was the date,details?" She asked pulling me in and closing the door.

"How'd you know about that?"

"Hannah,who else? Now come over here and tell me,was the kiss good?" She said yanking me over to our living room.

I laughed as we sat down and I began to tell her all that had happened.

Calum was right,I didn't fully trust him but I do trust him.What he said back at the restaurant hit me in the heart.It was beautiful and so sincere.I found myself falling fast and hard for Calum and as far as I was concerned,I didn't want to deny it any longer.I wanted him and he obviously wanted me.


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