For the love of Lux

When Lou Teasdale dies, horror strikes the boys. But when she leaves Lux to Harry, will he succeed in raising a young woman?


1. Chapter 1

Lou's POV

I was on my way to Harry's. I was crying so much. Tom cheated on me. I found out when I was checking my email and he didn't close all the windows on the computer. I was mad, sad, lost but most of all... Dissapointed. I thought he was the one. He said I wasn't enough and that Lux was a mistake.

I took Lux with me, and now we were on our way to my best friends house. I was crying so much I could barely see. It was raining which made it more difficult. I was so in my thoughts that I didn't see the car coming my way. I froze.

My first thought was my daughter. It was all a blur. I jumped out of my seat, folding my arms around Lux. I heard glass shatter and brakes slam, and all was darkness. Everlasting darkness.


I woke up in a white room. I got scared. Where's Lux? I turned to my side, feeling pain shoot through my body. I hissed in pain. I dared to open my eyes to peek a look at my casts. Looks like I broke a few.

I laid awake for hours, without a doctor, nurse, visitor. Nothing.

I decided to get some sleep. When I closed my eyes I felt the calming power of sleep run through me. Little did I know that this would be the last time that I would close my eyes by choice.

No ones POV

Lou Teasdale died on 20 October 2014 of heart failure after the terrible accident. Because Tom didn't want Lux she was given full custody of Harry, as he is the godparent. The funeral took place in London and only a few people were invited. Harry was left with a challenge, raising a young lady and becoming a dad at the young age he is.


Hi, second movella!!! YAY!!! So... I didn't really want another Harry fanfic but I had this idea and since Harry is the closest to Lou it makes more sense. No hate to Tom Atkins though. So thanks for reading.


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