<'Don't ever leave' she said to me>

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16. •Bipolar?•

Calum hasn't replied to my text,which led me to believe that he was mad at me and he hated me.Although I don't really understand why,I had my reasons.Calum,besides of course Ashton,was literally the only thing on my mind since we kissed.I tried to shed the thoughts so I hopped in the shower and got ready for school.I put on some black skinny jeans,a hoodie,and my black and white converse high tops and headed off to school.My mom was home finally but she was knocked out on the couch,so I did my best to be quiet as I walked out.

When I got to school,I headed straight for my class.When I got there,Ashton was sitting in the desk that was right beside where I usually sat.A smile crept onto his lips as he saw me.

"Hey Katie."

I ran over and hugged him from behind.

"Hey ash.Where have you been?"

"With Mali."

"Oh speaking of which,you never told me how the whole thing went."

"Well after I calmed her down and finally got her to sit down and chill,I explained everything to her.She forgave me but she still acts strange towards me which I don't blame her for."

"Yeah,well you can't exactly just go back to the norm after your brothers best friend rapes you,You know?"

"Yeah,so what's going on with you and Calum?"

"Nothing much,why?"

"Because I heard that you guys kissed after leaving my house."

I could feel my cheeks burning a bright red,my mind replaying the much oddly strange beloved memory in my head.

"Oh my god you did?"

"Yeah and he kinda asked me out?"

"Holy shit,did you say yes or no?"

"At first I said no,but after talking to Hannah I texted him yeah.He hasn't answered his phone so yeah."

"Oh well give him some time."

As he said this,in walked Luke and Calum.Calum's eyes met mine,but he soon looked away.Why was he acting so weird? Did he get my text? Ashton gave me a look that clearly had,what's his problem?,all over it and I shrugged.I turned around to face our teacher,who'd just started talking.


"Where's Calum?"

"He's outside behind the school."

I nodded at Luke before taking my lunch and heading outside.There I found Calum smoking a cigarette.


He looked at me before turning back to looking out at the soccer field.

"So you can't speak now?"

"I can."

"What the hell is your problem?"

He didn't answer,instead took another draw of his cigarette.I shook my head and turned away.I didn't have time for this.Calum was so damn bipolar.

"Why'd you agree to go on the date with me?"


Calum took the cigarette out of his mouth and flicked across the open field before walking towards me.

"You heard what I said Katie.Wait let me guess,You loved the way my lips felt against yours,is that it?"

"No actually it's because No matter how much of a crazy,mean asshole you come off as,I actually like you."

"Yeah right."

"Why the hell are you so bipolar Calum?"

"Why the hell do you want to actually go on this date with me?"

"I already told you,I like you.And after talking to Hannah last night,I decided to give your anger issues infested ass a chance."

"Okay,whatever.I'll pick you up at 7:30 tomorrow night."

With that he walked away,leaving me pissed off and confused.I was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea.I mean if he was acting like an ass now,who knows how he would act on the date and that's what scared me?

"Hey Katie,where's Calum going?"

I shrugged and headed towards him and Ashton.

"Is everything good between you and him?"

"Yeah everything's peachy,now let's go inside."


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