Bad things in the UK

I'm Perrie, no not Perrie Edwards. I live in Florida, but I'm moving to UK soon. My friend Hailey and Josh are coming with me because they are my best friends since we were born. After we move to UK some very bad things happen.... What happens to Perrie and her friends please read to find out. Like/favorite/comment. See you in the book.


2. Chapter 2

Perries; Pov:


I woke up before everyone. So I woke up Josh and we got Hailey up and went back to our room. It was cool and all, but we have to meet my mom at the breakfast thingy. We got dressed and went to meet my mom. She was already there waiting for us on Facetime with her girlfriend.

She looked really happy. I was happy for her too. She waved us over. I've only seen  Liz on Facetime a couple of times. My mom saw us and waved us over to her table. We all sat down and said our hello's. She turned the camera towards us to see Liz.

Hey Liz I can't wait to see you in a few hours.

Then Dylan came up to the camera and made a weird face and we laughed

Hey Perrie, Hailey, and Josh. I can't wait to do YouTube videos with you guys. I already know yall are subscribing I subscribed back just a minute ago.

oh that's nice Dylan, my phone is still in the room on the charger so I'll look at it later.

We went back to the room and checked every last notifications. I got on Instagram and had 300k new followers. I was really surprised I think its because of Dylan. I went to YouTube and saw I had 200k subscribers. I saw Dylan had a new video so I watched it. It was him giving us shout outs and stuff, and how he was excited to have sisters and a brother. Then he tagged us in it and put our Instagrams and twitters on the description and stuff. I mean omg he is so cute. Then I got a message it was from Dylan.


At first I was wondering how he got my number, but then I remembered that I put my number on Ig.

     D- hey Perrie , its me Dylan I just was wondering if I could have you guys snapchat.

      P- Sure mine is perrieloveshim... Haileys~ Perriesbae122498 Joshs~ josh122498

     D- thanks sis I appreciate it cant wait to see yall in a few hours.






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