Bad things in the UK

I'm Perrie, no not Perrie Edwards. I live in Florida, but I'm moving to UK soon. My friend Hailey and Josh are coming with me because they are my best friends since we were born. After we move to UK some very bad things happen.... What happens to Perrie and her friends please read to find out. Like/favorite/comment. See you in the book.


1. Chapter 1

Perries' pov:


Since today was Hailey, Josh and I's last day of school we went a little later than usual. We went to Mcdonald's and the gas station. I got me a chocolate chip frappe and some Dill pickle chips. I know I know bad combination, but it's good to me. We got to school I dumped my stuff and went to my locker to get my yearbook. I had the whole thing decorated the way I wanted it, and I had five color sharpies. Then I have a yearbook I made or just me and my friends.


The whole school knew we were leaving so they kept giving me hugs and asking to sign the yearbook. We had so many people crowding us by the time lunch came. It was all to popular. Not usually the type of crowd I hung around. There were people I didn't even know came up to me and ask to sign my yearbook. Before I knew it was the end of the day. I cant believe the school day went so quickly.


We got into my car and went to the mall one last time and got some cute sweaters, sweatpants, and hoodies. Then we got some shoes to go with our outfits.

Oh crap you guys I forgot we had to be home right after school lets go.

We rushed out of the mall and threw everything in the car and rushed to the house. My mom was outside the door with a pissed look on her face. We ran up the stairs grabbed as much as we could hold and put it in my truck. We did that probably a good 8 times. So after that we got in the car and followed my mom on the highway. I sighed staring ahead watching my moms silver Honda civic cut in front of people.


my mom didn't like planes so we were taking a boat. You know the ones where you put your cars on it too,yea those. I looked over to see Hailey with her headphones in her ears looking out the window. I looked in my rear-view mirror to see a sleeping Josh. I loved these guys they are my life line. We have been down with each other since literally birth. We were born in the same hospital same day. I'm the oldest one, 1 hour older than Hailey, and 2 hours older than Josh. So Josh is the youngest one. Our birthday is on Christmas eve.


My mom has a girlfriend that's why we're moving to the UK. She says I'm going to have a step brother named Dylan. I've seen a lot of his YouTube videos. He's really cool and funny. It was a hour into the ride. We were 20 minutes away from the dock. Hailey woke up Josh to look at the beautiful view. It was very beautiful I mean OMG it was just pretty crystal blue water. They say my eyes look exactly like the water.


We pulled up to the dock and the guys asked for our keys and we got out the car and headed to our rooms. I'm an only child by the way you guys. There were 5 guys messing around in the pool. One smiled at me, he had blonde hair and blue eyes like mine and had a great tan. I don't think they are from here though. I went to go put on my bikini so I could in the Jacuzzi and relax from all the driving.


I closed my eyes and felt myself relaxing more. I tensed up when I felt someone get into the water with me. I quickly opened my eyes to see who it was. It was just Josh and Hailey. I smiled at them and relaxed again.


So tell us about this Dylan kid who's suppose to be you step brother.

Joshes deep voice interrupted my thoughts.

Do y'all remember the viner and YouTuber I thought was really cute and stuff?

they nodded for me to continue

Yea it's him. I really like being an only child, but that's not going to be the same since my mom met his mom.

You weren't an only child anyway cause you got us. God knew your/our mother couldn't  handle us as siblings so he just birthed us on the same day by different parents and we've known each other since then. I mean come on we have picture of us taking a bath together, sleeping in the same crib, having play dates all the time. We are more than best friends. Isn't that right josh?

Hailey preached to me.

I just laughed at them and nodded my head.

Yea I guess you're right.

Oh I know I'm right Perrie Nicole Smith.

Don't say my whole name out for the world to hear are you trying to get me killed Hailey!

I said while playfully splashing her with water.

It was getting dark so we got out grabbed our towels and went to our room. Those guys from earlier were right next door to us. There was a knock on the door. We all said 'not it', but it sucks for me cause I said it like 4 seconds late. So my lazy ass had to get up and answer the door.


When I answered the door this guy with brown curly hair and green eyes looked down at me. This guy was like I freaking giant to me. Don't pick guys cause I'm only 4'9. So of course he would be like a giant cause he like 6 foot something. He cleared his throat and looked at me like I was weird or something. I smiled at him and asked him how may I help you.

Umm I was wondering if you and your friends would like to come over and hang out with us. There is a lot of people, it's kinda like a party just without the loud music and the booze.

He had a British accent so I guess he was going back home to see his family.


Uhh hold on let me ask my friends.

I turned around and they was jumping up and down like maniacs. I laughed and turned back around and told him we will be over there in a minute. He nodded his head and I closed the door and put on some blue spandex and a white tank top. So I wouldn't have to do it when we got back or if we ever come back.


Josh had on some boxers and that was it. Hailey had on some the same thing as me. Sometimes Hailey and I like to match, especially when we go to sleep. When we go out and match they ask if we look alike; We look alike in some ways and in others we don't.  I grabbed our cards to get back in the room and so did Josh. We walked across the hall and knocked on the door. The same curly headed guy answered the door. He never told me his name.

Umm what's your name again.

I'm Harry, Harry Styles  come on in we will introduce ourselves.


Harry opened the door wider to let us in. when we got in there was 3 girls(One of them were Perrie Edwards I love her songs especially 'salute') and 4 guys. I kinda remember them from the pool and stuff.

Don't worry there are some more people coming.

Harry stated. Just as he said that there was a knock on the door. Everyone screamed 'not it'. Unlike me I was clueless so my lazy had to get up again, but Harry told me to sit back down. When he opened the door the hottest YouTubers in the world popped through the door. I looked at Hailey and I thought I was gonna have a bf(bitch fit. If you guys watch white chicks as much as me and Hailey you know where we got it from)


There was: Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Canif, and  Jack and Jack. I seriously thought I was going to die or I was dreaming. I had Hailey pinch me to make sure it wasn't a dream. AND IT FUCKING WASNT!!! THIS IS THE BEST TRIP IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! I mentally screamed in my head. We sat in a circle and introduced ourselves. I went first obviously cause I'm so slow at saying 'not it'.

Hi I'm Perrie Smith

everyone gasped and looked at me with a blank expression except for Josh and Hailey.

Yea yea I know I get that a lot if I just say my first name people who don't know little mix will think I'm Perrie Edwards. You guys can call me by my middle which is Nicole.

Then everyone went on. This is the order it went in. Me, Josh, Hailey, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Carter, Taylor, Cameron, Nash, Jack, Hayes, Jack. We played truth or dare for a while then we all pasted out.

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