<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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5. •Blackmail•


Ashton drove me down to this small coffee shop a couple of miles from his house.We walked inside and took a seat,soon to be greeted by an small,fragile older lady.

"Hello ash."

"Hi mrs.berro."

"What can I do for you and your beautiful girlfriend?"

I was taken back by her question.I could feel my cheeks burning bright as Ashton looked at me.Did she really think that I was his girlfriend?

"Oh no she's not my girlfriend."

"Oh well can I just say that you are gorgeous."

"Thank you."

She turned back to Ashton,who ordered the drinks.

"Can I have a hazelnut cappuccino and a-"

"Vanilla bean frappe for me."

"Coming right up."

I watched as the lady walked away and headed behind the counter and started making the drinks.I turned back to ashton,who was aimlessly looking at the window as if someone was watching.

"Well she was really sweet."

"What-oh o-oh yeah,she is really nice."

"I'm sorry for her uh comment."

"It's what were you going to tell me?"

"Oh yeah so-"

The old lady came back to our table a few minutes later with our drinks.She slid a big chocolate chip Muffin under Ashton's chin.


We nodded before Ashton took a sip of his cappuccino.I stared at him waiting for him to continue his sentence.

"Oh well gosh where do I start?"

"From the beginning."

"Right ok.My dad and mom argued a lot when I was younger.One day,I had overheard my dad say to my mom that he wanted out of the relationship and he wanted nothing to do with us.I can't still hear his voice.It hurts me every time I think about."

"I thought your mom said that he was deployed overseas?"

"That's the lie she told everyone but at some point the truth had to come out,but anyways.The same night of that argument,he left.We didn't hear from him for months.A couple of days before Christmas,two policeman came to our door and said that my dad had been murdered."

"Do you know by who?"

"Yeah,a drug dealer.See apparently,my dad had been selling drugs for a while and the guys that supplied him were after him.He hadn't paid them the profit he'd made."

"So what does all of this have to do with you?"

"The sons of the drug dealers went to our middle school.Do you remember chad Wilson and Jake miller?"


"Those were the sons of the drug dealers.After the cops had come to my house,they confronted me after school.They basically blackmailed me into selling drugs.They said that if I didn't,they would tell their dads and I would pay the price."

"Which was?"

"My family,So I started selling and I'm gonna stop there."

Ashton slowly to a bite of his muffin.I watched as the crumbs fell from his mouth to the saucer that the muffin was carried on.

"Why are you stopping there?"

"Because if I tell you what I did as part of my drug dealing job-I don't want you to think of me as a monster."

"I already told you I won't ashton.Believe me."

He sighed before continuing.

"I tortured people,I don't mean tortured as in threatened.I literally mean tortured as in I beat people in many different ways.They made me kidnap girls and beat them until they told me what I needed to know.I witnessed little girls getting raped,murdered even.Don't you get it? I'm am a monster."

I looked at Ashton.I watched as a tear streamed down his face,his lip quivering in pain.I pulled ashton in and hugged him.

"You aren't a monster.If anything your a victim."

"Is everything okay over here?"

I looked up to see mrs.berro looking down at Ashton and I.

"Yeah,he just thought of his dad and got a little emotional."

"Oh my gosh,ashton I'm so sorry."

Ashton didn't respond to her comment.He just stayed still,his head laid on my shoulder.Mrs.Berro smiled weakly before walking away.I pulled ashton up and he began eating his muffin.

"So what's going on you and Calum? why weren't you at school?"

"He is the reason why I wasn't at school and he's the reason I wouldn't talk to you."

"So he's blackmailing you?"

"Yes and he's doing this to to Luke,Michael and Hannah."

"What does Hannah have to do with this?"

"He has stuff on everybody which by the way,Michael and Hannah are dating."

I wasn't too shocked on that because I do remember seeing Michael and Hannah kiss in the hallway yesterday.But I couldn't believe that Calum was doing this,he was harassing his own so called friends.

"But in all honesty,Calum really does like you.Are you still going to that concert with him tomorrow?"

"I don't care if he likes me or not ashton,he's harassing my friends.I'm not going with him to that concert."

"Oh well promise me you won't tell him that you talked to me."


"Just don't."


Mrs.berro came over a short moment later.She didn't make us pay.She gave ashton a hug and we were on our way.He hugged me before separating from me,leaving me to walk home alone.


I'd called Calum that I was sick so that I wouldn't have to go with him to the concert.He told to get better soon and that he'll see me monday.

I walked into school Monday and tried my best to avoid Calum.Sadly that didn't work.I ran into him soon after stepping inside.

"Hey Katie."


Are you feeling any better,you know from yesterday?"

"Yeah I'm feeling a lot better thanks."

"No problem,listen there's a Halloween party at Michael's house Saturday if you wanna go."

"Yeah I'll go."

I wanted so bad to hand palm myself for saying yes.I didn't know what it was.In my mind I wanted to say no,but he was so attractive I couldn't help but say yes to any offers he brought up to hang out with him.

"Great,can I walk you to class?"

"No I'm fine but thank you."

"Ok well I'll see you later."


He walked away from me and I let out a long,hard breathe.I moved my way to my first block,Calum,Michael nor Ashton were there,only Luke.He sat by me in class.We talked some but he mostly sat in his seat texting and going on his phone.The class ended and I went to my second block.

I was in there quite early and took my seat.When class started,I noticed that Hannah wasn't there.Where could she be? I raised my hand and asked of I could go to the bathroom.I walked down the hallway and into the girls' bathroom.As I stepped into my stall,I heard faint crying echoing throughout the bathroom.


I followed the sounds to a cracked stall.I slowly pushed it open to reveal a girl holding her stomach while leaning over the toilet,she was crying.


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