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"My life will end and so well yours so just kiss me anytime."

ashton irwin AU fanfiction


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a/n: i did this on my laptop so sorry if there are some errors. too lazy to fix them.



Vivian laughed loudly at the dirty joke her best friend Calum told.

"Funny huh! The husband put 'MyPenis' as password and on the screen it says 'Error. Not long enough.'"

Vivian shook her head standing up from her bed and walking over to her desk. She opened the drawer saying "most of your jokes are sexual you know." She says grabbing her journal.

Going back to where Calum was leaning against the bed frame, she sat down beside him and intertwined their legs together.

"So? Only thing important is that you laughed." He said smirking.

Vivian only respond him with a kick on the knee and opening her journal, turning the pages till she looked for the right one.


Written on the page was a line straight in the middle with each name on one side of the line. One on one side, and one on the other. Between blue lines were tally marks in black pen counting the number of actual funny jokes both said.

And sadly for Vivian Calum was winning by 3 tallies.

"I need to get my game on." She muttered looking over the page one more time before putting it on her nightstand where a lamp and picture frame of both Calum and Vivian shown.

The picture was when both Vivian and Calum were in their year 10, a smiling Calum giving a smiling Vivian a piggyback ride at the park.

"Admit it babe-" Calum said turning his head to Vivian. "My jokes are way better than yours."

"Yea because they are sexual ones! You know how I feel about those! I feel uncomfortable!"

"Are you saying that I'm using your feelings towards my jokes?"


Calum shook his head, chuckling as he leaned back down on the bed. "I'm offended that you think of me like that-" he said. And surprising Vivian, he grabbed on the handmade necklace he had on saying "and we made a friendship necklace! Since year 6!"

Vivian groaned. "You still have that?"

"Of course! Pfft, I'm now wondering who's the one doing all the effort in this marriage."


"Uh huh, marriage honey-" Calum said snapping his finger multiple time forming a 'Z'. "And right now it looks like there going to be a divorce soon."

Vivian laughed at Calum weirdness and he joined in, resulting Vivian in slapping his arm.

After a while Calum looked at the watch around his wrist. Calum cursed to himself and said "I have to go, mom will be worried."

Both Vivian and Calum bid their goodbyes and gave each a kiss on the cheek before Calum left.

Soon Vivian was by herself in her room.

She walked to her ihome and plugged in her iPod, Lorde voice surrounding the room quickly. Vivian sigh as she laid down on her bed, wondering what she should do.

She finished watching all her favorite shows on Netflix so that's a no. Read all her books she has so that's also a no. Cleaned her room and did her laundry which even if she didn't it still would of been a no. And there were no foods, so eating was a no too.

By the time she had a idea, Settle Down by the 1975 was playing. She hopped off her bed and grabbed from underneath her bed her black leather journal, filled with all her creativity and famous peoples quotes.

She opened to a page that was titled 'Forever is Never' and was already written, but due to be done.

together they giggled and danced and played, and everything they did, they were together and never alone as from the world they hid.

every night she would sleep in his arms until they finally would wake, always tired from all the abundance of beauty and love they always mak-

But before Vivian could finish writing the last letter, there was a knock on her door making her jump and slide her journal underneath her pillow case.

"Come in!" She yells knowing it's her father, who is the only one in her family that actually knocks on doors.

"Hey, what are you doing?" He ask half his body showing.

Vivian shrugged. "Listening to music."

Vivian father nodded. "Have you studied?"

One thing Vivian didn't like about her parents were that both always pressured her on her studies. Telling her that they both want only A's or at least a B in her interim report. No less than a B.

"Dad." She said. "I don't need to study for anything. The only thing I need to memorize is the rehearsals for graduation which isn't too soon."

It was no more than 2 months till Vivian graduation and inside her was a ball of nervousness yet excitement. She would leave her same 4 years in a row locker, her 'once was' friends, her favorite teachers, the annoying freshmans, the horrible cafeteria food, and her high school.

Also her home.

Vivian father smile but easily can be tell that it wasn't a happy one. "Your graduating soon..." he whispered more to himself.

Vivian then felt awkward sitting there on her bed while her father was looking at her with sad eyes. "Yea.." she whispered her sentence trailing on.

Vivian father sigh and sat down beside Vivian who looked at him confused. "Dad?" she question.

"Why do you need to move to Australia? Out of all the places why Australia?"

Vivian pressed her lips together and grabbed her stuff animals from Build a Bear Workshop name Lovely, a Christmas present from her older brother when she was 13 years old.

With it she started playing around with Lovely purple dress. "Who's the one who said 'I don't care where you go as long as you graduate from uni. I'll even help pack your bags.'"

Her father chuckled and scratched the back of his neck. "I did."

"Exactly." she whispered feeling the tears threatening to fall.

Her father was always the strict fathers who doesn't show no emotions and to see her father, the man she looked up to, almost crying made Vivian the need to cry also. Especially if she wouldn't see the man who helped her through up and down for 4 years.

Vivian ruffled her father dark hair the same way he did to her all her life and by the look of it, small strands are turning slightly grey. "If your afraid on your little girl growing up, you have nothing to worry about. I'll still have the 5 year old girl like back then." she then took a deep breath trying to stop the tears to fall. "I still get happy meals from McDonald and watch Powerpuff girls for god sake!"

The room was filled with amused laughter and the voices of One Direction singing You and I.

Their voice died down and only thing heard was the music.

After awhile, her father said "be good ole'right?" He ask. "I don't want you being like those kids out there, drinking, partying, smoking. I don't want you to be like that."

"And I won't be like that."



"That's my little girl."


Vivian was never the one to believe that without love you can't be happy, that with or without, you can either be happy or not. She never went through a heartache or had any problems in relationships to have that belief, she just think that sometimes its not always love. Maybe the love in family, friends, but never love in between partners. But since she met ashton at the end of year 9, her belief started slowly changing. The feelings vivian had for him was small at the beginning, a small stupid crush, but the more days pass by the more her 'crush' grew.

Vivian started playing around with the small leaf that she found sitting on the last bleachers up as she looked out the soccer field where calum was playing with some of his soccer mates. She squint her eyes when the sun hit them so she raised a hand using it to shield the sun away. Deciding on using one of Calums sunglasses he lend her, she placed them on and started cutting the leaf into small pieces. While continuing cutting the leaf into pieces, vivian looked up to hear Calum's laugh.

After awhile of sitting there looking at Calum playing, she soon heard a laugh that was all too fimiliar and the sound she always smiled to. She looked over to the entrance of the soccer field and see Ashton and his friends together making their way to the bleachers with their soccer gears.

Vivian started fixing her hair trying to let it look more presentable than it was before as Ashton and his friends placed their stuff on the first bleacher seats. Vivian was waiting for ashton to look her way, to smile or even a laugh like he was with his mates right now.

She thought her hopes were too high but then ashton took one glance at her as he was laughing at a joke his friend told. Vivian smiled at him and gave a small wave hoping for a smile and wave back but he just looked away, not giving her another glance.

Vivian frowned and looked everywhere but the spot where Ashton stood hoping nobody saw her embarrassing herself. She awkwardly put her hand down onto her lap.

She looked up at the soccer field again and saw Calum looking at her with a frown and worried in his eyes. Vivian gave him a thumbs up reassuring she was fine but calum knew her too well that she truly wasnt. He doesnt have to be close to her to see the hurt in her eyes. The embarrassment, the sadness. Just one look at her and he knew too well how she was feeling.

Calum told his soccer mates and including Ashton that he was leaving, the excuse to be a important family dinner. The sound of calums cleats on the metal steps caught Vivians attention.

"What are you doing? Aren't you going to play?" she ask then looked at the time on her phone. "its not even close to 4 yet."

"Yea-" he said sitting down beside her taking off his cleats and placing them inside his string bag. Taking out his black addidas sandals, he said "but i want to hang out with you. Lets go to eat."

"after you just played?" she ask laughing. "you just lost a couples pounds for just playing and now your going to get them back. Your gonna get fat!" she joked.

"fat can't even beat a good nice juicy hamburgers. Now come, you have to eat. You didn't even eat lunch." he says grabbing her hand with his bag in the other hand.

They both walked down hand in hand as she says "Well im sorry that the cafeteria food is horrible! I swear something was moving inside that salad."

Both laugh letting go of each other hands. They walked towards Calum's car not knowing that ashton was looking at them in wonder.


a/n: hope you like it :3

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