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15. •A Change Of Heart•


I haven't seen or heard from Calum not Ashton since Sunday.I tried to Ashton and ask him about the whole Mali situation and how it went but I got no reply.I couldn't get my mind of off the kiss Calum and I shared that day.I didn't want to like him because of how he treated people,but I would be lying if I said that I didn't want him to kiss me again.Today school was closed so I decided to go visit Hannah and see how she was doing.I borrowed my moms car and drove down to her house.I was so eager to see how big her stomachs gotten.I rang her doorbell and waited for an answer,which soon came.

"Hey Katie."

"Hannah,how have you been?"

"Besides the body change,I've been doing great."

I looked down to see her rubbing her stomach,which looked like a mini bowling ball.I smiled,I was truly happy for her.Just I was about to step inside her house,Michael came barging out.


"I missed you too Michael."

"Michael get off of her before you hurt her.You do realize that your like five stories tall right?"

Michael poked his bottom lip out while turning to face Hannah in the process.

"Hey,I'm not that tall."

"You know I'm just kidding."

I laughed as I fixed myself up.

"Come inside,I have to update you on the baby!"

I smiled as she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside,Michael wasn't too far behind.We stepped into her living room and the smell of good food filled the air.

"Mmm what's that smell?"

"That's my mom,she's cooking dinner.Do you want to meet her?"


She took my hand once again and pulled me into the kitchen.Her mom had her back to us.

"Hey mom,there's someone I want you to meet."

Her mom turned around and I was immediately intrigued by her look.She had blonde hair and blue eyes just like Hannah.You could say that they could basically pass for twins,with her mom being the oldest of course.She stepped forward towards me and pulled me into a hug.

"You must be one of Hannah and Michael's friends."

"Yes I am.I'm Katie Sinclair."

"Well hi Katie.I'm Ms.Johnson."

"It's nice to meet you.It smells amazing in here by the way."

"Thank you,I'm making a pot roast with mashed potatoes and green beans.You can stay for dinner if you'd like."

"Oh thank you so much."

"You're welcome sweetie."

She turned back around to the food cooking on the stove.Hannah and Michael were no where in sight,so I'm guessing that they went back to the living room.I walked back and sure enough there they were.

"I'm sorry about my mom,she's very talkative."

"No it's fine."

"Okay well come over here so that I can tell you everything."

I walked over and sat beside her on the black leather couch.Michael stood up and headed towards the kitchen.

"Okay so first off,We're having a girl! I'm so excited for that.The baby is healthy.Secondly,Michael and I are moving in together soon.Lastly,Gosh I missed you so much!"

She laughed as she pulled me into a tight hug.I was so scared to get close to her because I thought that I would hurt the baby.She pulled away and looked back at me.

"I missed you too.

"And I heard about you and Calum."

"What did you hear?"

"First of all,I heard what he did to Ashton and also what went down between him and Calum's sister. Is he okay?"

"Yeah Ashton's fine.He hasn't called me since sunday.He had told me that he was going to Calum's sister house to fix a few things and he and Calum made up and forgave each other."

"Oh well that's great! And I Also heard what happened between you and Calum recently."

Hannah wiggled her eyebrows and a giant smile grew on her face.

"Oh my gosh who told you!"

"No one,but you just told me.Details,details!"

"It's nothing really.Calum and I just sorta kissed on Sundays after leaving Ashton's place."

"Oh and how was it? Was it rough or was it like really passionate? Tell me!"

"It was really deep,like I can't really explain the feelings that came from it.

"Wait did you guys,like you know..."

"No! If you're asking if we had sex then no!"

She held her hands in surrender,while a smile stayed plastered on her face.

"Okay,okay I was just asking.So that's all that happened?"

"He kinda confessed his liking to me and he asked me out on a date,tomorrow."

"Did you say yes!?"

"I said no.I don't know if I want to be around him or let alone go on a date with him but at the same time I kinda want him around all the time."

"I think you should say yes to him.Believe me when I say Calum isn't at all as bad as he seems.He's really sweet when you get to know him."

"I don't know."

"Trust me,you won't regret it."

"Time for dinner!"

Michael ran by Hannah and I faster than I'd ever seen him,I laughed.As I got up and helped up Hannah,I pondered on the thought if Calum and I actually going on a date.I wanted it,but was I ready?

While we sat at the table laughing and joking,I sent Calum a text under the table confirming the date tomorrow.I trusted Hannah's judgement,so hopefully I was making the right decision.


(A/N): Katie and Calum??? Do you guys ship it or do you guys like her and Ashton??HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED AND I DONT KNOW WHY IM IN CAPS BUT IM GONNA TAKE IT OFf now lol

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