<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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18. •Date Night Part.2•

"So where are we going tonight?"

"We're going to one of my favorite restaurants of all time which reminds me,Do you like McDonalds?"

I laughed a little at his joke and slapped his arm.

"No seriously where are you taking me?"

"Okay,okay.I'm taking you to one of the best seafood places ever.You're gonna love it."

"I'm allergic to seafood Calum."

He stuck out his bottom lip and let out a sigh.

"Are you serious? This ruins all of my plans."

I started laughing at his disappointment.I couldn't help myself.

"Calum,I'm joking."

"That wasn't something to joke about."

"I know,but I have to admit that that pouty face was actually really cute."

Calum didn't say anything,all he did was smile.The rest of the ride there was silent,beside the music that came from his radio.It seemed like we were in that car forever before we pulled up to a small seafood restaurant that was right along the seaside.Calum and I got out and the blistering cold air that came from the water hit my legs,which didn't feel at all great.

"Oh my gosh it's freezing! Are we eating outside?"

"No,why would we do that? It's in the middle of November."

He put his arm back around my waist and we proceeded to walk into the restaurant,which was a heck of a lot warmer.

We stopped at the podium and waited for someone to show up,which didn't take long.As I examined the place,I notice that weren't many people there.A guy with black quiffed hair and hazel eyes came out an greeted us.

"Calum,How are you?"

"I'm good.Is our table ready?

"Yes it is and Is this the very beautiful girl you were telling me about?"

He smiled down at me and looked back at the guy,who I was assuming was our waiter.

"Why yes it is."

"Well may I say that it is very nice to finally meet you?"

"Katie.It's Katie."

"Ah Katie.Calum came in here yesterday and planned every last detail and might I add,He couldn't stop talking about you."

I blushed at what he said.

"Well I don't want to hold you guys up,so follow me to your table."

"I'm sorry,I never got your name?"

The guy turned around and smiled.

"It's Austin."

He smiled at me again before turning back around.Austin led us through aisles filled with tables and to the back of the restaurant where a small circle table with two lit candles stood.Calum walked over to what I assumed was my side and pulled out the chair.He was being a completely gentleman.


He nodded slightly and smiled at me before taking his seat.Austin handed us two large menus.

"Ok,What will you guys like to drink?"

Austin and Calum both looked at me.

"Um I'll have the pink lemonade please."


"I'll have the Pepsi."

Austin quickly wrote our drink orders.

"Okay,ill be right back with the drinks and then you guys can order your food."

He walked away,leaving Calum and I alone.I looked across the table at him to notice that his hand was shaking.

"Why's your hand shaking?"

He looked down and smiled nervously.

"Oh I guess I'm just a little nervous."

"Why,It's just me."

"Well for one,I didn't think you'd actually go on this date with me and two,I really like you."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Ask away."

"Why do you like me so much? I mean you seem like you could literally have any girl you wanted."

"Well for starters,You really beautiful and you're not like all the other girls that I meet everyday.You're different."

I looked down at my menu trying to decide what to order.


"Most girls that I meet immediately want to have sex with me,but you didn't.And to top all of it off,You look stunning with out even trying like most girls."

I could feel my face literally glowing with red as he continued.He was really sweet.Hannah was right.Before I could say anything else,Austin came back over with our drinks.

"Okay so are you lovely people ready to order?"

I nodded and Calum replied with a "yeah."

"I'd like the seafood linguini please."

"Okay and Calum?"

"Um I'll have what she's having."

Austin quickly wrote down our orders and scurried off again.

"Calum,I'm sorry."

He looked at me confused.

"For what?"

"For being rude.So far on this date,You've been nothing but a complete gentleman and extremely sweet.I'm sorry for judging you so quickly."

"Don't apologize for anything.You had every right to.I was being a total dick to my own friends,You were right.I do have some emotional issues."

"Are you getting help with that because if something does come out of this date,I'm not dating psycho."

He laughed.

"Yes I'm getting help.I go to therapy now.And I promise if this does go somewhere,which I have a feeling it will,You won't be dating a psycho."

"Good." I laughed.

Austin came speed running over to our table,two plates in his hands.

"I have food!"


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